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Amegy Bank of Texas, a division of Zions Bancorporation, N.A., is a leading Texas bank with $13 billion in assets and about 1600 employees. With more than 75 locations across Houston, Dallas - Fort Worth, and Central Texas, Amegy is dedicated to serving Texas communities, families, and businesses. Founded in 1990, Amegy has a strong tradition of relationship banking, local decision making, and financial expertise.

A pissed off banking client of AMegy Bank stated this: Good job Amegy bank! Hitting accounts with insufficient fund fees during a pandemic, people are struggling enough! DO NOT BANK HERE!!!

Someone else's issues were about how their kid was treated, "My son came through the lane last week and asked for a withdraw slip. the checker gave him a deposit slip. Then berated him for not knowing the difference when she herself didn't know. She then told him to go to the ATM and withdraw his money and come back to the window so he could get quarters. He withdrew $100 and once again asked to withdraw from his account so he would have quarters. she told him to use the ATM again. THEN SHE PROCEEDED TO LAUGH AT HIM. I've been a customer [at Amegy Bank] for nearly 2 decades. When I see this teller who gave the wrong name to him when he asked....SHE NEEDS TO BE PREPARED TO GIVE HIM A HEARTFELT APOLOGY. Lord knows had she laughed at me I would have came through that window."

A customer who felt cheated opined, "The $20 cancellation fee is a complete rip off. My friend put the wrong phone number on accident & I ended up sending $30 to the wrong number through Zelle. Luckily I was able to cancel but come to find out there is a $20 fee that they didn’t mention so basically they took $20 from me & I feel like that is complete BS I will be closing my account with Amegy and bank with somebody else ASAP!"

Literally the worst [Amegy] bank for small business. I bank at the Taylor St location in Houston and I have never seen more incompetent bankers than Stephanie Wright and the Manager Stephen Thompson. I do not recommend this bank, and especially this branch to anyone.


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