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Appassure now called Quest Rapid Recovery started as a series of backup solutions developed and marketed by the company with the same name until Dell acquired the company in February 2012. Rapid Recovery software optimizes users' application experience and simplifies backup and recovery. It connects to the cloud and protects growing virtual environments automatically.

“According to the website, AppAssure is not recommended for Enterprise but fine as a consumer product. It has many repository corruptions and has to blow our backups away. It’s not recommended using this if you are keeping long retention. It upgraded the agent and it created a new base image. Duplicate base images are eating up into our repository space.”

Rob Annable shared in about AppAssure is used in his company and “has used this as their primary backup onsite but every member of our IT team hates it- its clunky, unintuitive and completely awful. Much better ones out there.”


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