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AMP Capital is a large global investment manager headquartered in Sydney, Australia. Its majority shareholder is AMP Group, which was established in 1849, and is one of Australia's largest retail and corporate pension providers. AMP Capital has a strategic alliance with Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation, which is also a shareholder.

A current infrastructure employee tells all:

"The place [AMP Capital] is stuck in the 1980s with so much dead wood in the organization that is not funny. Team managers and team leaders have a “gossiping” culture where they tell other team members personal information about other team members in some cases very sensitive personal information. They promote a friendly family culture to potential new employees when in fact it is a toxic environment and there is a distinct culture of fear as after the banking commission everyone at every level are trying to justify their position. The place is obviously in the process of being dissected up to be sold off to whoever is willing to buy it. The front office / trading floor are completely rude and obnoxious to their support staff and it starts with the head of the trading floor who’s underlings are equally as rude for no reason what so ever which again leads back to the toxic culture referenced above and this is coming from the people who helped get them into the trouble with the banking commission- hypocrisy much?

There are no procedures or up to date ones which are relevant to the current day to day BAU so when issues get raised after not having suffice t training the person responsible gets publicly crucified. Team leaders / managers who clearly aren’t qualified or have the knowledge / capacity to be in charge of people and seem to simply have landed the job by being there the longest. Team leaders have a “push you under the bus mentality” to save their own skin instead of taking accountability for ineffective training lack of up to date procedures and a general sense of inadequacy.

Team leaders use team meetings to talk incessantly about themselves for no reason which is actually relevant to the day to day BAU. The facilities of the place are beyond disgusting with the toilets in both the men’s and women’s often having fences / urine and mucous on the seats walls and floors despite complaining to facilities they are still not kept clean."


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