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Bifidobacterium animalis is a gram-positive, anaerobic, rod-shaped bacterium of the Bifidobacterium genus which can be found in the large intestines of most mammals, including humans.


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Receptionist/Technician (Former Employee) says

"Horrible place to work, they do not train you and expect you to be thrown into everything and be 100%. The management is horrible, very unprofessional, complains about everything, mocks customers and has something to say about everything and everyone including doctors and employees. Not an enjoyable place to work at. The director is also very unprofessional, uses horrible grammar, never has anything nice to say and is always talking about employees. No place for advancement or raises. Cons: Horrible atmosphere, Horrible Management, Short staffed"

Client Service Representative/Office Assistant (Former Employee) says

"It is a high volume Spay/Neuter clinic that has plenty of room for improvement. The people that work there are very nice ,but due to the high demands and heavy work load it becomes a very stressful environment. Cons: Very Stressful"

Vet Tech (Former Employee) says

"I loved my job except for my boss. the work is rewarding and fulfilling. Learning how to help animals was a great experience and I am fortunate to take my knowledge with me to my next position."

Client Service Rep - Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Too many chiefs and not enough Indians. Extremely poor leadership under the very imbalanced and unfocused C.O.O as well as, the dismissive and nonchalant Director, who is very absent-minded with the concerns of her staff. The service that's provided from upper management doesn't deserve the hard work of the vet staff as well as the office staff. Cons: Terrible hours, catty, not enough training on animal helath and wellness. Not enough people working together."

Kitty Academy Crew Member - Animal Care (Former Employee) says

"The working environment of any animal hospital is stressful but working at PFA goes beyond normal levels of stress. Mostly because PFA is always short staffed, most job duties are required to be accomplished as a team. The crew members are the ONLY good aspect of this non-profit organization. They are hard working and compassionate driven individuals that exceed any lengths to keep the care for the clients animals at the highest regard. Cons: poor management"

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