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General Motors Financial Company, Inc. is the financial services arm of General Motors. The company is a global provider of auto finance, with operations in the United States, Latin America, Canada, Europe (which was sold to PSA Groupe and BNP Paribas following the sale of GM's core area businesses Opel and Vauxhall in a $2.2 billion deal.) , and China. The company is headquartered in Fort Worth,


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Treasury Operations Suspense and Research Specialist (Former Employee) says

"I worked for this company for over 6 years. It was the most miserable and stressful time in my entire career. The management is petty and immature. They do not properly coach and mentor employees to be better. And any training you receive is hands on and not formal training. You are constantly under scrutiny and treated like children. When there are mistakes that cause backlog, you are expected to work late and work Saturdays. They do not care about your family obligations. You are to be afraid of being seen by management talking to your co-workers because that is frowned upon. This section of GM Financial is not the GM culture. I strongly advise you apply with a different division of GM. The Corporate Treasury Division is extremely flawed and stressful. Please do not join this organization. You will regret it."


"They’ll lie and tell you there’s lots of room for advancement There is...if you brown nose or you’re willing to relocate to DFW. Other than that, you’ll work hard and get nowhere. The management is clueless, most of them got where they are by being favorites and don’t know their jobs. They’re not leaders, just managers. GM Financial comes first, your family life comes second"

Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"Worse place to work, TL and AVP were races and have favoritisms and if you’re bilingual they treat you worse and don’t give you an opportunity to growth"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"You cannot do your job and not be bothered in a negative way by co workers. Most of Management is aware and often times supports negative situations. Complaining to Human Resources does nothing they just laugh at you on lunch with the manager you just told on. This place is a walking lawsuit. Best of luck to those that can handle this for $12-$14 per hour.You learn to manipulate and bully to get byMiserable people"

Business Analyst (Current Employee) says

"There is a bad management problem in the area where I work and Business Analyst are fleeing to other areas of the company. There has been a huge turn-over."

Customer Service (Current Employee) says

"Computer and phone system always messing up, poor management, we beg for consistency in work process & get nothing. No care for clients or the workersAbsolutely nothingEverything"

Credit Analyst (Current Employee) says

"If 0 stars was an option that’s what I would give this place. Seattle credit center is terrible, morale cannot get lower. You will be promised a lot but years will go by an the same promises will be spewing out unfulfilled. They pretend to be an uplifting culture but it is the exact opposite. Management, especially in Seattle on the AmeriCredit side pretend to care but try to hold you down an take all the credit for anything good that happens. They will blame you for any shortfall. Don’t work here, you are better off working at 7-eleven."

Lease Accounts Representative (Current Employee) says

"This place is horrible! The way they treat the employees in different departments is bs. My boyfriend works in a different dept and they constantly get breakfast and lunch catered, get foosball breaks, get paid to leave early the day before holidays, a whole bunch of perks as do a bunch of other departments. We are the only ones stuck in the asbestos, roach infested building, no catered meals, we have to work 7 days a week at least 2 weeks a month, no games breaks, no leaving early before the holiday, you get the drift."

Payment department (Current Employee) says

"Payment department Data entry bad they didn’t care about you just finish the job and make the goal you don’t make the goal you out they always changing every week always something new and none sense 🙄"

Account Representative (Former Employee) says

"Worst place I’ve ever had the misfortune to work. Management was terrible. Very cliquey. Favouritism was rampant. Work life balance is non existent. Gruelling work on strict timelines with constant threat of losing your job if you are mere seconds outside of their timelines. Pay was terrible. Too many negatives to mention. I still have nightmares.NoneToo many to mention"

Credit Analyst (Former Employee) says

"this place is horrible. You have to fit their like. they don't hire or retain based on qualifications, they hire and retain based on looks, so wear the cleavage and the high heels if you are a girl and if you are a boy, please iron your clothes. go drinking with the managers and pay for their drinks, and bully the people your managers say they don't like that will get you promoted.there is really nothingeverything about them specially the credit center"

Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Hard to wake up to a place where the management fosters negitivity and openly admits that they don’t care what good you do for the company but only the mistakes you make.Flexible hoursMicromanaging, fostering negative environments, overall poor people management"

Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"Management has no clue, new computer system is a mess, reporting customers as late pays, when theyre not, 1000s of buyout checks are not being posted in a timely fashion, and Im sure at some point customers are going to wise up. Direct manager doesn't know a thing; you might as well wing it. They keep saying system issues will be solved in a week, that was at the end of December! Theyre still not solved and everyone I work with is ready to leave. From the time you log in, till the time you log off your phone, its upset customers because there is no follow up by ANYONE, no notes in the systems; you do it all. If you speak up your black listed...been there a very short time, already looking to get out. Came from another major financial company that had issues, but this place is a mess. Don't know how they make any money with all the incorrect customer info, and treating the dealer like they do....please don't even bother..if they offer you a job run, it wont be the one you applied for! I found that out the hard way.nonecomputer system half thought thru, low pay, inept management"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"GM Financial is the worse place to work . The environment is very unprofessional . The company itself needs to be re evaluated . Very rude upper management . I will not recommended no one to this job"

Treasury Project Management (Current Employee) says

"1. Poor management and lack of communication to develop their employees for advacement to encourage them to stay 2. Need to work on leadership skills 3. Need to teach and invest in their employees to be successful.Employee discount"

Account Representative 1 Speciality Area (Current Employee) says

"Come in to work look at me portfolio for today start to work if finish help out other employees on my team if need help start working on next day taskfree lunchesshort breaks"

Inbound Verification Specialist (Former Employee) says

"GM financial is a great place to work at if you are looking to build a career out of a office job they do not have many benefits and some departments get laid off but they are working to improve that the departments that do not get laid off have very good job security.Terrible managment call resolution."

Customer Service Associate (Former Employee) says

"This place is a joke, they were formerly Americredit and the seasoned employees treated the new hires like dogs! I have never worked with so many mean, hateful women! They have a huge turnover, they do not care about their employees.....I would never reccomend this company!None"

Unprofessional (Former Employee) says

"I thought I was doing good learning my job without the best of help..The one person at randstad was cruel. The two I guess managers or what ever their title was were fake, selfish etc..I couldn't believe how these so call educated managers were so fake.. One manager bragged or gloated about how HE fired someone.. I've seen managers Bragg and even be prideful about Firing people..DO Know your day IS coming..I hope the best for GMF BUT!!!!! do know their day is coming to fail. Rome only ruled for a back IS coming to those certain people who Bragg and talk bad about people they of the managers need a colon cleanse because their breath is toxic reap what you sow. Just listen to your own words that you say about people it's coming back to you 4 times worst, I'm not against GMF but Randstad..EVIL, These people should have known and help me not stab Me in the back but that's how we have learn to do is be fake, low down , dirty, dog eat dog, NICE NASTY...Give a certain type a positionFake pride etc..."

Account Maintenance Clerk (Current Employee) says

"Low Compensation and No Work/Life Balance Must know what each employee is doing at all times of day time in kept in database of how long it takes an assignment to be completed .Every minute of your day is accounted for. Micro-Managed"

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