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Aluka was an online digital library focusing on materials about Africa. Aluka's mission is to connect scholars from around the world by building a common platform that allows online collaboration and knowledge sharing. Aluka's audience is higher education and research communities worldwide.

A disappointed customer shared this on Reddit "Aluka is the most disappointing virtual library I have seen, it cannot be possible that a site where it supposedly provides information has so few books and search material. Do not visit this page, you will only be disappointed".


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Barbara says

"Ordered online with different account and delivery address. Everything was in order but then got an email that delivery address had not cleared their security check and order was cancelled. I phoned and it was explained as a scam prevention as addresses given were so far apart. I explained I was visiting my daughter and needed a new phone as mine was faulty but made no difference. Why accept a delivery address online so far from billing address if not acceptable to security?"

Adrian says

"Total scammers - avoid!!!!! In short: I went to buy a Samsung S10 today and they 'seemed' to have some good deals - £75 for the handset and £23pm on EE for 5G data. Added it to the basket, went through all the personal details and when I clicked to the final pay page the handset price had jumped from £75 to £299!!!!!!!!!! Luckily I spotted this and didn't pay. Removed the item from my basket, went back to the page and all the prices had changed - despite the fact I had it in my basket. Total, total scam.... Long version: They seemed to have some good deals on that were expiring at 4pm today - BUT THESE WERE ALL VODAFONE DEALS: else their website is not very clear. I chose an EE deal which DID NOT have a ticker saying the deal was ending in 'X' minutes (at 4pm). As stated - the deal was £75 up front for the handset and £23 pm for 5GB. Only I noticed on the payment page the handset had jumped up to £299. I had put the item in my basket BEFORE 4pm, and as I said - this was an EE deal I was going for and so not flagged up as a time limited deal. I am not sure if this is just a total scam and they try to trick people who will not be bothered with swapping the phone after paying more...."

Terri-Ann Beckenham says

"If you actually want a handset to be able to use the contract you are paying for, I strongly suggest you go somewhere else!!! I ordered a contract deal which included a handset. After 10 days the handset broke, it wouldn't turn on or charge, it was as dead as a Dodo... I phoned and they arranged for an exchange. I was without a handset for 5 days. Same thing happened with handset number two!!! I have now been without a handset for a further 13 days. I have lost count of the number of phone calls I have made, I am still unaware as to why they have collected my second faulty handset, but still not sent me a replacement... After the way I have been treated and the disgusting service I have received, I phoned again to cancel. However, I was told this was not possible as I have gone over the 14 day cancellation period. This is a joke when I haven't actually had a handset for 14 days to be able to use the contract!!! DO NOT buy from this company!!!!!!!"

Paul Haill says

"I warn anyone about using EE apart from network coverage not brilliant my experience with them has been nothing but shoddy and unprofessional, I’ve been threatened with debt collectors over a mistake made by themselves and when I tried to rectify this I called them got put on hold and the call cost me nearly £30 they’re customer service is horrendous do not sign up to a mobile phone from them"

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