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AppFolio is a company that was founded in 2006 and offers software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications for vertical markets. AppFolio initially focused on property management software. With the acquisition of MyCase in 2012, it expanded into the law practice management industry. The company’s headquarters is in Goleta, California.

James mentioned, "AppFolio was initially a perfect fit for our company. We wanted our website and property management software integrated and we loved the features such as the tenant portal etc. In the past couple of years, it seems that they are gearing themselves more toward large companies (1000+ units) as they are only making certain features available to their larger clients (i.e. Lisa AI / artificial intelligence secretary) despite having the technology already to accommodate all clients regardless of company size. Additionally, we paid a lofty website setup fee when we originally enrolled in the software in 2014. They charge anywhere from $1000-5000 to redesign the website and as of March 2021, they are forcing everyone to migrate their website over to a new design and imposing a monthly fee to host the website in addition the the regular monthly fee."


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Ken Bromeland says

" has made a fraudulent charge on my bank account. Notified the authorities and will follow through till someone is arrested."

Ellen Cusumano says

"If nothing goes wrong, AppFolio is a good property management software choice. If something goes wrong, such as they deduct money from your bank account but do not provide ANY reason for doing so, you are on your own and hung out to dry. I have been waiting for customer support to resolve this issue for THREE WEEKS. I am unable to get any help after many emails and phone calls. Their telephone support is just a loop of messages and instructions on how to leave a message or get a call back. No one ever calls you back.
Appfolio "service" is just a word they like to use; they don't actually provide service. It is deplorable what they do to their customers. I'm looking into switching services even though that is a big pain. (They know this and that is why they get away with such horrendous customer service.)

Two days after posting this review, and calling and emailing AppFolio yet again, I received a non-specific reply from AppFolio on Trustpilot. I still have not received any information in my email or voicemail as to WHOSE check(s) were NSF'ed. THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN DONE WHEN AppFolio took $600 out of our bank account and before we had to spend three weeks of phone calls and emails waiting for someone to resolve the issue.

I hope I will hear from them today so that we deduct the $600 on our books, notify the tenant(s) and reconcile our bank account.

They still have not addressed the main issue: not notifying a customer at the time they deduct funds from a bank account, and not making any effort thereafter to inform the customer of the deduction despite our repeated pleas for said information."

James Campenella says

"Customer service is horrible. They do not care about their clients. All they care about is what is best for them and signing on new people. They barley help you with anything and make everything very difficult and cumbersome. Setting up a call with them is like pulling teeth and when you finally do get them on the phone they act as if they are doing you a favor just by answering. Horrible, just horrible company."

Victoria Mack says

"What an absolute sh-t company! My credit score is almost 800 and these a$$holes gave me 641!!! I have never ever had a credit score in 600s!!! I am moving to a new area and unfortunately, the management companies there are using this scam company to screen their tenants. I have rented only 2 houses in the last 7 years and I have never ever had a problem, but I am unable to rent a house in this new area because of them. They have these made up things such as "too many landlord inquiries" which is not true! I do not have a single inquiry from anyone in the last 2 years. I even downloaded my credit report to show them but they refuse to accept. Please don't use this fake company! You will be loosing good tenants.... I am a scientist with a 100+K salary and I can not rent a house...I never though this would happen to me. Appfolio is a scam."

Sandra & Debbie says

"Software works well, but if you have a question and need support from appfolio staff they are not timely..... and of course when you need them its usually when your trying to provide a report by a deadline, pay an owner by a deadline or assist a tenant by a deadline. These types of things cant wait weeks and at year end I heard so many excuses when I would actually get a call it was very frustrating. If you don't get help from the support person that takes your support ticket and you ask for someone more knowledgeable or you ask for a manager, they will tell you they cant give you that persons name or number. They will circumvent your request over and over."

Hillary says

"The issue was not resolved."

Ash says

"I'm pretty disappointed. We transitioned to appfolio a few months ago. We were promised to have all the support we need - it's been a nightmare since we switched and communication has been horrible. A few months in, we've spent countless hours trying to use incorrect instructions from appfolio. This month we've been requesting a support call to fix errors since the 10th. It's now 13 days later with no appointment set. Last week, we called and left 20 voicemails with no response. We've submitted support requests online... I'm at a loss as to what to do. And am now leaving a negative review (which I hate to do), in hopes of having our issues resolved.
Appfolio, please follow through and give your users the support they need and that you promised.
We need an appointment scheduled for Wednesday or Thursday of this week. My cell number is: 802-318-7654. Please call ASAP with a day and time for a support call."

Nick Lamatrice says

"We have been with Appfolio for about a year now. The platform and technology is decent, however the customer service is HORRIBLE. I cannot emphasize enough how much they have let us down when we needed them.

For instance (this is just the latest example but there are more), I have been trying to resolve a VERY serious and VERY time sensitive problem for over a month. The problem is that our vacancies are not posting to advertising sites properly...very important stuff. Our leasing season right now feels like we are fighting with both hands tied behind our backs because our listings are not being advertised on the partner sites! I asked them to look into this at the end of March by reaching out to them via their chat feature. I was told that they would look into and get back to me. I got no response and after two weeks I asked for a call with someone so they could see the problem with me on the phone. I spent 20 minutes on a call with Sydney, who seemed to understand the problem at the time. I gave Sydney the benefit of the doubt and waited for her to let me know what was being done. I waited for almost a week and after hearing nothing (again time sensitive problem), I sent her a follow up email. Her reply was that they had contacted about why the ad was not working. Side note, when we spoke we determined that the feed was not working because they were switching to a paid there was no reason for anyone to contact them. It is every other site that needed checked into! I became obviously frustrated as it appeared as though no progress had been made in 3 weeks! I emailed Sydney back 2 more times after this and she gave NO RESPONSE. I got back on their chat service (you cannot actually call them) and asked for a manager to call me. I gave them the case # and I was assured that a manager would reach out to let me know why no one has fixed the problem, or at the very least followed up with me to let me know what has been done. It has been 3 days since the chat and NO ONE has reached out to me! It is beyond comprehension. I am not expecting them to tell me that everything is fixed, I am realistic. I do however expect them to do what they say they are going to do, like reach out to me.

It is painfully and regretfully clear that AppFolio does not value their customers. If they did, they would at least follow up with you and let you know what they are doing while they work on a solution. I have been BEGGING them to help me with a problem that is directly tied to providing for my family, and they do not seem to have any sense of urgency.

Early on, before I understood these things, I referred another friend to them and they have treated him with the same lack of concern. I regret that I told him about the service as it has negatively impacted his business too. We regret that we switched to AppFolio and hope that they will see these reviews and make some fundamental changes about how they go about treating their customers. Again, the product is pretty good, but when there is a problem, it is a nightmare.

Nick Lamatrice
Venice Properties"

Amber Shuck says

"So AppFolio takes hold of my apartment complex in Nebraska my rent went up twenty bucks and apparently AppFolio also is handling the rubs which is also new. My rent increased eighty bucks won’t take e checks made my rent late I’m not using as much water and gas as I’m being charged for there are no sub meters only for electric which is a private account in my name. This is dumb took my 849 dollar apartment with utilities and water included and turned it into a nine hundred plus a month. If the company is charging my a five dollar fee dies that mean AppFolio is selling me my utilities back to at a higher charge I think it’s illegal to be a third party gas and water supplier"

Nicholas Horrocks says

"I'm a current Appfolio customer though I'll be looking to switch asap. For the most part Appfolio does a decent job, however there are instances where they do something really idiotic and refuse to fix the issue or at least provide a workaround. For example I just bought a building that closed 3 days ago (dec 30). I was entering in the new building and tenants and appfolio decides to automatically charge December's full rent. There is no point to that, if I need to charge one day of rent then I'd do it manually. Contact customer support and their response is I have to manually reverse all the automatic charges, which is about 100 different charges. Who has time for that? Also, takes them a day to send a response.

Update. Had a scheduled phone call with appfolio today and they completely blew me off. Maybe they are upset about this review..only thing I know is this company is very disrespectful to their customers."

Chris D says

"From the owner perspective (customer of a property manager), this is a terrible UI. My old property manager used Buildium, and that provided significant transparency into all aspects of the property from the owner perspective. Now all I get are monthly PDFs with basic information and no way for me to navigate deeper.

Buildim included tenant communication history, real time insight into rent payments, as well as easy visualizations into how the property is doing each quarter.

(Update): It appears that I am being reported for sharing that from an investor perspective, you would be unhappy with your property manager using Appfolio. Hmm...

This is definitely something easy to fix! Just copy Buildium please!"

Kami says

"Charges $23 to pay with card and declines payments made with echeck so your rent ends up late and you get served eviction notices and $120 in returned check fees"

M says

"Please be advised that this review is from the perspective of the property owner (a customer of the property manager who currently uses AppFolio).
1. The property owner does not have real time access to the general ledger nor individual property ledgers. It limits property owner access to pdf files that must be requested & then uploaded by the property manager.
2. There is a programming glitch that does not allow an individual property ledger to run a negative account balance. For example, when property A incurs an expense greater than the monthly income, the property manager is forced to transfer money from properties B, C & D to cover the expense (a work around for the programming defect). The unnecessary transfers & ledger entries defies basic accounting principles. Gross income/rent for all of the properties should be able to pay large invoices for any of the properties as well as generate a correct profit & loss statement for each of the properties. This software defect is unique to AppFolio. We have other property managers with older technology & do not have this issue.
3. Predictably, property owners cannot call AppFolio for support since we are not the ones paying for the software. Since we knew that this above-stated issue is going to affect many property owners as end users, we opted to call AppFolio, spoke at length about about the programming glitch but never received a response. The glitch in the program has not been fixed at this time."

Skye Nelson says

"We were ditched immediately after onboarding and received NO support whatsoever. Our information was ported over incorrectly causing massive accounting errors, owner statments have clerical errors, owners and tenants can't log in or reset passwords. When we call we wait on hold just to put in a support request and have someone email us 2 days later. When we schedule a call they call late and if we can't answer we have no way to call back without putting in another support request and waiting another 48 hours. This has been the worst experience ever and not only for our business but for our owners and tenants as well!"

Jason says

"If you are just looking to start a property management company and aren't the best at accounting, this isn't the system for you. The customer support when you have a question or problem sucks. Half the time during normal business hours there isn't someone manning the live chat feature and there is no phone number to call if you have issues. I'm sure it works great for those that know exactly what you are doing but it isn't user-friendly for those starting out."

RJ Pepino says

"Not having a dedicated customer service really doesn’t improve communication and solving problems 0"

AJ says

"It would be nice if app folio could have a work flow process for helping with apartment turn overs such as a check list of some sort."

Linda says

"Appfolio is a great product. My only real complaint is it is just about impossible to talk to someone if you want or need to.

they do get back with you thru email but if you dont understand then you have to keep going back and forth."

Fred says

"The software is excellent! It meets all our expectations. The support is lacking due to the lag time of return calls and not being able to talk to a person in a reasonable time span. The lack of human connect is the missing piece of the puzzle!

P.S. The sales line is always answered within a few rings. I have not been able to reach anyone on the help line a number of months."

Alena says

"Not accounting friendly.

Doesn't have options to search by amounts etc., like other accounting programs do. Messes up the books if a property changes the bank account.

But it's a very good property management program, just needs some improvements."