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Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) is a part of's cloud-computing platform, Amazon Web Services (AWS), that allows users to rent virtual computers on which to run their own computer applications. EC2 encourages scalable deployment of applications by providing a web service through which a user can boot an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) to configure a virtual machine, which Amazon calls an "instance", containing any software desired. A user can create, launch, and terminate server-instances as needed, paying by the second for active servers – hence the term "elastic". EC2 provides users with control over the geographical location of instances that allows for latency optimization and high levels of redundancy. In November 2010, Amazon switched its own retail website to use EC2 and AWS.

Here are some highlights from a piece "Is the Amazon Web Services' SLA really the worst one going? written by CloudPro Staff:

From a pure commercial POV the AWS SLAs are written and executed in a way that is favorable to AWS -- which is not surprising.

AWS always professes on the fact that we should design for the failure of any single component. Using that principle and taking advantage of their multi availability zone, we have been able to design systems that are virtually downtime free. As businesses move to the cloud, the application design to build keeping fault tolerance in mind is key to better availability of systems.

WS has expanded its SLA portfolio from a zero to six: two generic (for customers and API users) and four product-specific (for S3, EC2, CloudFront, and Route53). Some of its recent offerings, VPC in particular, are also expected to get their own SLAs once in production. Others, such as RDS, should already have had their own. However, even services with SLAs do not compare particularly well with the competition at all levels:

Service level: AWS promises 99.95 per cent availability for each EC2 region and 99.9 per cent for S3 and CloudFront, while the competition offers higher levels (up to 100 per cent). However, AWS’s website, unlike the SLA agreement, states 99.99 per cent availability for S3 and 99.999999999 per cent durability – a concept that the SLA ignores.

Compensation level: Service credit is capped at 10 per cent of the EC2 monthly bill and 25 per cent of the S3 and CloudFront bills (if uptime falls below 99 per cent – it caps at 10 per cent otherwise), compared with up to 100 per cent credit with the competition.

Compensation time frame: EC2 service levels are calculated based on the previous 365 days, while some of the competition calculates this on a monthly basis (though AWS uses this model for S3 and CloudFront). If a customer has been using EC2 for less than 365 days, any days prior to the use of the service are deemed to have had 100 per cent availability. This means new customers receive less compensation. Compensation scope: AWS’s SLAs, like those of most competitors, only guarantee uptime, not performance. The upfront fees paid to reserve EC2 instances are not taken into account in the calculation of the service credits. What constitutes an outage? Scheduled maintenance and outages that last less than five minutes are not considered downtime. To be deemed as suffering an outage, EC2 customers need to have all of their running instances denied external connectivity in more than one AZ within the same region with no ability to launch replacement instances. Compensation process: Redress is reactive. AWS customers must not only ask for it but also prove the outage. AWS requires a lot of information to do this. For example, for EC2 customers must provide the date and time of each incident, including IDs of the instances affected, as well as server request logs that document the errors – with any confidential or sensitive information in these logs removed or replaced with asterisks. In addition, the way this information needs to be delivered is inconsistent. For EC2 it has to be delivered within 30 business days of the last reported incident in the SLA claim, but For S3 it must be delivered within 10 days after the end of the billing cycle in which the errors occurred. Like most of its competitors’ SLAs, AWS’s agreements only cover AWS’s data centres. They are not end-to-end SLAs that cover both network and data centres.


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Anon says

"due a 200 refund for a stolen laptop by a hermes courier. still no refund so going to small claims court. avoid amazon"

anjanette berry says

"They took my gift card and refused to return it. They always have a problem with something. Your order don’t get here on time with prime. I’m over them. Amazon Sucks!"

Sylvie Shultz says

"My review was censored. I was checking some vide courses on amazon prime. Wrote 3 reviews of them. 2 with 5 stars and the last one with 4 because the course teacher mentions over and over a pdf file which supposed to be a great part of this french learning course but the pfd file is nowhere to be found. I noticed that one reviewer before me noticed the same. Other than that I was very polite and complimented the course teacher who was really great and the main reason why I wanted to write and post the review. Then amazon sent me an email that this last review did not meet their standards like the use of profanities and it might not be up to the point. I was shocked. Why bother writing a review if they can do whatever they want with it? Possibly this course is not very popular, had very few ratings and the point of it not having a pdf attached (as it should) would be quite discouraging for prospective buyers. Shame on amazon! every time when I manage to forget how horrible they are they manage to remind me."

Richard Duff says

"Absolute disgrace of a company. Biggest pile of frauds I have ever came across They provide no support for thier third party sellers whatsoever, and then brag on about how they give small business the opportunity to sell on the worlds biggest platform, they just screw you, as long as they are covered."

Kelvin Caudell says

"I buy quite a bit with Amazon and usually they perform as expected. I recently bought a new Fuji MPX-30 spray gun and what they sent me was a previously returned spray gun that had not been cleaned properly from the initial owner. The internal passages, the tip and air cap, were coated with latex paint (I'm spraying lacquer) and the threads still had thread tape on them. If I had bought a known refurbished unit that's one thing but this was supposedly new. It's obvious that Amazon is putting used equipment back on the shelf and selling it as new. They apparently didn't even check it out to see what the condition was - it wasn't difficult to see that it had been used. Bad dog Amazon - BAD DOG!"

Jon Howe says

"Amazon Prime Rip Off ! I recently bought a mobile phone hand set which arrived promptly and was fine. Unfortunately when I checked my credit card statement Amazon had also charged me £7.99 a month to join Amazon Prime which I did not agree to. I tried to contact their customer service number which does not work ! I cancelled the payment through my credit card company who advised me that this is a regular occurrence. Complete scam, be careful"

Steven says

"The delivery driver didn’t even wear a mask when delivering my food shopping, which could now all be contaminated with COVID-19 and the customer service is shocking, completely uninterested in my complaint....this is the way the virus is spread, absolutely disgusting!!"

Crystal says

"I love Amazon HOWEVER every time I add my card to Amazon SOMEHOW someone ALWAYS gets a hold of my card information & buy extra stuff.... I cancel my card get a new one same thing OVER & OVER again. Will no longer be using Amazon."


"Well I saw a switch lite case and when I received it, it was different to the image like the machine that printed upside down over the characters face lol its only 20 pound but I will have to wait for return and order again just think they should of known its faulty."

Michael o brien says

"I ordered 2 phone cases around €12 each plus about €6 deliver each. Waited and waited and waited for them to arrive only to find that AMAZON kept changing the delivery times it’s now nearly a month and still no sign of them so I did a little bit of digging and found that the cases are coming from China! So I checked Aliexpress for the same cases only to find they cost around €3,80 each and free delivery which could take about 4 weeks the same time as Amazons delivery. So when you order from Amazon they order from a crowd in China! Amazon is making a fortune from this practice but not from me ever again I will never buy from Amazon again and I have also cancelled my prime video account."

Pavan m says

"Bad costomer support team."

Lena gonvaldez says

"Literally had the worst experience there we got the wrong order not once but twice when I called the customer service was absolutely disrespectful to where me and my mom both canceled our subscription then they offered me $15 for my inconvenience when I have spent over $300 on my order so I asked to speak to the manager because what is $15 to my $300 plus shipping the manager tells me he is taking the $15 back and I should have ticket when the representative offered because in his opinion that was too much I am so distraught that a manager would speak to me that way I can't believe I received two wrong items they're not even trying to give me my money back and their items were returned to UPS and I have the tracking number can someone tell me what to do"

Brandy Morton says

"My son made his account bought Amazon gift cards from the store put them on his account made a purchase then they locked his account been trying to get it unlocked for almost two weeks got email today account has been closed??? What how and why?? Had both gift cards and proof of purchase receipt with both of them on it where is my son's money and how can I get it back? Talk to them tonight again they said will see how to get it opened again..... will contact me within 72 hours we will see I hope they will be honest and do what's right"

Caz A says

"I am now looking elsewhere to shop online. I am sick of their laid back attitude when I report an item was not delivered, then I have to re-order the same item. Claims on the tracking that it was delivered to the resident, I'm the resident and never got a doorbell ring let alone the product ordered! Then they claim it was put on my porch, I don't have a porch. I've insisted they call me to say they are at my door just before delivery, but no. The billions they get coming in has caused a drop in their customer service which is crap. It's all about the money and not the customer. If they go out of business they can't blame anyone. Just deliver the items customers have ordered, how simple is that?"

Kalia Lor says

"I was notified with a photo that my package was delivered into my apartment complex’s package concierge. When I got there, no locker was ready under my name and I had to ask the office manager to manually open the locker (the locker in which the Amazon driver had taken a photo of). The product ended up being for someone else within the complex. So, I called Amazon customer service.. and I was told my product was not “lost” and the neighbor with my package may return my package. Well, here’s the problem.. the reason we got a package concierge in the first place was due to package theft that was going around. The rep said he didn’t know what else he could do for me. First of all, he didn’t do anything; he basically said to wait on my neighbors to.. NO, it’s Amazon’s responsibility to make sure I receive my package, not my neighbors! If I don’t receive it and you can’t track it, then it is LOST. When I asked about the purpose of paying for Prime Membership just to get terrible quality and crappy service, he asked if I’ve ever had a problem with Amazon delivery. YES, MANY ACTUALLY! Why mark a product delivered if not delivered?! Gave a two star for the rep who gave me a discount."

Ron R says

"I've been using Amazon forever and have been a prime member the whole time. I watched the service decline steadily over the years while the price went up. At first it was free 2 day shipping on most items and overnight for 2.99. since then the overnight option is gone completely except a very few items that are sicken in their local warehouse and delivered by then. Also home is the standard 2 day shipping. What you get now is 2 day on SOME items if you're lucky and a good portion of a week or even longer on most others. They'll tell you it's because of Covid issues but this began before the pandemic, they just seen to be taking advantage of the situation as a handy excuse. I'll be plenty surprised if prime ever goes back to even close to what it was. Every "temporary" reduction in service I've ever seen becomes permanent after you've had enough time to forget the promise. All this and now prime has crept up over $100 and climbing, while benefits keep dropping. Then there's the products. The cheap made in China junk keeps dominating while Amazon keeps refusing to make listing country of manufacturer (made in...) mandatory. It's obvious why. And the deceptive practices by many sellers is still allowed. Easy removal of negative feedback, placing low prices items that don't exist and marking them as out of stock while directing you to other, higher priced, products by the same company. Mixing reviews from multiple products not even offered in the same details page to provide highly deceptive ratings and falsely inflated review numbers. This has got to be the most egregious bit of false advertising on the site, and Amazon allows it to continue unchecked, presumably because it helps sell product which makes them money. Then there is the search function which is next to useless. It will ignore the search terms every time and return whatever it thinks it can sick you into buying. There are no logical operators that I can find to restrict the search such as "this AND that NOT the other". If I ask for specific brand of widget, even in the filters, it will mix in whatever crap is even close from any brand. All the filter does is throw in a few extra items of the brand I want. I shouldn't get to page three of the search results and find more items of my chosen brand after wading through a page and a half of unwanted items. All this and there is NO WAY to give feedback to Amazon itself on its service. Any complaint, support, or questions page you go to will ONLY accept feedback about third party sellers or specific items. This is an indication that Amazon is fully aware of how customer unfriendly they are and have no intention of paying attention to their customer's complaints. They have abandoned all semblance of being a 'customer service' company and are begging for government regulation. I don't like to see over regulation by the government but this is how it happens, I have zero sympathy for Amazon."

Kimberly says

"I lost my savings in a couple of days, they just disappeared. I was very angry and looked for ways to get my savings back. I was helped by www.officialdebtsreclaim. net They did everything well, they can be trusted"

wsa says

"ඏ♦ customer helpline 𝒞𝒪𝒩𝒯𝒜𝒞𝒯 +𝟣_8𝓉𝒽𝓇𝑒𝑒 𝓉𝒽𝓇𝑒𝑒_7𝓏𝑒𝓇𝑜 𝒵𝐸𝑅𝒪 _zero 𝟧𝟩𝟣_. ♔♡ I buy quite a bit with Amazon and usually they perform as expected. I recently bought a new Fuji MPX-30 spray gun and what they sent me was a previously returned spray gun that had not been cleaned properly from the initial owner. The internal passages, the tip and air cap, were coated with latex paint (I'm spraying lacquer) and the threads still had thread tape on them. If I had bought a known refurbished unit that's one thing but this was supposedly new. It's obvious that Amazon is putting used equipment back on the shelf and selling it as new. They apparently didn't even check it out to see what the condition was - it wasn't difficult to see that it had been used. Bad dog Amazon - BAD DOG!"

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