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American Girl is an American line of 18-inch (46 cm) dolls released in 1986 by Pleasant Company. The dolls portray eight- to twelve-year-old girls of a variety of ethnicities, time periods of origin, faiths, and social classes. They are sold with accompanying books told from the viewpoint of the girls. Originally the stories focused on various periods of American history but were expanded in 1995 to include characters and stories from contemporary life. Aside from the original American Girl dolls, the buyer also has the option to purchase dolls that look like themselves. The options for the line of Truly Me dolls include eye color, face mold, skin color, hair texture, and hair length. A variety of related clothing and accessories is also available. A service for ordering a bespoke doll with features and clothing specified by the owner, dubbed Create Your Own, has also been introduced in 2017.

JenR333 from Chesapeake, Virgin shares her experience about American Girl Place in TripAdvisor:

"We've been to this location before, as well as the one in NYC, Boston, and Dallas. Our experience today was unlike any other we've had, and NOT in a good way. I scheduled a Deluxe American Girl of the Year (Grace) birthday party for my daughter, many months in advance. We arrived and everyone at the hostess station was confused and seemed even more confused at the concept of it being a SURPRISE party. They called the manager over. They finally got us "checked" in, and we left to shop a little in some other stores, to make a way for the guests to arrive without my daughter seeing them. Unfortunately, the party room, which was supposed to be cleared out a little before 3, wasn't prepared for our group to enter until AFTER 3:30. I was stalling, milling around the mall, trying to come up with a reason why we weren't going back into the AG store. My friends and family were told that the room would be ready in a few minutes, ten minutes, five minutes, etc. They waited....we waited...everyone waited. Finally, when we entered the party room, it was in fact a surprise and my daughter was elated. I however, was NOT elated....not with the food smashed onto the carpet in the party room, or with the food and grease marks smeared onto the mirrors in the party room....or the fingerprints and smudges of grease on the tv in the party room. I was appalled at the condition of the room, especially considering I paid over $500 for a party of 9 people. From American Girl, I expect much more than this abysmal showing. Alas, my daughter had fun and loved her surprise. Our waiter was decent. The food was good. My daughter's 10th birthday was salvaged, no thanks to the less-than-excellent bunch at American Girl, Tysons Corner. Oh, and the hostess stand forgot to put my daughter's tiara in the party room, so we had to ask for that. The icing on the cake (no pun intended) was when we checked out, and the lady at the counter asked my daughter which doll she got, and my daughter replied "Grace". Then the woman proceeded to rant about how terribly written the Grace book was, and how she'd recommend ANY historical book over Grace because it was so poorly done. I was stunned at the lack of professionalism and the audacity of the clerk to go out of her way to deflate my daughter's happiness on such a special day. It was exceptionally unprofessional. NOT at ALLLL what we've come to expect from this brand. They REALLLLLY need to step it up at this location. We pay top notch prices, and we expect more.¨


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Former Employee - Maintenance Technician says

"Benefits are fake. High turn over just before 3 years sighting cost. Next week a new hire. They do not follow FLMA. Employment spectrum few have more than 5 years and most less than 3 years..Revolving door."

Former Employee - Assistant Sales Manager says

"Just about everything else was a con."

Former Employee - Server/Waiter says

"- Poor management who really do not care. - lack of urgency - no feedback taken - too much expected of employees - poor treatment of employees - unprofessional habits"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I was hired for server and told i have to be a food runner"

Former Employee - Sales Lead says

"- Terrible and often EXTREME favoritism, drama, and sabotage. - Went to HR about a problem with management and was given a call back by the same manager that I had complained about explaining why I was wrong. - Was subject to age discrimination my first day on the job (was told that "I didnt think you were this young when I hired you") Mind you, this was my first time ever being in a Sales Lead roll (Was a Key-Holder before). - Took a pre-planned trip for my father's burial/funeral to NYC (Told them during my interview and was given the OK) however, was after the fact given extreme pushback for "going away during the beginning of December". 3 weeks after I had gotten back I came down with a cold, came in during my morning shift and waited for relief and was berated saying "You had a week and a half off, how are you sick?!" - No direction at all during the course of employment, and was put into training with all of the sales associates and not given any formal management training. - The CONSTANT drama between associates that was never formally addressed or solved and often seemed encouraged!"

Former Employee - Lead says

"Everything Senior management whose hypocrisy and lack of leadership make the current POTUS look like Henry Ford"

Former Employee - Server/Waiter says

"- Managers like to be very involved into the lives of employees and staff (jot down everything you say or do) - Kitchen staff/cooks are very lazy and expect to leave a little after closing time, every day. - When things slow down in the do the cooks, they do not prepare food on time. Ticket times can go up to 30 minute or longer. - They often fault servers for complicated orders or for modifying food. - The servers often had to PREPARE food in the kitchen because of either low staff or kitchen staff or managers not capable of assisting. - Managers were not understanding and unprofessional. - Often yelled or disciplined servers in unnecessary ways. - Managers did not want to speak to guests or to check on tables, if needed. - Things were not organized and hosts/management never communicated to servers properly where things were kept. - Low efficiency. - *FAVORITISM* This was a big problem. Many servers would often come late or call out, but the managers often threatened new employees for the same mistakes. Older servers never were disciplined or terminated for violating terms. - Older servers also often given better shifts such as weekend days or mostly opening shifts. - Lack of organization, often missing materials such as cups or saucers/ activities/ etc. - Managers never directly talked to employees about flaws or mistakes they had, except tried to discipline them passive aggressively. - These tactics included: giving servers terrible shifts/ hours, terrible sections with only small sections consistently (weekly), and not listening to their concerns or demands. - DID NOT carry out the auto gratuity until recent, leaving guests with large bills the option to not tip. - Employees let go often, one by one, due to the company's inability to compensate them. - Management did not really care about employees at all. - Managers often kept servers around later than their scheduled hours to complete random tasks & to wait until manager finishes checking other parts of the restaurant. -Managers did not care if food left the kitchen looking sloppy. - Poor hygienic practices in kitchen. - Little to no respect for servers. DISCLAIMER: This review is not meant to target all the cons about the entire management, and is only meant to reveal the true and unethical acts of this department."

Former Employee - Doll Hair Salon Stylist says

"-completely inflexible schedule -discriminates against minorities and persons of lower socioeconomic status -training is a complete waste of time and insults one's intelligence -extremely controlling about make up, hair color, and even one's height -demeaning comments hurled at employees on the regular behind the scenes through a passively aggressive filter"

Former Employee - Visual A Merchandising Lead says

"Terrible management Understaffed Toxic Environment Horrible place to work"

Current Employee - Sales Associate says

"There is not a set schedule."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"I had worked for the company for some time and it’s an amazing company but as far as the store goes not so much. Management is really sloppy, they never communicate with each other and always get frustrated with the employees. Management have a superiority complex. They don’t train the employees well enough for them to learn everything that they need to learn, and get mad at them when they mess up. Be prepared to feel like your on a rollecoster Cons: Poor management with superiority complex"

Cashier (Former Employee) says

"No room for improvement. Quick to judge.. used to be fun until a sports fan ran things . Cut back on employees incentives.. poor raise rating .. couldn’t have water at the desk.. even while working when sick"

Merchandise Handler (Former Employee) says

"Worked in an environment that fueled racism and benefits received based on race. The discourage any communication whatsoever with anyone who isn’t a manager and they’re always willing to write you up for absolutely anything with little explanation as to what you’ve done. They’ve also called people back from their breaks early and will cut your hours to give them to their favorites. Forget about working between January to May because no one shows up to the store during that time therefore hours are cut significantly. Cons: Micromanagement"

Hairstylist/Associate (Former Employee) says

"I was discriminated on becase of my vision as a hairstylist associate i dod my duty as a hairstylist but using the cash register and iPads was a struggle because of my disability to read fine print so i was told by a supervisor my hours will be cut because of it and eventually i was let go and that was my experience working for AMERICAN Girl. Cons: None"

Server (Former Employee) says

"All the other servers talk smack and don't do side work. Everyone acts so entitled. No one gets in trouble for calling out/no call no shows."

Retail Service Support Associate (Former Employee) says

"Managers and executives do not care about their employees. Lack of hours, benefits, training, poor sick day policy, poor technology with no training or support on it and unnecessary high volume of reviews that provide no useful feedback lead to a very poor office environment. They do not value employees or customers. Cons: so many - missing work policy is egregiously unfair, low pay, low hours with required open schedule, no support from upper management"

Hairstylist/Cosmetologist (Former Employee) says

"They hired many of us and fired us all. No structure what so ever.The manager is clueless in how to run a salon floor.They treat employees bad. Run a"

Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"Answering customer calls to assist with orders, cancellations, or returns. There are times it's challenging because customers get frustrated. We are there to help them. Cons: Working several weekends"

facilities (Former Employee) says

"Was once a friendly family, friends, oriented enviroment to work at but once new Warehouse manager that was hired took over it's become more of a hostile enviroment and worker's are treated more like prisoners no one can talk while working and are scared to manager at the end of day stands over the time clock watching workers punch out they no longer treat people as human beings with feelings at the Wilmot Wi facility Cons: new manager"

Seasonal - Supply Coordinator (warehouse) says

"disrespectful employees, supervisor disrespectful and boring."

Data Entry (Former Employee) says

"Would not recommed working there. It is dirty and you are standing in one spot for up to 10 hours. Lifting heavy and very large boxes. They did not give you the tools you needed to do your job and were not allowed to bring your own to use. Cons: Poor working conditions; coworkers where rude."

Operations (Current Employee) says

"Compensation accounts for 5% bonus. A select few and upper management get the 5%. Everyone else's get 1% but on paper they tell you 5%. Heavy turn over. Last 5 years they terminate to meet bottom line and rehire at entry level of position. Skills, education, and results are not the deciding factors in promotions. It is all about getting a seat a the Managements lunch table."

Bistro Server (Former Employee) says

"I'm so glad I do not work here still. At first the job seemed great, but then I quickly learned that the management has a few favorites from the staff and treats the others very badly. They don't support or back you up at all, and will even go as far as to pubically humiliate you and behind your back keep records of every mistake you make while working there. I've seen girls crying in the break room either because of the way they were treated by management or customers, not to mention the ridiculous orientation they have you do for 2 full days and more with no complimentary food or drinks. Overall just not a place I recommend for anyone if you want to keep your sanity. There are much better environments to work in where the employees are treated with respect and courtesy. Cons: Almost everything else"

Seasonal Supervisor Trainer (Current Employee) says

"Your job performance does not matter at AG. The only thing that matters is if you are willing to .... (I think you can fill in the rest). Management is biased against males. What training they have is very poor at best and job performance is not taken into consideration when advancement opportunities are posted. Yes, I am a very disappointed full time employee. Cons: Management, opportunity for advancement, training"

Sales Associate (Current Employee) says

"At first I loved working at AG. Now I realized it's a horrible store to work at. Customers are really nice. Management is pathetic. They have favorites & they don't recognize quality sales people. Management is constantly watching every employee. They hide in corners & watch employees on camera. Management doesn't trust any employees. Management doesn't believe any ligitament complaints employees have. They only believe their lead sales girls who are so full of themselves. Cons: Management"

Cashier/Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"AG was not a safe friendly working environment the managers ganged up on you pressure you to quit your other job Switch your paperwork system cut hour"

Bilingual employee (Former Employee) says

"Seasonal employment for the last 6 years on and off and October 2018 they offer $300 incentive referrals bonus, to the new employee and the employee already working there .The one requirement was to not have work the previous year 2017 . The second was to finish the entire season It was no other requirement in the fliers or the postings in Facebook. I personally told the Hispanic recruiter I will only work there if I qualify for the bonus and she assure myself the other people in my group that as long as we finish the season , We were told we will receive these bonus in the en of January 2019 ,and now we call and they say it was other requirement (not listed in the flier or Facebook )and that we won’t be receiving any bonus . They wouldn’t answer our calls , after I mention the posting in Facebook and the flier I have , and that it does not explain any other requirements instead they lie and it was false pretenses to get people to work there with no intention to ever give those Bonus money to us . The Hispanic people that signed up are aware of these and we will not work for them again.Please don’t sign with these company they lie and promise bogus bonus . Cons: Lies and no intention of paying Bonus"

STORE MANAGER (Current Employee) says

"American Girl is a fantastic company to work for. We are a premium retailer and offer an outstanding product. And excellent events for our guests. We have delighted millions of girls aged 3-12 for many years. I enjoyed making a positive impact on our guests and all of our associates over the years."

Retail Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"I would NOT recommend this place to Work at all. Certain Managers have no people skills, also if you do not enjoy being stalked stay away from this horrible place. Do not trust the smiles at the interview they will quickly show you their true colors..."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Although being hired on for the holiday season, we were led to believe that we would be hired on even after the holiday season was over because the store is ALWAYS busy. Cons: Coworkers and management"

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