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Bethany Anne Lind is an American stage and screen actor in Atlanta, Georgia, and New York City, New York. She is best known for creating roles in world premieres such as Margo in Carapace" (at Alliance Theatre), Olivia in 26 Miles (at Alliance Theatre), and Dora in "The Storytelling Ability of a Boy" (at Florida Stage).

Socalsongbird9 posted an opinion on IMDb about Blood on Her Name, a movie starring Bethany Anne Lind in 2019:

"I had to fast forward past several parts. About 30 minutes in, and I was already over it. I guess her reaction to things is reasonable. But there is no "downtime". From the very beginning, she is sitting there, breathing insanely heavily with a stupid look on her face. Mouth constantly open. For the whole movie. Acting on her part is one dimensional. Like they told her to just act with an ugly cry face the whole time. It wasn't a bad movie but definitely could have used a better main actress. Also, the kid who played her son has a very small head and it was distracting."


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