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The App Store is a digital distribution platform, developed and maintained by Apple Inc., for mobile apps on its iOS & iPadOS operating systems. The store allows users to browse and download apps developed with Apple's iOS software development kit. Apps can be downloaded on the iPhone smartphone, the iPod Touch handheld computer, or the iPad tablet computer, and some can be transferred to the Apple Watch smartwatch or 4th-generation or newer Apple TVs as extensions of iPhone apps.

Jess Bolluyt wrote a piece for ¨cheatsheet¨about The 8 Worst Things About the App Store on the iPhone:

1. Poor discovery options and no recommendations If you want a new app or a new game but don’t know exactly what you’re looking for, it can be pretty difficult to find something to download. The Featured tab on the App Store attempts to solve the problem by surfacing apps in a number of categories, including the Best New Apps, Best New Games, Popular Apps, Popular Games, and a continually rotating selection of collections (like the best apps optimized for a new iPhone or the most festive holiday games).

2. The absence of lists curated by other parties On the topic of wishing that we could get smarter recommendations of apps to download, how great would it be if you could browse collections of apps curated by your favorite photographers, the staff of that magazine you can’t put down, or a respected website on an interesting topic? Apple does have its own curated lists, and lots of them, throughout the App Store. But curated lists of apps from individuals or publications you respect could give you some insight into the apps and tools that people are actually using, particularly for things like mobile photography.

3. Frustrating search functionality Apple recently updated the App Store’s search algorithm to give you more accurate results when you search with a keyword. But it’s still more difficult than it should be to find an app when you don’t know what it’s called. Think about it: You can pretty easily find an app if you know its name (or at least part of its name). But when you’re searching for an app that can complete a certain task, all bets are off. Inputting a keyword usually returns hundreds of results, but there’s no way to filter by free or paid apps, and no functionality to further refine the search. The App Store does show you related keywords, but that’s usually little help.

4. No way to try an app before buying App developers and iPhone users alike have long complained that there’s no way to try a demo of an app before purchasing it. That’s led a lot of developers to create free, limited versions of their paid apps, or to make the initial download free and offer core features as in-app purchases. But the App Store would benefit by adding a demo feature, enabling you to get a free trial of an app before purchasing it. The feature could also give you some peace of mind if you’re considering spending more than a dollar or two on app; if there’s an option to try the app and then get your money back if you don’t like it, users might be more inclined to give premium apps a chance.

5. No social features Ever wonder what apps your friends have downloaded, or which ones they’ve added to their wish lists to download later? If so, too bad, because the App Store won’t tell you. Apple could add a number of different social features to the App Store. Consider, for example, how much easier it would be to get your friends to try out that new messaging app or photo-sharing app if you could share apps right in the App Store (not by sending a link via iMessage). And think about how much easier it would be to follow the lead of your app-loving best friend — who always has the best apps before anyone else has heard about them — if he could selectively share his recommendations in a list you could browse right from the App Store.

6. No way to find sales and deals There are tons of tech blogs and Twitter accounts that can alert you to great apps that have temporarily reduced their price or are even free to download for a limited period of time. But the App Store, inexplicably, offers no easy way to find those deals without relying on an outside source. In the future, Apple could add a section to highlight those limited-time deals and special sales — something that both app developers and iOS users would undoubtedly appreciate.

7. Untrustworthy reviews It’s a problem that many users became familiar with when news broke that many of the reviews on Amazon are fake: While you might comb through user reviews to determine whether an app is worth the download time or purchase price, you probably can’t trust all of those reviews. Many less-popular apps only have a few reviews to begin with, and it’s disheartening to realize that a portion of those reviews are probably left by the people who made the app (or their friends or employees). You might argue that this isn’t really Apple’s problem, but the App Store could require users to spend some time with an app before reviewing to try to guard against fake reviews. In the meantime, it’s best to read real reviews on trusted blogs if you’re concerned about wasting money or time on an app.

8. No updates for Apple’s own apps While you can update all of the other apps on your iPhone right from the Updates tab in the App Store, there are never updates for the apps that come preinstalled on your iPhone. Why is that? Because Apple fixes bugs and adds features to those apps through iOS updates. That means that even when there’s a simple bug in Apple Music or a straightforward feature to roll out to Mail, you have to go through the lengthy process of installing an update to the phone’s operating system. In the future, Apple could deploy simple fixes for its own apps through the App Store, which would make them just as painless to update as any other third-party app.


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Clerical assistant (Former Employee) says

"i would not recommend anyone working for this company. there was no communication at all. pay was lousy and the people were not nice. i regret working there. Cons: co workers"

Material Handler (Former Employee) says

"Is Terrible it was a really hard time a lot of work no respect for workers it’s so hot in the summer no icy nobody’s stay long time don’t work here pay no good benefits no good"

Freelance (Former Employee) says

"lied about the state of the business, and harassed me, the only developer, into fixing the problem. There was no solution because they were making no money"

Painter (Former Employee) says

"We done mostly industrial and goverment jobs. They always took longer than promised. They were always poorly supervised. I do have to admit I learned alot about industrial requirements and regulations. The owner was a train wreck. I did not learn this about the company until recently. Needless to say, I was very dissappointed. I really thought I could go places with this co. Only to learn, I was sadly mistaken. My co-workers were lazy and unprepared daily. The hardest part of this job would having to tollerate such an unorganized business. The most enjoyable part of this job, I will say was learning more about different paints and uses. Cons: many"

motorista particular(app) says

"Serviço de otario, total desrespeito ao ser humano, desrespeito com a vida e com a inteligência de seus colaboradores."

Tirocinio Grafico (Former Employee) says

"Ottima possibilità lavorativa e di crescita personale se non fosse per le bugie sui pagamenti dello stipendio/indennizzo che non vi verrà mai versato. Il lavoro da svolgere è ottimo per chi desidera adoperarsi nel mondo grafico. L'azienda è organizzata indecentemente: non si capiscono le figure amministrative ne chi sarebbe il titolare. Ho lavorato 1 anno (di cui 8 mesi full time e il resto a chiamata) e sono stata pagata un terzo di quello che dovevo ricevere. Non lo consiglio a nessuno."

Machinist (Former Employee) says

"Nothing good to say about this company . Awful in all aspects I found nothing good about working for this company do yourself a favor and look elsewhere"

Library Assistant (Former Employee) says

"It was not the right fit for me. It was mostly fast paced but I’m a quick learner I realize I wasn’t in the right field I love kids Nd different ages helping them get better was right for me than just assisting with books."

Manager Accounts (Former Employee) says

"My typical day starts with giving the boss with financial position.Good learning place with great bosses and nice workers."

Assistante de Direction (Former Employee) says

"très bonne agence, toute fois c'est une agence familial et, le problème est que lorsqu'on ne fait pas partit de cette famille nous sommes exclut"

Shift Supervisor (Current Employee) says

"APP is a great company to work for if you don't have kids or a social life. You have to break your back everyday and work yourself sick before anyone brings up a raise then they will give it to you and take it back the next pay period and swear they don't know anything about it. They will play with you and joke around even call you family then turn around and bring you down."

Business Analyst of Asia Pulp and Paper (Former Employee) says

"This company have many experience about the pulp and paper industries, so I can learn many things about this term from this Industries. Cons: Minim Extra Time fee"

Security Security Guard (Former Employee) says

"the drive was fairly far and we weren't given gas credit."

CTC OFFICE ASSISTANT (Former Employee) says

"Am not adjustable with the management in app & some emergency leave problems in company I also faced & for exams like any government situations we need a 01 day leave expects sundays for emergency purpose Cons: like more than my time"

Mantenimiento y reparación de equipos informáticos (Former Employee) says

"Buen ambiente, agradable."

stagière (Current Employee) says

"formation intéressante et évolutive sur un poste de secrétariat Cons: aucuns"

Prácticas en tienda (Former Employee) says

"-Era muy estresante, desde la mañana hasta la noche estaba encerrado reparando ordenadores"

Former Employee - Production Supervisor says

"I worked at APP full-time for more than 5 years Cons: No Senior Management accountaility. Will not take the considerations of their employees to improve production. I dont understand how they stay in business."

Current Employee - Project Manager says

"I have been working at APP part-time for more than a year Cons: 1. 50 % or more salary cut in 2020 2. Too many senior general managers and business unit managers 3. No large or complex projects to learn good project management skills 4. Very low pipeline of work 5. Inexperience project directors appointed 6. Teams are populated with senior project manager with sports degree, tourism degree and other irrelevant degrees"

Current Employee - Project Director says

"I have been working at APP full-time for more than a year Cons: Many distress projects and few managers are absolutely hopeless"

Former Employee - Marketing Coordinator says

"I worked at APP full-time for more than a year Cons: This company is all over the shop, the management is poor, systems are poor, technology is rubbish and they have the most backward marketing systems I’ve seen in my entire career!"

Former Employee - Marketing says

"I worked at APP part-time for less than a year Cons: I had a terrible experience at this company, they absolutely screwed me over with zero warning leaving me without a job and two young children in daycare. There was no negative feedback given to me prior which is absolutely unacceptable. This company promote themselves to be a workplace that encourages female workers, working mothers, diversity etc, sorry APP, but diverse companies don’t do this to people."

Current Employee - Project Manager says

"I have been working at APP full-time for more than 3 years Cons: PMs were often bullied by their peers / local state managers. This is regardless of the skills, race, experience & seniority."

Former Employee - Project Manager says

"I worked at APP full-time for less than a year Cons: This company is a joke. There is no structure, they look after the senior team well Senior employees are bullies. And are protected when people go to manage ent. The so called flexibility policy only applies to some. Don't apply if wont to go backwards in your career if you work here"

Current Employee - Specialist says

"I have been working at APP part-time Cons: long hours hard work everyday"

Former Employee - Project Manager says

"I worked at APP full-time for more than a year Cons: felt like high school again with the amount of negative gossip and lack of support."

Current Employee - Project Manager says

"I have been working at APP full-time for more than a year Cons: Poor leaderships from senior management. Only interested in getting their pound of flesh from people. Serious lack of communication, often given 24 hours notice before being shifted on to different projects. Hiring police is to hire graduates, get their use out of them and let move on. There is constantly people leaving. Senior management expectation is you should be there 24/7 and question commitment when you have other responsibilities. Offer minimum vacation allowance and minimum Super, APP feel they are doing you a favour in hiring you!"

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