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With the 1-2-3 Fuel App you can easily find the current fuel prices for Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Portugal. The fuel stations report the required data directly to a central system and we forward it to you immediately.

On July 2020 a dissatisfied customer of the 1-2-3 fuel app wrote for App Grooves about how the app dosen`t work in all the places that should be: Works for Germany only!


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Loader/Unloader (Current Employee) says

"Hate with capital letter management is the worst and night management is a nightmare call you by your culture not you name worst company ever does not deserve not even a star or a half of a star"

Delivery Driver Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Horrible place to work for, no advancement workers are treted like like animals with disrespect, they push employers to work forcibly under the threat they'll have not work the next day. Cons: All"

Driver (Former Employee) says

"No management, every man for themselves. Talk back or voice concerns they will make your job harder than need be. Faulty equipment, they don’t even sort the packages , drivers expected to do everything. Cons: Everything"

Contract Driver (Former Employee) says

"Dishonest management Cons: Management"

Dispatcher (Current Employee) says

"nothing positive to say about this job. the new manager doesn't know what they are doing. When you bringing something to their attention it is your fault and no one else."

Temporary Employee (Current Employee) says

"Company is not female friendly. At least not in the warehouse areas. Management is clueless when they are there or even awake. Lots of arguing. Horrible work environment. Stay away if possible. Cons: Everything"

Delivery Driver (Former Employee) says

"Managers be in their feelings and fire you for no reason and then expect you to call when you didn’t even say anything to the men... Cons: Horrible"

Package Handler (Current Employee) says

"No respect and very bias... Unpaid ...unfriendly environment ... They Ain’t Hitting On Shii................:.:.:::::::::::......::........ Too much work ......... Cons: Ton"

FREIGHT COORDINATOR (Former Employee) says

"The worst place I've ever worked for, low pay, hostile environment, dishonest management and employees, long hours, breeding ground for predatory behavior, intoxicated and high employees. Stay away!!!!! Cons: everything"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Worst management. The company is only concerned with maki g money. They do not care about their employees at all. They fire people for no reason at all. When the holiday rush is over they fire half of their employees and drivers. Cons: Do not work here"

Delivery Driver (Former Employee) says

"The worst place to work. Management is bad, they treat you ridiculously rude and environment is horrible people there don’t tell you how to even start, nothing. The at front is so disruptive. They give you 70 plus deliveries packages and send you out there without any advice and expect you to finish delivering without even allowing you to have lunchtime. Buch of stupids Cons: Bad treat to employees"

Fright coordinator (Former Employee) says

"They are Very unprofessional the general managers have none of her employees back they are also very on organized and knowHow to clean up well when they know corporate is coming Cons: None"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"training was easy and fun, then after that it gets real. every call is an angry customer screaming at you because Laser ships drivers are incompetent. There is no responsibility whatsoever. Management doesn't even care about you after training. The pay is mediocre at best. Everyday it's always the same thing: package is misdelivered otherwise known as stolen because they are too cheap to pay the workers anything more than $12 an hour. Staying far away from this company and any company associated with it. Cons: everything"

Fright coordinator (Former Employee) says

"They are Very unprofessional the general managers have none of her employees back they are also very on organized and knowHow to clean up well when they know corporate is coming Cons: None"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"The drivers first of all do not know how to do their jobs what so ever the csr have to take blame and be screamed at because of a job the drivers can’t do also the supervisors and management are no help what so ever the facilities almost never pick up also nobody responds to emails from customers they’re terrible and don’t Care much about costumers I’ve personally showed so much sympathy but I got so sick and tired of this job please don’t ever work here they need to shut down asap"

Delivery Driver (Former Employee) says

"They could care less about their employees. instead of increasing your pay they take it away. i.e. they have deductions for just about anything and everything they can get away with. Cons: Everything"

Office Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Such a strange company. Was hired and came in for paperwork, (my interview was so weird too just took place in the lobby). Came in for paperwork and the lady who hired me had such broken English she couldn’t even convey when I was to start."

Independent Cargo Transporter (Former Employee) says

"Horribly dirty and organization..all things are done last is crummy and you go through oil changes and tires very often. Your vehicle is good for about a year here unless you put a massive amount of maintenance into it. They usually only have one guy trying to sort your route so you stand in a line for long periods of time not making any money because they are to cheap to hire two people when they really need 3 doing it. The software they use to map your route is the cheapest they could get an unless you take your route and sit down and redo it you go in circles ..go somewhere else.for a job..this place sucks"

Sorter/Unloader (Current Employee) says

"Work-life balance"

Package Sorter (Former Employee) says

"This was one of the worst jobs company and I have ever had The Misfortune of working for! It was work how tall you are finished schedule with a 20-minute break night! Most nights were at least 11 hour shifts if not longer. VERY PHYSICAL, 20 min break all shift and the managers were constantly watching and hoovering. This is a company and position that,as I could tell by my coworker's( that were mostly all high or strung out) is for individuals with very limited options in employment and life. I was there a month and that was way too long. When it was payday,my last check,I never received my direct deposit! 55 hrs of work that I had to call and demand from the office. The main manager claimed to have to go through the camera footage and investigate because my scumbag managers only put me down for working 10 hrs! After numerous calls and 3 weeks later. I finally received my pay! THIS IS A HORRIBLE,THE WORST, PLACE TO WORK FOR! DON'T PUT YOURSELF THROUGH IT! Cons: 20 Min break all shift"