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Ameren Corporation is an American power company created December 31, 1997, by the merger of St. Louis, Missouri's Union Electric Company (formerly NYSE: UEP) and the neighboring Central Illinois Public Service Company (CIPSCO Inc. holding, formerly NYSE: CIP) of Springfield, Illinois. It is now a holding company for several power companies and energy companies.

One of its customers aggressively pointed out, "This company can go choke on a corn cob. Absolute nightmare to deal with. I got a disconnect notice for $2.67 in the mail. Of course I paid it, but when customers have $500-$1000 bills and are not getting a shut off notice, yet I did over $2.67. They have been on my case since 4 years ago, the wrongfully shut off my power. A mistake on their part, which they admitted. It was supposed to have actually been my neighbor. They took their sweet tune turning it back on and the police were sent to my house with the Ameren worker. The Police officer said Ameren had me flagged as an angry customer and sent him with the Ameren rep to restore my power. When I told the officer what happened, he was floored and said he understood why I was angry. I have 2 words for Ameren. one begins with an F. The other is a You."


se tol says "Complete scam!!! Once I find out who the “sales person” pretending to be my electric provider was I am 1000% pressing charges! They pretended to be my power company and said they needed to collect info to get rid of the “summer rates”, he even had a fake Delmarva power badge. I just looked at my bill and see that I am signed up for a service I never authorized. I will cut my electricity off today if I am not refunded. Shady company, if a person comes to your door pretending to be your provider just call them first and turn the person away. I cannot wait to take full action on this sucker as soon as the phone lines open."
Alan Gibbs says "Has anyone out there attempted to redeem their RE debit card. I have spent a good 20 minutes at the web site they list trying to figure out how to redeem my card. I have looked at dozens of sites and NONE even mention redeeming your card. Any company so stupid as to have a redemption program web site so badly designed is not worth having as an energy supplier."
Jordan Siebe says "These pieces of trash came to my door saying they were my original provider and I was changing to a newer power plan that would save me money. They signed me up for their service. Now I'm having to cancel. This is a scam."
Martin says "Liars overcharge me every month they promise a rate of 0.09 per kilowatt and i got 0.19670... thieves!!!"
Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says "If your not one of the select few you'll never get promoted."
Former Employee - Systems Analyst says "We're sorry to hear you felt this way and would have liked the chance to speak with you before moving on from Ameren. We wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors."
Current Employee - Current Digital Employee says "We hear you and want to address some of your comments below. First, safety is a core value and the foundation of everything we do. That's why swift action was taken to secure the area you referenced in regard to a building neighboring Ameren's property. It's also important for you to know that all Ameren buildings meet all code requirements and the building you specifically referenced offers three accessible ramps with ADA-compliant restrooms. As you mentioned, we're experiencing a lot of change right now and while there are some growing pains, we believe we have the right team in place and the right strategy to be successful. As a reminder, you can always find the current Ameren Digital Strategy on the organization's SharePoint to align on priorities and focus. We urge you to keep lines of communication open and have transparent conversations with your leader as this feedback is critical while we move through our evolution."
Current Employee - IT Department says "First and foremost, we encourage you to discuss these concerns with your leader or HR client consultant. Next, external expertise and resources are critical to help us deliver solutions to our customers in a scalable way. But this external support does not take away from career growth and development opportunities for our current workforce and we hope you can take advantage of all that Ameren offers you. Finally, please make room on your schedule to attend our face-to-face, department-wide meetings which are also a great source of information regarding our future direction."
says "We appreciate hearing from you. We have policies against harassment of any kind and encourage you to contact us if there’s something you want to report."
Former Employee - Engineer says "Do as i say, not as I do Sexism Inconsistent Enforcement of Telecommuting policies"
Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says "Office people have their nose in other people's "dating and LIFE" business. There are undercover racists in the Collinsville office. What is even more hilarious is the IL-President is a black man whose wife is white, but yet my white EX-supervisor and his counterpart were racist towards whom office people were dating another race and decided to make it their business."
says "Terrible leadership, politics and inability to listen to employees. Very much an environment where IT does not work together. Requirements are dictated not discussed and if they don't like the solution they go over your head and you are held at fault."
Missouri says "Micromanagement! It's more important to be seen than to actually work. Nepotism.. lots of nepotism"
says "Ameren is not interested in converting contract talent to a full time employee. The overall company strategy is to make the majority of it staff contract work. Contractors are treated as 3rd class. They are not accepting of new and innovative ideas. Truly a sad state."

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