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The American Express Company, also known as Amex, is an American multinational financial services corporation headquartered at 200 Vesey Street in New York City. The company was founded in 1850 and is one of the 30 components of the Dow Jones Industrial Average. The company is best known for its charge card, credit card, and traveler's cheque businesses.

A former employee said this in a review: "Bad work environment, everybody against everybody and they don't let you move forward. The leaders at Amex are horrible people."


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Current Employee - Financial Analyst says

"Culture does not support diversity"

Former Employee - Portfolio Analyst says

"Messy management with minimal regard to merit and overemphasize on tenure. A homogeneous organization that lack of real diversity in many aspects of the enterprise. An overly political culture that force you into workplace politics."

Former Employee - Human Resources Business Partner says

"Politics and optics are key to success here, rather than actually making substantive impact. Slow moving and lots of red tape making the experience untransparent and frustrating at times. People feel uncomfortable giving feedback because the culture isn't set up for it, resulting in a lot of passive aggressive comments and gossiping in the workplace that get cycled back to you."

Former Employee - Software Engineer says

"They have an interview process that is designed to eliminate U.S. candidates from being hired. They use lower criteria for the H1B visa candidates. About 80% of technical workforce in Arizona are foreign visa. But if you do get hired, managers are NOT software developers yet they manage software developers. Supervisors are called Directors from some reason, they micro-manage the direct employees while NOT holding visa workers accountable. Management in general dominate meetings and suck the oxygen out of the room. It is all about the management team and their politics."

Former Employee - Customer Service says

"Sales is the primary focus... Looks like they're trying to weed out U.S. reps all together and send our jobs overseas for less pay however there is a MAJOR cultural difference and they use misleading sales tactics (BIG NO NO!)and other departments such as credit/fraud have absolutely no sense of communicating well and us US reps basically has to clean up the mess for as much as amex charges to carry their products the service has become so disgusting to say the least, compared to our competitors which is probably why we're seeing less tenured and less loyal card members since there's really nothing that stands out anymore about this company (disappointed)"

Former Employee - Software Engineer says

"sexist coworkers lots of business politics too much management too many meetings"

Marketing says

"It is not what you know who you know. No diversity and inclusion."

Former Employee - Customer Care says

"Too many to list, overworked, bullied by management, micromanaged! Sales is their only motto and all they care about."

Former Employee - Project Manager says

"Male dominated leaders. Women do all the work and men take all the credit. Promotes a bullying mentality. Women can get promoted if they are also toxic."

Current Employee - Travel Consultant says

"Where to start. The training isn't organized and is hard to follow. No real examples of what the job entails. You learn as you go and fill in the blanks from talking to other confused colleagues. Not all but a good bit of Team Leads are rude and short with you. Asking questions will be hard because the department is run on a teach yourself attitude. Condescending leadership. Everything you do effects their bonuses so many are not friendly. I literally have only worked here 8 months and already looking for new employment. Working here has taken my 5+ years in travel and made me re think my degree and life choices. Lol. The customers are absolutely rude and treat you like servants. Ofcourse their are a few that aren't but most will rush you and demand the moon. There's so much more. Just make sure to take the things you may be reading seriously into account. Most of it is true. I looked at Glassdoor before my start and didn't take the things I saw seriously. I fully regret that now. I'm depressed and it's time to go."


"Pésimo ambiente laboral todos en contrá de todos no te dejan avanzar y los líderes son personas horribles"

Driver (Former Employee) says

"This is for All American Express courier. They pretend to help vets but they don't. They are inconsistent and don't care about employees. I was on a courier job with leaky biohazard bags. They would not resolve the issuework alonethey lie a lot and have unreasonable expectations"

Senior Data Scientist (Former Employee) says

"I worked as a contractor and most of the times I felt like a second class citizen. No appreciations for good work but fast blames for small errors. Filled with politicians rather than employees.Fast learningBurned out and politics"

Junior Developer (Former Employee) says

"They didn't treat the holiday contractors very well. We were left out of all the holiday parties and events. The manager that I had was not very direct. He wouldn't give an honest evaluation of my work. I knew I would not be hired permanently."

Senior Big Data Consultant (Former Employee) says

"If you are independent employees it's hard to stay there for the long term. The workplace culture is Indian culture, there is no trust there. Don't trust to smailing faces, they say something doing something else! There is no trust between you and your management."

Bgc (Former Employee) says

"If you want to always feel like you are going to be laid off then this is the place for you. They still think it’s 1955 and they are the only credit card in the world"

Operador de Telemarketing (Former Employee) says

"Congela o salário dos funcionários que assumem novos cargos em “processos seletivos internos”, você assume a nova função tem o triplo de atividades e não recebe o salário correto no final do mês."

Customer Care Professional (Former Employee) says

"they say they are not focused on the usual call center parameters eg: TOC, Number of calls per shift, etc. they are you are expected to handle as many calls as you can, make most of the calls one call resolution even if they can't be resoved in one call. Never go over and above for a customer but make them think you have. Management doesn't answer questions."

Executive Assistant (Current Employee) says

"Though it's MNC but they do the diffrentiate between the FTE and contractor. Management is not supportive..may be it vary to teams. So much partiallity with the employees and no appreciation at all."

Master Fraud Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Company is good but the management is very unprofessional and unfair. They would only favor you till you nod your head in yes and follow what they say be it ethical or unethical."

Platinum Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"Toxic work environment regarding changes. No time to adjust to changes before it begin to impact metrics. Calls routed specifically to agents not giving everyone a fair opportunity at bonus opportunities.American Express as a brand is a great companyDepending on your department not all have fair treatment"

Customer Service Specialist (Current Employee) says

"This is not to defame the US conglomerate but its Indian part which is being handled but incompetent and pathetic management. It shows you all these dreams which mostly end up like one."

Call Center Agent (Current Employee) says

"Mal sueldo , mucha exigencia, te quitan comisiones , no respetan descansos ni hora de comida , te cuentan las idas al baño etc etc"

Agent (Former Employee) says

"Many challenging metrics. People are nice . Work is challenging. System sometimes don't work. It's normal. Stressful at times. Fun also. U learn new platform and engage with different time of people.FestivalVery short notice"

Marketing Team Coordinator/Floor Coach/CCP (Former Employee) says

"This company started off good but ended bad. The schedules are stressful, the environment was stressful. You can make money but the money isn't everything."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Hated this job I didn’t make it out of training, I mean u had to keep a certain amounts of good surveys to keep the job I mean this come was ridiculous to me couldn’t stay and would not have two girl that I was training with said they stayed to the and said they eventually lost there one because they could of get surveys"

ventas y atencion al cliente (Former Employee) says

"Tiene prestigio la firma pero no hay desarrollo personal y demasiado stress por hacer q los clientes gasten las tarjetas"

Deputy relationship Manager (Current Employee) says

"Considering people as slave they are bounding you to work over hours without paying anything for the same.. Ruining you on both physical and mental ends.."

Responsable commercial (Former Employee) says

"Grosse arnaque j ai travailler 1 ans cher eux il mon proposé de devenir manager je fessais du 6 h 15 h pour gagner presque rien il te dit que ta un cdi au bout de 6 mois mais au bout de 6 moi tu n'a pas de quoi vivre grosse arnaque salaire médiocre manipulation"

Corporate Trainer (Former Employee) says

"Much too strict. Only a few minutes to use the restroom. Definitely NOT enough time to eat your food during your lunch or dinner break. Since they are CONSTANTLY listening in to you, they are very critical....not helpful. Want you to finish all calls withing a certain time period. It used to be 3 minutes. That may have changed. Still, some calls do take longer....but they want you to handle all calls within a certain time frame. Talk about pressure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Find another company.............................."

Pranaav Devnani says

"AMEX UK is NOT American Express I have been a member in Hong Kong, Singapore and the United States, and I can say with absolutely honesty that AMEX UK does such an injustice to American Express. Rude, unprofessional call centre that says 'NO' to everything. When you complain, they say, "to be frank, we can cancel your account if you aren't happy with the service". Even the managers are based in that call centre. Definitely not worth it. Save your annual fee."

Mr J says

"This used to be premium excellent card company unfortunately their online chat is in India with aweful customer service skills and poor communication , calls to UK Brighton are left in queues for hours to be answered , then after been with them many decades as loyal customer they will slash your credit cards limits to a ridiculous low after the pandemic despite making regular payments for many decades and No missed payments , Avoid Amex UK in future try more premium credit cards ."

Joseph Nemuri says

"American Express, takes high APR and closed my account during pandemic, when it's very hard time. They sell your debt to some National Credit Debt company, who will harass you day & night -they even called our relatives. It's all fun for these people who ripped me off with unimaginable APR & fees during years, now says SORRY. Please get away from any credit cards, and mostly this American Express. Where ever you see Amex run!"

Jason says

"Frustrating experience, AMEX decided to suddenly close my cards. They can't tell me the reason either."

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