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American Airlines Group Inc. is an American publicly traded airline holding company headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas. It was formed on December 9, 2013, in the merger of AMR Corporation, the parent company of American Airlines, and US Airways Group, the parent company of US Airways. The airline groups together form the largest airline in the world, with more than 6,700 daily flights to 350 locations.

Regarding the recent US Government bailout during the Covid Quarantine... After putting the screws to the passengers for the past decade, charging you for luggage, carry-ons, and now to sit in a 'better seat' in the back of the cabin, they want a bailout??? How about bailing out the American people and American small businesses, not American Airlines!!! Let them bail themselves out by giving reasonable fares and providing competition for this garbage heap of an airline...


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Purser Flight Attendant (Former Employee) says

"AA doesn't care about employees nor their well being. They exploit flight attendants making them work up 18-20 hours/day as approved on the contract. Flight attendants need to live in what's called 'crashpads' or share rent because they can't afford an independent living. Flight attendants get paid, just, flight time. Don't fall for the numbers they give you first. When you divide what they pay by all the hours you worked, you are getting paid as someone who works in a local grocery store. All this, while the CEO Doug Parker and his cronies pack their pockets every year with millions of dollars, literally. He even said in 2014 that the employees don't affect the bottom line of the company. Since he became the company's CEO the culture change in American Airlines and employees are treated as slaves who should feel grateful for the benefits they can barely use, because they are always working to afford a living, or the flights are full so they can't get on with their standby passes. Also if you are thinking about the family and friend passes...not worth it. He (Doug Parker) raised how much the employees have to pay for those passes and I prefer paying a regular ticket with an assigned seat than putting family on standby for way more money. Re-think it before you join."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Management favoritism is rampant. Culture is high stress for low pay. Attitude is to punish for not meeting goals which is okay but NO recognition of exceeding them.Non-rev travel (very rare though)High pressure - poor management - favoratism"

Crew Chief (Former Employee) says

"Never felt so bad just going to work, bad pay, bad management (the worst) bad hours, bad work environment, bad infrastructure, overall is the worst ace to workNothing good to sayEverything is bad there"

Flight Attendant (Former Employee) says

"The worst company to work for Employees are at the bottom of the barrel. The company only cares about its shareholders and making money at the expense of the little people. I gave them 20 y of my life and got thrown to the curb with zero $$$$$$"

Airline Customer Service Agent (Former Employee) says

"i worked for american airline subsidiary enovy air. one of the worse companies ive worked for. poor management lack of leadership and guidance. poor structure . 1/10 would not recommend"

Flight Attendant (Former Employee) says

"Terminated because of a mental illness after 32 years. Didn’t even give me a second chance. Horrible backstabbing culture. Go with Delta JetBlue Southwest."

Reservaciones (Former Employee) says

"Ambiente toxico, maltrato, poco interés en empleados, falta de éticaNinguno"

Fleet Service Clerk (Former Employee) says

"If you're young and just starting out, you might like this, but starting a career late in life, do not apply here. You'll not advance quickly at all, and always be reminded you're a new hire..."

Fleet Service Agent (Former Employee) says

"They fire people left and right they dont care for anyone but themselves you get written up for using your sick time... You kill yourself doing OT and they tax it right out so you do all that for nothing"

Financial Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Work for any other airline in the industry before working for AA. The company's performance in recent years is laughable when compared to Delta, Southwest and United."

Fleet Service Agent (Former Employee) says

"They fire people constantly, they dont care for their employees, you get written up for using your sick time, you wont make no money until your 5th year"

Captain (Current Employee) says

"American Airlines has been mismanaged for decades. The company has an enormous debt...compared to competitors...and continues to underfund pension plans. Managers are “yes men” unwilling to accept input. The company leadership tries to control every aspect of your life, both at home and at work. Without a doubt, American Airlines is the worst place I’ve ever worked."

Ramp Manager (Former Employee) says

"This review is for the Las Vegas location. Extremely unprofessional work location. Director is completely hands off and doesn’t understand the operation or what is going on at the Station. Ramp Manager is in over his head, he acts like a child and attempts to lead by fear to make up for his incompetence. This place is a revolving door and it’s purely because of the Leadership.. or lack of it"

Gate Unit Manager (Current Employee) says

"The worst airline position ever. Employees don't care. Employees are lazy, complain and over all the company has a bad culture. Leadership does little to correct it and keeps the dung going."

Sales Manager (Former Employee) says

"Poor Awful Discrimination Hostile work environment Plays favorites HR attacks employees on LZoA Upper mommy attacks employees HR a joke"

Supervisor in reservation (Former Employee) says

"After the merger with us airways, American Airlines became the worst working environment. No ethics or moral. No appreciation for quality work or loyalty."

Advantage Account Specialist (Former Employee) says

"didnt pay me for an entire month due to new payroll system then failed to have any empathy when I didnt ave money for gas and couldnt pay my rent. Gave me target gift cards to compensate"

Tariff Representative (Former Employee) says

"There is really nothing good to say about American Airline since they merged with US Air. They have take away most of the benefits and increased the work load.flight benefitsstressful tiring hateful enviornment"

Ramp Agent/Baggage Handler (Current Employee) says

"The management is abysmal, The environment stressful, the GM's way of getting people to do their job is to walking yelling and screaming, and threatening to fire people. Management plays favorites with certain people, and will do "surprise" drug tests on people they do not like. Management does not furnish proper facilities for break-rooms, water, or PPE (Personal Protection Equipment)."

Fleet Service agent (Former Employee) says

"Let's start with the station manager. In one year I've only seen him in person a handful of times. He is rarely present in anything. Applies temporary fixes to anything but doesn't implement anything to completely solve the problem. Acts like your friend. Supports racism. Union reps are blatant racists and have been reported but local management "lost the reports" The employees are all incredibly senior and some are even senior citizens unwilling to quit. The hours aren't enough without having to spend 15 hours of your day at the airport and getting paid for 12. No one follows the rules and when supervisors try to push policies the employees call the union so the station manager tells the supervisors to cool it. you have to be here for years before you make enough.flight benefitsManagement, Racism, work culture, not enough hours, coworkers"

Jim bo says

"The worst of the worst. 60% of the flights with AA involve delays and/or overnight stays walking around the airport. Never AA again. "

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