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W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc. is an American multinational manufacturing company specializing in products derived from fluoropolymers. It is a privately held corporation headquartered in Newark, Delaware. It is best known as the developer of waterproof, breathable Gore-Tex fabrics.

A former employee mentioned, "W. L. Gore & Associates didn't make the top 100 place to work this year FOR A REASON don't waste your time leadership is ruining that company and if you're not in the cliques then good luck can work and work and try to prove yourself too much favoritism."


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DUI/DRUG & ALCOHOL COUNSELOR (Former Employee) says

"While working at AACS, I learned about DUI laws and regulations; SUD and DUI; and facilitating group sessions. A considerably amount time is spent facilitating group sessions."

Thomas Myers says

"Well people there's no sense of me pleading my case it's the same as yours everything was almost identical they done the same thing to us charge us an awful lot of money for doing nothing somehow they're hiding behind the law they're not very good tax people but they must have a hell of a lawyer in my most blue-collar humble opinion these people or money grab and scum they kept us scared thinking we were in big trouble and mostly kept us in the dark charging us monthly fees every time we called them they had some sort of an excuse for why it was our fault things weren't moving along until I realized they were just stringing us along to suck as much money out of us as they can in the end they saved us nothing only cost us more money than we owed my advice to everyone here we should file a class action lawsuit against their company and and expose these evil people to the world"

Ralph Arnone says

"Wall & Associates are scammers. Took $8900 of my money and did not deliver. Could not accomplish anything with the IRS. KEPT getting my wife's income wrong despite our providing all required documentation . DO NOT GET RIPPED OFF BY THEM. They are being sued by at least one state. Maybe more at this time."

Tarkyno says

"Consumer Beware!! After one year of pulling our leg and having us continuously send in documentation as well as taking 400 a month from us on top of the initial thousands of dollars in retainer fee, this company tells us that realistically it is not worth it for us to sumbmit for a settlement. So basically after paying this company 6500.00 which we could and should've used to pay our taxes owed, we are now out that money for a company who was dishonest since the beginning. Brandy Hendricks was absolutely awful -- she would call us back after hours and not get back to us in timely manners. We had to be the ones constantly reaching out and asking for updates. On numerous occasions we had to resubmit paperwork again and again only to be told finally that they could not do anything for us. In December, Devon from Client Services Group contacted us because he said he was investigating Wall & Associates and Brandy for taking so long to settle our claim and we received a break from the 400 a month from February until now. If we had not called them, they were going to restart taking out the 400! We did not read all of the negative reviews until after paying the initial 2500 retainer and thought they would help us but now I see we were scammed like many others. BUYER BEWARE -- we plan to get a lawyer and fight this. They are NOT lawyers and pull your leg until they have taken enough of your money and then don't help. GO WITH A REAL LAWYER and/or settle on your own. These people should be ashamed of themselves taking money from already hard working people."

Al Wilkes says

"Steer clear of these guys string u along for years collect their monthly fee and leave you off worse than you started with the irs owed 16 grand in back taxes fooled with wall for 3 years every time you called them they needed more paperwork from us then the irs slapped a lien on our home that was the end I ended dealing with the irs direct and settled within a few hours and all the money wall conned me out of would have easily settled my tax debt.And I'm sure you have no record of me or I was only a client a short time all bs."

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