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Animax Broadcast Japan Inc. (アニマックス, Animakkusu), stylized as ANIMAX, is a Japanese anime satellite television network, dedicated to broadcasting anime programming. The channel also dubbed cartoons in the Japanese language. A subsidiary of Sony Pictures Entertainment Japan and Mitsui & Co.'s joint venture AK Holdings, it is headquartered in New Pier Takeshiba North Tower in Minato, Tokyo, Japan, with its co-founders and shareholders including Sony Pictures Entertainment Japan and the noted anime studios Sunrise, Toei Animation, TMS Entertainment and production company NAS. Animax is the first and largest 24-hour network in the world dedicated to anime. Animax operates as separate 24-hour TV channels for Japan, Asi, and South Korea, in addition to VOD platforms in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

Animax (on their website) claims that all the content, they provide can be seen with family( for children). This is one of the biggest scams of this broadcasting company. They also publish adult or 18+ Content in different countries around the world. Also, there are some mature scenes in their regular programs. Another suck of the Animax Company is that they charge more bucks for advertisement as compared to other Anime Companies. Animax also doesn't translate their programs, into different languages, for example, they are publishing their content in Asia but, they don't provide this facility which, is a necessary element to understand their language.


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"The bottom line is that Animax does not compensate the vast majority of its workers fairly for the labour they are receiving. The expectation is that you will work 40 hours a week but often your average week could be anywhere between there and 60 hour depending on your department. And they will not pay overtime. This is the biggest injustice and and heaviest factor people weigh when they are considering leaving."

Applicant (Former Employee) says

"These people contacted me for an interview, which went reasonably well. They asked me to do an art test, which I finished in the specified time slot. Then I hear nothing for three weeks. The boss of the position messaged me a few days ago to say that he never looked at the art tests until then because of how crazy busy they were, which reeks of poor time management. Then I get an email saying my resume doesn’t align with the position thank you for applying. My resume? They were impressed by my resume when they asked me to waste my life on the art test. Rejections happen all the time in this business but how unprofessional and disrespectful. They don’t value you or your time. Apply somewhere else.Not sureLack of professionalism"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"You will be given a salary for a 40 hour week and be expected to work 80 hours a week."

Controls Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Animax Designs grew too fast over the last 2+ years and did not know how to manage their clientele nor finances properly and professionally. This led to a volitile working environment and unrealistic expectations set by management, driving employees to work excessive overtime without compensation. Firing employees is commonplace. Very high turnover rate.Air conditioningProfessionally unacceptable treatment"

Former Employee - Fabricator says

"No concern for current employees futures, families, health. We are all numbers now."

Executive Assistant (Former Employee) says

"I was responsible for greeting customers, ordering materials, answering phones, research new products, sending out packets to potential clients. Worked with high profile clients like Disney and Nickelodeon.Fun atmosphereNo room for advancement."

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