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American Greetings Corporation is a privately owned American company and is the world's second largest greeting card producer behind Hallmark Cards. Based in Westlake, Ohio, a suburb of Cleveland, the company sells paper greeting cards, electronic greeting cards, party products (such as wrapping papers and decorations), and electronic expressive content (e.g., ringtones and images for cell phones). In addition, the company owns the Carlton Cards, Tender Thoughts, Just For You, and Gibson brands.

Part of a piece written by By Janet H. Cho about the time American Greetings, Taylor Swift were accused of being 'so mean' in trademark infringement lawsuit filed by Blue Sphere's 'Lucky 13'

American Greetings Corp. and Taylor Swift are being sued in federal court for trademark infringement and unlawful use of the trademarked "Lucky 13" in greeting card promotions and a Lucky 13 Sweepstakes contest by Blue Sphere, the California owner of the licensed brand. The Brooklyn-based American Greetings declined to comment on pending litigation.

The lawsuit notes that Swift and American Greetings "have a net worth of several billion dollars and certainly could have afforded to license the Lucky 13 marks from Lucky 13. While Ms. Swift understood and accepted that, for the bullies who confronted her, 'all you're ever going to be is mean,' Lucky 13 believes that Ms. Swift and American Greetings will do the right thing in this matter."

Lucky 13 is seeking defendants' profits, Lucky 13's lost profits and damages, punitive damages, attorneys' fees, and what it calls "corrective advertising to eliminate the confusion caused by Defendants' wrongful acts," but does not specify a dollar amount.


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Former Employee - Systems Administrator says

"Owned by Hedge Fund, much of talent has moved on"

Former Employee - Manager says

"New owners are absolutely clueless. They may all have MBA's but don't actually know how to work or run a business."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"This company does not care about its employees what so ever. The turnover rate is insanely high. They have had major layoffs every year for the past 3 years. During Covid management forced our team to come into the office even when we had the ability to work from home and then they themselves wouldn’t come into the office because they “didn’t feel safe” but it was okay for us. You will earn vacation but then when it doesn’t work for them they change that up. Managers are awful and don’t know how to manage they micro manage. HR is absolutely atrocious and don’t care about pretty much anything but again probably because of all the lay-offs and turnover rate. This company is a disaster trying to rebuild and will twist you like a wet rag to get everything out of you and pay you as little as they can. They don’t care about their employees and Covid really showed that. I would only take this if it’s your only option because chances are you will be gone in a couple years or less just like everyone else."

Former Employee - IT Leadership says

"Lack of leadership, leadership not responding to market changes, “happiness, laughter and love” is the company focus but that focus never was extended to employees"

Former Employee - IT Senior Specialist says

"Greetings Cards business itself is struggling since last several years. Fact is new generations are not into Greeting Cards. AG business lacks innovation. Company recently taken over by NY based investment firms. Since then layoffs, restructuring and reducing team size, closing operations is the only way to curb the cost. They have stopped all major long-term strategic projects and focus is towards cost cutting. 80 percent workforce furloughed due to Covid19 situation. Even if they resume, there is already too much uncertainty and work pressure. Although I loved working here, unfortunately I don't see light towards end of the tunnel. Stay away."

Current Employee - Merchandiser says

"High expectations for little pay"


"The job is basically recycling old cards. The designers are the end of the chain. So all the blame is put on them if something is wrong."

Current Employee - Data Analyst says

"No training, support, or growth from management. Still a good old boys club in 2020, unreal. Employees that have not spent their entire career with the company, or have had a relative work there, are not put in a position to succeed. Selective with who is given access to tool/software required to your job and held to the same standard as others in the exact same role that do have access to the tools/software. Very cliquey, quiet and uncomfortable environment with a lot of whispering at the headquarter office in Westlake."

Former Employee - Sales says

"company changed in recent years; not in good way"

Former Employee - Merchandiser says

"Very low pay. Poor local management."

Merchandiser (part-time) says

"It is next to impossible to get a real answer as to how to do the job correctly. Hours are switched without notice.Training is an afterthought and when asked questions good luck getting answers. More than likely the managers don't know the answers having never been a merchandiser. Just get it done somehow. And don't go to HR. They call themselves HR but no very little if anything about real HR, they violate their own handbook/rules/policies!It is more of a circus than a corporation.Nothing at all positivetoo many issues to list"

Merchandiser (Former Employee) says

"Pays low, hours low, management needs to be replaced. Not worth time, no growth opportunities, management treats workers like dogs, takes advantage and gives no respect, no thank yous works you like a dog then cuts hours. nonePay management"

Core Merchandiser P/T (Former Employee) says

"Not a good job - way under paid and no benefits. Working holidays. Lifiting heavy boxes - having to stand all the time.Not much support or leadershipNothingBad pay and hard work"

Merchandiser (Former Employee) says

"They don't want you to get any hours but get mad if you cant get out the merchandise in the hours they give you. They expect you to do 40 a hour work week with only 20 hrs. You're damned if you dou you're damned if you don't.Able to come and goNo Hours"

Forklift Operator (Current Employee) says

"They do not care about their workers. They knew about the layoff and still hiring people. No concern for people’s family. I would not work here at all."

Merchandiser (Former Employee) says

"They were unfair in Milwaukee saying enough to there management so you cant get hired back very discouraged reapplying only to get the run around saying someone will call me went to job fair for nothing who ever the manager is in Milwaukee she is very racist and greedy and thinks its funny she has power to knock people out the system due to her lies they want even consider me."

Merchandiser (Former Employee) says

"Manager is condescending treats merchandiser as disposable help. Compensation does not make up for fuel cost at the very least. If you do the math it’s a volunteer task not a job."

Order Filler (Former Employee) says

"in order to do the work efficently and actually getbyour products you basically had to run all day they should place products closer together for easier access"

Call Center Representative/Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"Toxic and stressful work environment. If you're cool with management you can do and get away with anything you want. There is a lot of favoritism, the people that cause the most trouble are favored by the managers."

Maintenance Technician (Former Employee) says

"The most nepotistic cutthroat people I have EVER worked for ..its all about Family .... if you aren't family ..they will do anything they can to get rid of you ... no loyalty in employees supervisors telling things that should never leave the office to gossiping co-workers ...VERY BAD PLACE TO WORK... so much bad management all the way to the top"

INSTALLATION COORDINATOR / Retail Merchandiser (Former Employee) says

"Management never stood behind worker, expect to do large stores with little hours. I have nothing nice to say about this company . Don’t work for themNoneNone"

Account Representative/Merchandiser (Current Employee) says

"As a part time employee, hours are extremely flexible; such as, you may be given 6 hours one week and 25 hours the next week. The company “expects” you to work the day after a major holiday to set the next season and in some cases; such as, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, you are required to go into the store twice on those holidays. Pay is extremely low."

Assembly Line Worker (Former Employee) says

"My husband and I were both employed at AG, him for about six months and barely a month for myself. It's just a miserable place to work, full of "high school" drama, and a lot like high school in general. It's only perk is it pays decent."

Merchandiser (Former Employee) says

"Really terrible time working at American Greetings. Most of their stores are getting taken by Hallmark which meant getting constant emails from managers everyday freaking out and blaming all the employees. The actual job of stocking cards and gift bags was really fun and I loved it. But traveling to creepy stores that were dirty or in bad areas was not fun."

Field Merchandiser (Former Employee) says

"I felt mistreated by the person training me, as well as her supervisor: they messed up my first pay check! Then they wanted to have you hassle with your own lap top, for work use. It messed up my computer: had enough, and quit!Flexible hoursToo much work, too little pay, and disrespected by management!"

Merchandiser (part-time) says

"American Greetings has lost 3 major accounts and with a new Investment company taking over they have cut back on your travel so if you live in a rural area with few stores its not worth it. They don't want to pay travel time if you are 30 miles from a store. So between the major accounts they lost to Hallmark and them cutting out stores they think 6 hours a MONTH is fair. Corporate is clueless and local management will not stand up for you they will let you quit because its easier to reassign your stores than fight to get you hours. Seriously 6 hrs a month after years of loyal employment. Management just cares about making themselves look good.None now"

Order filling department (Former Employee) says

"American Greetings is not a good place to work. Their management has favorites and picks on certain people. They don’t care about their employees unless they’re doing something to help the company. They took almost 120 out of my checks each week for taxes and retirement but when I quit I didn’t see any of that money back.Short breaks, bad management"

Merchandiser (Current Employee) says

"Greeting cards aren't doing very well this company is losing accounts so there is hardly any work! On your own 90 percent of the time, supervisor never answers his phone! Then doesn't help you. Says he's hands are tied!Work when ever you wantWork during and after holidays"

Power Truck Operator (Former Employee) says

"If you want to work here you need thick skin and have to be ready to deal with alot of BS , drama, and favoritism . Pay is good but youllake up for it with your insurance.IdkTo many to list"

Part Time Merchandiser (Former Employee) says

"Typical day is stocking and straightening cards or displays. I learned that cards are labeled with which pocket they go into. Management was pretty busy. Each time I asked for help there was no one available. I found it hard tp please store management with the budget and training I received. Fellow merchandisers were pleasant but training in stores was limited and they could not answer my questions. The hardest part was flexibility. They advertise that the job is, flexible but you have 24 hours after delivery of a box to get cards out. So if UPS drops shipment on Friday, you are working the weekend. You also have to work within the budgeted time, so I was told which work to do at home. I did like the option of not having to purchase cards anymore. I do not agree with CEO allowing managers to instruct employees to work at home.Free cards, gift bags, and stickersLack of flexibility, low pay rate, and unpaid work at home"

Former Employee says

"They only hire for full-time positions 20 year old, blue eyed, single white girls. No meritocracy, no inclusivity."

Michele Scarabelli says

"Like many others here, I feel completely ripped off by American Greetings ecards. Do not fall for their 7 day trial offer... it is near impossible to cancel their Auto renew payments. After several attempts, I finally got an acknowledgement from their customer service but no mention of refund. Sorry to see a time-honored trusted company like American Greetings submit customers to such underhanded tactics."

Wal Cor says

"they say free test trial,but won't honor that. i cancelled within the time limit and was still charged. just a good ripeoff."

Robert Kays says

""Free" trial goes to paid and almost impossible to cancel."

Nina to 18 says

"Seriously, maybe you should write on your cards "adult content" so us who are not familiar with sexual content music do not spend $10 on a card for an autistic child. Autistic child like the music and movement cards bring but you have to make the nasty! After I bought the card "in a world full of Kale smoothies" and the bouncing milkshake grab their attention. It was not until I really heard the words when I got home it was cursing and insinuations. So disappoint with American Greetings. Might want to change you tagline. THIS IS NOT "THOUGHTFUL AND CARING"."

Sean Boban says

"I highly advice you DO NOT sign up with this company. There is no way to cancel your account own your own. I have sent 3 requests to cancel my account with zero response. Read the rest of the reviews below, and you will quickly see that the 7-day free trial will end up with your credit/debit/PayPal account being charged regardless of you cancelling your account. Report and complaint has been filed with the Better Business Bureau."

Marian Murdoch says

"What an absolute con! Registered for a FREE trial, but now I don't want to continue but they refused to communicate with me, and have tried THREE times to take paymeyments from my Card. DO NOT register for a FREE's NOT FREE, and jusyt a load of hassle"

eric says

"Total scam company , avoid at all costs. will be reporting to proper authorities."

Concetta Gisone says

"American Greetings cards have now become politically biased and when I attempted to voice a complaint they refused to publish it on two separate occasions When you try to contact them at the email address provided, it goes to a no reply box. If you can't take criticism, you can't take my money. Will be insisting on a refund for the balance of the term."

Katie says

"I requested to cancel my free trial couple of days before the trial period ended. No response and my card was charged. I contacted again asking to have the charge refunded - nothing. Avoid this scam company at all costs."

Peggy says

"I have called many times complaining about being unable to print cards. I was given all sorts of reasons why it won't print. Margins, paper, printer, search engines. You name it! No one could help me. I am so disappointed and sad that no one know anything."

Judith souders says

"I had used American Greetings for several years and loved it. They updated recently and I have been unable to make cards since then. The cards won't print and they say it's my printer settings yet my settings are exactly what they say they should be and I've never changed my settings. I used to be able to use my tablet to make cards and now I get a message that the program works best from a computer or tablet. Hello! I'm using my tablet. I'm on my way out today to purchase a Hallmark program!"

Sandra Montisci says

"Subject: American Greetings - unacceptable experience - AG customer for 10.1 years from Feb 2008 to Mar 2018 - AG Facebook and AG website services reduced and/or eliminated from Jan 2017 to Mar 2018 Rating: 1 star: Bad – unacceptable experience, unreasonable conduct."

Scott Pierson says

"Absolutely the worst. 3 hours of wasted time. 5 calls to customer service. No e-card went out. Shame on them. Should close the door forever."

Michele says

"I called to cancel prior to the end of "trial" membership". My card was charged anyway and even though I didn't use my "membership" at all during the time when I didn't know I had one - will not refund. These guys are NOT about customer service, they are about profit."

Mark Bresky says

"This review is for the e-card service. 1-Does not work with all browsers 2-In many cases e-cards get routed to recipients spam folder..they have no reasonable workaround 3-Requested pro-rated refund...instead they canceled the account that still had over a year's prepayment applied to it. AND NO REFUND. 4-IMO the employees are clueless, and business practices suspect."

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