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Automation Anywhere is a developer of robotic process automation (RPA) software, which employs software bots to complete processes.


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"Small salary, uncomfortable office, unprofessional development process and bad management"

Lead RPA Solution Architect (Former Employee) says

"Working at Automation Anywhere was really stressful. Product has several flaws, customers are not happy, Management is not supportive. Its a nightmare to work. High staff turnaround. I would never recommend working here.Nice office in Central LondonStaff politics, bad management, low salary."

Marketing (Former Employee) says

"Automation Anywhere is run like a complete dictatorship. You are treated like a factory employee. You have no voice and when you do speak up, you are in danger of losing your job. The only employees that last over 6 months are the ones that aren't driven enough to care or the ones that are stuck there because of a work visa (Automation Anywhere strategically hires those types of employees so that they don't leave). Leadership has a major ego and acts as if they are Elon Musk. Always needs to be right, even when he is wrong (which is most of the time). At your interview, you will be promised the world, crazy growth, massive options value and complete freedom to succeed. You will soon find out this is not true at all. AA will make you find yourself questioning your own abilities and you will leave here feeling mentally and emotionally exhausted. I hate working at Automation Anywhere.Automation Anywhere is the worst company I have worked at!"

Senior Manager (Former Employee) says

"Horrible dictator like environment, extreme turnover, poor executive leadership. They hire and fire people at will, some people just stop coming in to the office, there is no direction and leadership at all. Awful culture, terrible office, lousy management, no career growth. Alot people walk out in first few week this place is so bad! Don't walk but run away from Automation anywhere"

Manager (Current Employee) says

"Why hire all this talent and expertise if they are only reduced to lackeys who are forced to execute the myopic, poor judgment of exec leadership? Definitely not Silicon Valley culture."

Senior Manager (Current Employee) says

"It'a s a place where there's no communication or direction from the senior management. It's a company that doesn't believe in creating a company culture or cared about their employees. They can do massive hiring in a month and suddenly had to retrenched massively in the next month. They don't believe in strategy planning or have a proper planning in place. Everything is planned on a per month or quarter basis which makes it very difficult for any employee to do long term planning and strategy planning. The only perk is that the industry is an upcoming industry but there are many other similar companies out there in the same industry that has a better working environment."

RPA Engineer (Former Employee) says

"I had the fortunate experience to be placed on a project which was poorly scoped out. It was first a RDA, then a RPA, then systems we were going to have access to became problems during development. The original process to be automated was not fully investigated. I had to be the RPA dev and at some point the solution architect. I tried to raise concerns early on in the process, to mitigate damage. Didn't matter. Mgmt was more concerned with the appearance of work than actual work."

I'm Not Telling- they are petty and would try to damage me personally (Current Employee) says

"I can't think of anything positive to say about my time at Automation Anywhere. Being one of the 10+% who were laid off, I am very bitter how they laid people off. They laid people off via email. Cold and uncaring. The also already had replacements waiting in the wing for those laid off. Things they did wrong. CFO illegally reduced employees performance rates, so that, they would have to pay out less than owed. My manager directly told me this is how they were committing fraud to keep the lights on. Reducing my KPI percentage from 100% to 90%, costing me thousands in earned bonuses. Is it legal to cook the books and steal rightful bonuses from people? I was told directly by my manager to not be mad, as the remainder of my bonus would be coming the next pay out. It never came and of course they laid me off. The C-level new hires are toxic. New CMO created such a toxic environment since the first day they arrive, that is carried over to many other areas of the company. Intentionally causing departments to fragment under the strain of new ideas that net nothing in return. The culture of caring and family hood evaporated quickly. Working conditions, even while working Remote were completely changed after his hire and him hiring his friends in high ranking levels. Work/Life balance was destroyed before the lay offs. We had people working 70+ hours a week to help the company, only for them all to be laid off. CMO nepotism basically helped ensure he could hire his own friends and their companies while he double dipped in former companies he owned to get"

Product Marketing Manager (Current Employee) says

"Great scope to learn about new technology as many players are operating in the market. There is room for improvement for communication skills and work-life balance.leader position in analyst reportambiguity in communication"

Vice President (Current Employee) says

"The company is like a 12 year old gangly teenager. Growing a lot, with lots of ups and downs. Unclear if they will make the leap to really valuing people as a way to achieve results vs. chasing $'s only. Often have meetings on weekends, call mandatory meetings with global teams on holidays and with no agenda. People are really nice, smart, and hard workers. Most enjoyable part is the people we work with."

Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Automation Anywhere managers are pushed to the max with responsibilities and in general not very approachable or humane in their interactions. The company is still operating in lean mode so employees are stretched very thin."

Officer (Current Employee) says

"Love the people, it feels like family. Imperialistic management style practiced by the Founders must be addressed. They are damaging the environment and demand an antiquated approach to culture that makes the workforce very unhappy."

Sales Engineer (Former Employee) says

"The folks at the C-level don't really know to head a company and there is a lot of favoritism that goes on. My direct manager was the best manager I ever ask for, but above him, not so much."

Management (Current Employee) says

"Automation Anywhere is a great company with good benefits. However, the structure of the organization is unknown and the culture is changing. The loyalty, dedication and appreciation is highly lacking. The hardest part of the job is that it lacks self empowerment and openness to ideas."

Account Manager (IMEA, GIC and India Corporate Accounts) says

"Day is planned as per your own timetable. That kind of freedom is there. I got to work with the CXOs of companies and was able to sell them the latest product/platform in the industry. The work culture is still building up. The company is 15 year old but still behaves like a start up. The most enjoyable part of the day is the fact that I was able to seamlessly interact with cross functional teams."

Sr. HR Specialist (Current Employee) says

"A typical day includes .....liasioning with employees & management , understanding the talent requirement , head hunting on various portals , LinkedIN ,natural market groups ,,,,collating reports , data , taking care of day to day operations, serving the requirements of employees , being a trainer ...trying to make things lighter at work engaging employees regulary in few minutes activity sessions....I m passionate about everything i do its difficult to figure out the hardest part ...although it can be matching talent requirementsamiable environmentlong hours"

Manager Training And Certification (Current Employee) says

"I was practically the first person with the word "Training" in their job title to be recruited here . For Initial 1/1.5 years I was the only person in the Training Team managing the whole fort and running the show . Gradually the Team grew and today it stands to about 40+ people across the Globe . Had my high's and low's and shared of mixed experiences through this journey ."

Support System Administrator (Former Employee) says

"- Nothing to complaint about, good place to learn the new technologies - Compensation provided is decent and acceptable - Flexible work timings - Good work life balanceFlexibleon-demand work"

Sales Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Due to exponential growth and new product/technology, there is a big learning curve. No limit to the working hours. great benefits and nice working culture"

Automation Anywhere / Recruiting Coordinator (Current Employee) says

"The company is in the midst of transition. I think they know what type of company they want to be but have a long way to go. The company perks (regarding lunch) are not up to par with most start ups or other tech companies."

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