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From Everything.Sucks, Inc., is an American multinational technology company based in Seattle, Washington. Amazon focuses on e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence. It is considered one of the Big Four technology companies, along with Google, Apple, and Facebook. It has been referred to as "one of the most influential economic and cultural forces in the world" as well as the world's most valuable brand.

Kyle, from Texas, shared his opinion of Amazon on Consumer Affairs in September 2020:

"USED to love Amazon, for over 10 years even, until they didn't love me back when I had ONE legitimate issue in ALL that time. Someone hacked into one of my "Amazon-associated devices" as they said yet they won't tell me which one nor will they tell me the IP address either of course. The fraudster bought over $1,000 worth of equipment using my credit card on file and because the order was made from one of my devices, Amazon says it's a LEGITIMATE order that I AM RESPONSIBLE for paying!!! WOW!!"


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Former Employee - Amazon Warehouse Associate says

"Very hard work for low pay. Management expects much more than most can offer and it is clear there is favoritism between certain associates and management. Lack of Fans and Ventilation, a few people have actually died here from heat exhaustion"

Current Employee - Fulfillment Associate says

"where to begin? hot warehouse, insanely strict scanning quotas, low pay, 30 minute meal breaks in a huge warehouse, apathetic management,"

Former Employee - ICQA says

"Tot, lies, no training not fair to employees, very short breaks, not a long term job."

Current Employee - Team Manager says

"No work life balance and taken advantage of"

Current Employee - Picker says

"Lifting heavy stuff for 10 hrs straight"

Former Employee - Problem Solver says

"People walk around and do nothing making the same pay as you. Only few positions make more money, and you have way more responsibility for little raise in pay. Dress code is non existent. Not enough equipment for everyone to work yet they bring in more people every week. Vacation is only given every 2 weeks and takes forever to build up."

Former Employee - Fresh Associate says

"No management and everything is automated"

Former Employee - Amazon Warehouse Worker says

"low pay, and some items to heavy"

Current Employee - Full Fillment Agent says

"unorganized, lack of information when it comes to locations of a shift"

Former Employee - Onsite Medical Representative says

"Weird hours, Most of the management is under 25"

Area Manager (Former Employee) says

"Run very far from this company they make promises they will Never keep, to much politics, cliques and sexism to get promoted in this place. Run far frBenefitsRip of new am"

Preparatrice de commande (Former Employee) says

"Je n’est pas du tout aimer mon expérience chez Amazon de l’exploitation, pour un salaire bas .RienRien"

Packing Operative (Former Employee) says

"Worked here for 3 months and that was more than enough, targets are far to high, I saw a lot of people actually starting work half an hour or so earlier than their shift just to try and reach the targets set.Car parkLong hours, stupid targets"

New seller (Former Employee) says

"No Contact back, no help. Take money after registration and deactivate my account. I upload additional documents but more than monts nobody even contact to me. They not respect sellers at all. People from China selling on Amazon now, but people from US can't do t. Very disappointed."

Stow Associate (Former Employee) says

"This company is very unprofessional! Management is lazy and does not engage with the tier one associates. When you ask a question about the correct procedures and policies you are supposed to follow, no one knows."

Warehouse Associate (Current Employee) says

"worst place i've ever worked for. beware of this warehouse if you don't want to work in a depressing environment where you are guaranteed to have all types of injuries on your body from all the slave labor."

packer, stower (Former Employee) says

"Just watch out what shift you get, if you are Fri to mon lets say you will not be paid overtime as it spans over 2 working weeks. UTTER RIP OFF! the times i worked a 60 hour week and was paid the normal pay rate per hour. oh and do not even think about accruing holiday pay as you will get ripped on that also.nothingeverything"

Warehouse Operative (Former Employee) says

"not a chance would i recommend anyone work for amazon that only people who kiss the managers backside it is young persons game the parcels come down the line too fast piled high to scan properlyfree lunchatatude problems from managers"

magazziniere (Former Employee) says

"Vita da magazziniere impossibile. Corri corri corri e non puoi andare neanche per cinque minuti al bagno. Pausa pranzo di pochi minuti. Stress alle stelle, diritti umani e del lavoro annullati. Mobbing da parte dei superiori. Evitate AmazonNessunoTanti"

Delivery Driver (Former Employee) says

"OverallDon't waste your time & energy with Amazon they work you like a slave for what seems like pennies when you see the workload. There are plenty of other companies that will respect you as an employee not try to use you."

Amazon Warehouse Associate (Former Employee) says

"Poor management the management is bad here didnt get treated fair for being a hard worker put your time and effect into something that they don’t care about"

Stower (Former Employee) says

"Wages are not worth the hard labor they make you work. Worst job I’ve ever had. They are very strict and expect you to meet almost impossible numbers as a stower. Worst jobs I’ve ever had and I’ve worked many jobs."

Picker/Packer (Former Employee) says

"Ridiculous expectations for productivity levels. The work environment couldn’t be more drab, boring and uninspiring if they actually intended it to beVTO’sYellow!"

Chauffeur VL (Former Employee) says

"A fuir que ce soit pour n importe quel sous traitant et encore pire chez FDE !A FUIR !! AucunTrop"

CSR (Former Employee) says

"Don't work here unless you want to be treated like you are literally nothing, instantly replaceable, and you have a almost zero chance of becoming permanent."

Picker/Packer (Former Employee) says

"This company treats you like a 2020 slave, yes it pays better than minimum wage but the job whips you on the back like a horse and has you on your feet for over 10hrs. Garbage job with fake and illusionary advancement policies.You get to go homeYour Amazon’s slave"

Lagerarbeiter (Former Employee) says

"lasst mich doch einfach Bewertungen eines Arbeitgebers anzeigen wie schwer kann es sein Indeed ?"

Self-Employed Courier Driver (Former Employee) says

"Too much expected every day, had to load own vans, sort own parcels.190 plus drops per day if not more and no support offered.If you're van breaks down you earn nothing.ZeroLong hours"

Associate (Former Employee) says

"not good company and not safe environment to work. I tried to improve my career in the company but I could not because they chose lazy people.Hard work is not appreciated."

Fulfilment Associate (Former Employee) says

"If you want to breath in your own carbon dioxide for 10 hrs a day wearing a mask while being told to hit physical targets then this os the job for youNo prosMask wearing"

lone wolf says

"Unscrupulous gouging sellers allowed on their site. Remember during this pandemic. Amazon allowed their sellers to sell 1/4 rolls of toilet paper from China while they advertised full rolls. Along with masks being sold for adults that barely fit a child, also from China.....Amazon should NOT be doing business with a country that flat out lies about their products while Amazon is profiting from the American customers being taken. I have found countless merchants flat out lying about their products in the description. I notify Amazon and yet the Merchants are still selling on Amazon and deceiving the American public."

Claire White says

"I had to email Jeff Bezos (his email address was posted in the public) yesterday after I spent past two days called, emailed and chatted with 10 customer service agents without any help for my simple return issue (not first time happened). None of them either read nor helped or were willing to follow up. They either disappeared from chat after waiting 20 minutes each time, mislead by sending incorrect information, or never answered my question at all but instead kicked me around with an endless cycle of emails. Later, I contacted seller who was quickly refunded me and much easier to worked with.

This morning I received an email from an Amazon agent named Spencer who said he's responding on Jeff Bezos's behalf. It's just like a joke again, his email just proved he didn’t read the whole email I sent to Jeff Bezos either. He talked about the issue I did not ask and wrote false information said Amazon CS refunded me. He said they strive to provide a world-class customer experience from start to finish. What a joke! The truth is Amazon paid a bunch of 3rd world country's customer service agents who can not simply read or just treat customer like trash and can not fix a thing. eBay is 10 times better!"

Kimberley Lockley says

"The last 3 times I have tried to order boxes of beer or other alcohol for my sons 21st birthday - to be delivered in Brighton the orders go missing!!! May not be Amazon’s fault but they are failing to investigate!!! The parcels get to the Littlehampton depot but then disappear!!! No other goods go missing but all alcohol does!!! Be wary"

Verionicia Coelho says

"Amazon Author Central
Complaint ID: 8066703641

I'm completely disappointed with Amazon communication and response to a very serious case.
I've trying to have my dissertation and data deleted and also cancel the sale of it on Amazon USA/UK/DE/SE and NL since January, and no action yet.
My Masters dissertation was published by a publishing company without my authorisation, then I found out that it's also been selling on Amazon. Since I found it, Dec 2020 , Jan 2021 I've been in contact with both Amazon and this unreliable company, but no success.
First was difficult to find on Amazon the right department to help me, then after various e-mails, forms completed, I finally found this Amazon Author Center, that is now answering me what seems to be a pre ready communication, responding the same 'It typically takes 2-3 days for the changes to be reflected on the sites. We trust this will bring this matter to a close.' and nothing changed. My work is still on in both Amazon websites.
Oh, wait!!!! I just found right now that it's been selling on Amazon Japan as well!! What a progress!!!!
This is very serious!! Is my months of work, researching, knowledge, and all my details exposed without my formal authorisation!!
What do I have to do to have this reputable Amazon company acting in my favour and solve it?"

Sasha says

"Are you kidding me?
Subscribed to Prime for free shipping and streaming and now I still have to pay $18 for a season of a TV show or $37 for a delivery of an $11 item?
Burn in hell ☺️"

David says

"ORDER # 204-1943845-5742712

Ordered on Saturday, 26 December 2020 12:37 (GMT) - Item was shown as in stock and being sold directly by Amazon

The order was placed and then no further processing of the order took place

It has now been two months and Amazon have given conflicting accounts of why the order was not fulfilled - all of which are incorrect

Customer Service have been useless and not able to give a proper resolution to the problem

Doubtful - I will use them again for this type of purchase - just too unreliable and customer service response has been dishonest and not at all interested in resolving the issue"

ernesto valerio says

"I bought a Samsung phone from Amazon. It was supposed to be an unlock phone, but it was not. I found that the hard way, when I tried to get AT&T to unlock the phone since I had paid Amazon for that phone full price. AT&T told me that whoever sold that phone to Amazon, bought it from AT&T and was making payments leaving an unpaid phone balance. So in order for them to get the phone unlock I will have to pay the balance left on that phone, eventhoug is not my bill. After that I contacted Amazon and explained to them what has happened. We arrenged to send the phone back to Amazon. Once the phone was received I will be reimbursed. Something was telling me not to send it back, but I did it anyway trusting Amazon. They did received the phone. But I was never reimburse. I must have called them about seven times or more trying to get my money back. But it never happened. They claimed my refund was issued and even gave me a tracking number. But I never got my refund. I had heard stories like this about Amazon from other people, but I never thought it would happen to me. After that I no longer buy anything from Amazon and I told all my family and friends my story with Amazon."

derek stuart says

"Due to your association with newday I don't rate you at all but I have to give you one star to review. You should be ashamed of yourselves and if anybody is after a crappy credit card stay away from the newday classic amazon card it's not worth it"

S Martin says

"Amazon Prime is rammed down the throat of anyone who logs in.
There are many ways that anyone with one wrong click can end up with an Unwanted Prime account.
It is made much more difficult to cancel this unwanted option. The cancellation page is buried down inside your account details. When you do reach it and select Cancel it does not cancel but offers to Keep this unwanted option. When you again opt to cancel it still does not cancel but again offers to keep this unwanted option. When you select to cancel for the 3rd time it still does not cancel for the next month. There seems to be no-way of Immediately cancelling an accidental/unwanted Prime membership!
1 click to accidentally get Immediate unwanted Prime membership with No Confirmation Offered!
After navigating to your Account Details it's 3 clicks to be offered a cancellation starting Next Month!"

Edward Green says

"Bad support ever!"

Patrick says

"Absolutely zero support 2 item never received contacted customer support nothing they can do i was told not an amazon seller ? I bought items on amazon.. unless"

Iman Kiya says

"Last year in November 2019, I received an email from Amazon in regards to suspicious activity on my account.
Because I did not have a prime account and was using my mother’s account for our amazon orders, I missed this email and was completely unaware of what was happening on my personal Amazon account.
In February of 2020,
I needed to order something from my own account but my account was not working. I changed the password 4-5 times and couldn’t get access until I called Amazon directly and then received minimal help as to my continuous response from them was we must reach a specialist to look into your account. After trying 5 times someone finally got back to me through email. From this point we were able to reset my password and I even added two-step verification to secure my account.
Oddly, soon after I received two random packages at my home that I did not order from Amazon. Although, I had not ordered them, they were ordered through my account.
I contacted Amazon again, and when I tried to use the 2 step verification I set up myself, they had been compromised and were not allowing me access into my own account.
Again, I contacted Amazon fixed the information and changed passwords and once I was able to access my account, I was going to set up a seller account through Amazon. Again, when I had started the process I saw that someone had accessed my account and added a card in the methods of payment. Weirdly it wasn’t an actual card number, they were all zeros (0000-00000-000) and the name was just jumbled random letters ( fekoazkzsmwabna). After I noticed this, I quickly deleted my own card information and the other cards information because I was worried that my credit information would be compromised and I was protecting myself from identity theft.
What I don’t understand is that my 2 step verification was on and any activity on my account would notify me, yet again I received a random package in my name that I was completely unaware of.
I contacted Amazon again, and they could not verify me because my account was compromised and all I received was an email letting me know that Amazon was closing my account due to suspicious activity and after numerous phone calls and valuable time, Amazon was not only unable to help me, protect my privacy, but they couldn’t even explain to me what was going on.
All I received was an email suspending me permanently and any account under my name will be closed indefinitely.

In this case, Amazon failed in protecting my privacy and tarnished my trust in their company. I was the victim to identify theft and fraud, and instead of Amazon protecting me, I was punished for trusting Amazon’s security.

This experience was horrible for me and I want people to know their security is at stake with Amazon as they do not protect you, they protect themselves."

Janet says

"Amazon is executed well overall but unfortunately it's a dump for very poor quality products with nearly 90% of Chinese sellers. Just click on the "sold by" for the product you want and almost every single address is a Chinese one. The products barely pass inspection because Chinese sellers don't care about quality products. They also hijack USA sellers' listings and steal images from the internet to falsely misrepresent their products. I've returned MANY items to Amazon due to bad quality. Most of the products have instructions in poor English or really bad descriptions. All our money is going to China and the USA sellers can't compete.

Also, the cost of Prime now has raised and is extremely high for what it offers. The CEO is filthy rich and a billionaire while his employees are treated terribly and the USA sellers are constantly being ignored when they run into issues. Amazon's storage fees that sellers have to pay have been raised which cuts into the profit margins that are already low.

I've already cut away from buying on Amazon as often as I used to. The convenience and fast shipping is great but I've seen both sides for buyer and seller. The seller side is completely ugly.

Also, I never buy name brand products from Amazon. Even a pair of Nike shorts could end up being cheap knockoffs. If the quality of the counterfeit is the same, it's not even noticable but if it's a horrible quality knockoff, then it's clearly not acceptable. I also stay away from name brand skin care items as there's plenty of counterfeits for that too. Amazon also has so many crazy sellers that would contact you outside of Amazon to harass you to remove negative reviews for their products. It's completely scary."

Zola Plays says

"Bad business. But good prices. Soon we will all work for the mighty Besoz, or not because drones. I for one welcome our amazonian overlords."

Daniel says

"Well let me begin by saying I could not purchase a simple little item as a gift for my spouse a month ago and I am disappointed in the whole experience. It was advertised on line to sign up for an Amazon credit card to receive a 50 dollar discount it did not work. I tried to purchase several other items to increase the purchase total. That did not work. Last resort I ruined the surprise for my spouse and asked her if she would try ordering the same item. That did not work. Waste of time"

Jeff says

"Poor customer service. Expensive to ship overseas, they display products that cannot be shipped and much more."

Mindy says

"Here's what a 2 day guarantee was: You order something, and the website tells you the guaranteed date that the package(s) will get delivered. If they miss the deadline, then people got a free month of Prime or $5-10 promo credit.

Recently, tons of my packages arrive late (maybe 1 out of 5). Whenever I ask about the late delivery, they're super dismissive and will just say "if the order doesn't arrive by this date, you can ask for a refund." Yeah, that's what you're supposed to do. But when you bring up that they missed the deadline, they don't offer a free month of prime anymore nor promo credit anymore. They repeat the refund part. When I ask a direct question about the past offers, they have the nerve to say "there has never been an offer like that." Um, lies. I used Amazon for years. It IS (or rather, was) a policy. Why even lie about it?"

Cheryl O'Hara says

"This is my first order with Amazon and the experience have been mediocre at best. I explained my situation advising the representatives I spoke with that the warehouse item I ordered is defective.
I explained my situation advising them that returning the item is not an option since I used a mail forwarder and returning the item will end up costing me too much. It would be like I'm paying for the item twice, but nobody could help me."

Patrick says

"Not that good the customer service experience. More empathy please."

ESP One One Three Eight says

"I have had very few problems using Amazon. They did bamboozle me once by adding Amazon Prime to an order some time ago. I was lucky to catch the problem and correct it. They were sneaky one time. I now prefer to do all my buying through eBay for the eBay Bucks which you can earn with every purchase. I have been an Amazon customer for years and when I was hired I only worked one day; I will not return."

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