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& Other Stories launched in Spring 2013, with seven stores opening throughout Europe.Its Regent Street store opened on 8 March 2013, with other locations in Barcelona, Berlin, Copenhagen, Dublin, Milan, Paris and Stockholm. & Other Stories offers women's clothing, shoes, bags, accessories, and beauty products, with a focus on high quality throughout a wide price range. In March 2016, it collaborated with the designer label Rodarte. & Other Stories has 46 stores in 12 countries.

Cathy O shared her demising experience "I was in NYC and shopped at & Other Stories. I purchased many items, one item did not look good. It still has the tag and I have the receipt, I just purchased it two 2 days ago.THE STORE AND THE ONLINE STORE WILL NOT LET ME SHIP THE ITEM BACK FOR A NEW SIZE. THE MANAGEMENT TOLD ME I MUST RETURN IN PERSON. I LIVE IN FLORIDA! I spoke to CS and managers. I will never shop here again. BE AWARE OUT OF TOWN CLIENTS"


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