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Amica Mutual Insurance Company is a Rhode Island-based mutual insurance company that offers auto, home and life insurance.Amica was founded in 1907 by A.T. Vigneron and originally offered auto, fire and theft insurance. Since then, Amica has expanded to offering auto, home and life insurance, as well as owning a number of subsidiary insurance companies. It is the oldest mutual insurer of automobil

Pat Howard published a review about Amica Homeowners Insurance for POLICY GENIUS in which he includes its negative side:

The Bad Certain types of additional coverage offerings and perks (like dividend policy payments) aren’t available in some states. If you live in California, Florida, Missouri, and North Carolina, you can't take advantage of Amica's dividend program. Certain coverage endorsements are also limited depending on the state your home is in. In New York, for example, Amica won't give you the option (at least in the online application) to add valuable items coverage, loss assessment coverage, or business property coverage. That said, we must stress that it's pretty common in the home insurance industry for companies to be choosey about where they offer specific types of coverage. Coverage endorsement offerings are rather limited. As good and reliable as Amica's coverage is, they don't offer some of the more popular coverage endorsements — like equipment breakdown coverage, service line coverage, and guaranteed replacement cost dwelling coverage.


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