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AltaVista was a Web search engine established in 1995. It became one of the most-used early search engines, but lost ground to Google and was purchased by Yahoo! in 2003, which retained the brand, but based all AltaVista searches on its own search engine. On July 8, 2013, the service was shut down by Yahoo! and since then the domain has redirected to Yahoo!'s own search site.

Here is a piece was written by JOANNE WALLEN for "Wealth Manager" in which Alta Vista UK boss acknowledge fall for Altavista unmetered access failure back in August 2000:

Alta Vista’s UK boss Andy Mitchell resigned this morning, just eight days after publicly admitting he had misled customers about the company’s unmetered Internet access service.

Alta Vista’s UK boss Andy Mitchell resigned this morning, just eight days after publicly admitting he had misled customers about the company’s unmetered Internet access service.

The service, which was to have offered unlimited Internet access including phone calls for just £60 a year, was launched in June, but Web portal and search engine company As reported, AltaVista caused a furor last week when it withdrew the service after admitting it had not rolled it out to a single customer.

Mitchell, Alta Vista UK’s managing director, was instantly rolled out as spokesperson to answer media accusations that the company had consistently misled customers and the media by refusing to comment on how many users were live on the service, but suggesting that there were many thousands of users.

Mitchell admitted at the time that he should have come clean about the company’s failure to actually deliver the service, but also tried to blame British Telecom for failing to deliver on the wholesale side of the bargain.

Telecom regulator Oftel stepped into the fray to criticize Alta Vista for not having sorted out its business plan before launching the service.

Alta Vista today made no attempt to hide the fact that Mitchell’s departure was connected with the fiasco. In a statement Pierre Paperon, president of AltaVista Europe said, ‘The mistakes in our planned Internet access service - which we do acknowledge - probably made Andy's departure inevitable, and we support his decision’.

While the buck no doubt had to stop somewhere, it looks as though Mitchell has been happily accepted as the fall guy by his US masters, who now say the company will focus once again on its core business, Internet search.


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Former Employee - Account Executive says

"It’s an overly uncompetitive job with a unrealistic pay scale. Lies, over saturation, you name it. This job is not for anyone who recently graduated from college with a degree."

Former Employee - Corporate Trainer says

"Oh where to begin? i. It's a scam ii. They'll lie to you about what the job is iii. You won't make nearly as much money as they promise iv. It's a scam Seriously, if you're struggling for money, don't take this job. You're literally better off working a minimum-wage job, you'll make more money there."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"absolutely horrible you're at the subway asking for money for charities or organizations you only get paid if people donate"


"I guess we had some miscommunication. We are not only looking for sales, we are looking for people to manage, train and oversee campaigns. However, you have to go through the management training program first."


"Thanks for your review though it's a very confusing review, not really sure what you are speaking about, but anyway we will try to improve."


"The company requires college degree, however experience is not necessary for it is an Entry Level position. The company will provide all training for the Sales & Marketing position."


"Thanks for your review but it is very confused. We're not looking for people to be excited about doing sales only. We are looking for people to manage, train and oversee campaigns. However, the importance of going through the different phases of the program in order to be a successful manager."

Current Employee - Marketing says

"Thanks for your advise and we will improve our web design. All our campaigns are focus on new consumer. We use such as structure to review the hardest working people and allow such managers in training to understand the importance of "performance" in the business world."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I guess we had some miscommunication. We are not only looking for sales, we are looking for people to manage, train and oversee campaigns. However, you have to go through the management training program first."

oficial de 1 encofrador (Former Employee) says

"realizar tareas de encofrados con los compañeros bien ha sido bueno por que e podido trabajar me gusta todo el trabajo en si asido una esperiencia inolvidable"

repartidos (Former Employee) says

"todo el día fuera, no aprendí nada,buena relación entre compañerosconocer madridpase mucho calor"

New Jersey - Marketing Representative (Current Employee) says

"You learn skills in which talking to individuals becomes a second nature. You learn to build better rapport with others. The hardest part of the job is being committed to the mindset of where you want to be."

Foreman/Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"This company is still growing and sub contracted. The workers there are friendly and hard working, Not all but some are alcoholics drinking on the job or on the way home. Some finding ways to hide on the job. You’re typical landscape move when other employees don’t seem to work as they should be. I use to be a driver here sometimes being lacked of my position or being told I’m wrong when i know I’m right. But hey good opportunity to work If you like prostit*ts and having a good time, I recommend. Sad the way i left but worth a try working here.No benefits and 30 minute lunches"

CAPTURISTA DE DATOS (Former Employee) says

"Si pues como toda empresa cubria muchas de las cualidades que ofrecen al empleado, ademas tambien tiene que se encuentra en una comoda ubicacion que esta centrica.Ofrecen prestaciones"

Joey says

"GaYahoo is nothing but far left-wing propaganda piece spreading fake news. They are always constantly shoving gay agendas into our faces and they also promote hatred and division in their articles. They even removed the comment feed off their articles as they don't like free speech when it comes to opposite opinions, facts, and truth. When we used to be able to make comments on their articles, they do go around and manipulate everything by deleting certain comments that they don't like. This is censorship at its finest. Their email services are very horrible as it is nothing but spam and junk all the time. GaYahoo is an absolutely garbage site to use for anything. Their gay agenda is infested everywhere from music to sports which is a major turn-off. I stop following GaYahoo when it became so toxic, stupid, and pointless. It feels like GaYahoo is run by leftard junior high school kids writing very sloppy without checking their articles with terrible grammar and spelling mistakes."

Natalie Dumont says

"Terrible interface. Why do I have to pay now to get a full-size reading pane? Email filtering is awful. The worst mailbox service I have out of all."

Brian Hewkin says

"Yahoo news is very left wing biased, use articles that are not true from left wig papers , Guardian and Independent and have stopped the service which gave a right to reply to correct them. This has now become media brain washing , BEWARE"

Samiksh Sabikhi says

"NEVER USE YAHOO! This is the worst company in the world, When I search on google yahoo search keeps coming even if I've called the customer service 100 times! Yahoo doesn't even work! I'm surprised it even is a company."

Candy Turnbaugh Kish says

"Trash talk news"

Sam Pond says

"Do not use this horrendous company. I cannot access my account and it says ‘Ug Oh cannot sign in try again later’. When I ring customer service, they have less idea of what’s going on than me and they work for the company. Jesus Christ"

Alison Russell says

"Yahoo is the worst company... ever If you don't have an email with them, don't sign up. I can't even make a complaint. I asked for help, got a standard email demanding RIDICULOUS amounts of information before they would help me - which I provided and a week and three chasing emails later - including a request to make a complaint HEIDI - who I assume is a bot - has made no reply. If you haven't already got a yahoo mail don't. The verizon privacy policy breaches guidelines, and you can't refuse advertising without locking your email even when you pay for the premium service. don't do it. when I get time I will move away!!"

Jonathan Baker says

"Yahoo 'customer service' for small business customers is a shabby farce. On two separate occasions I was shifted from one operator to another (seven in all) over 90 minutes, and then they simply hung up on me without notice because they had no idea what they were doing. I don't know how they stay in business."

Bishabosh says

"Yahoo has become just another politically biased puppet for the far left. I am neutral and find 95% of the headlines offensive and inaccurate. What happened to this company?"

Doubtin Dave says

"Yahoo Yahoo news are the same as the rest of the big Mogul left wing don't really post the correct s*** be biased and they suck"

Iulian znu says

"since they have introduced waiting time for ads it's become so disgusting. I have stopped using it"

Tony Yero says

"Owner does not honor what she quoted on seller closing costs. Once the closing has been funded they play the "You had a chance to catch our mistake and did not" too bad customer. No professionalism,lack of email replies,owner hangs up on customers,etc. They claim they are COVID safe but none of the employees wear face masks! Just a overall bad experience"

Tobias Frederiksen says

"I have been using Yahoo for more than five years, but it has gone downhill and really is just an arm of the Democrats in the United States. I'm using Yahoo just for email services, not political news, but every time I have to check my email I have to click away from Trump-hate. As a person just wanting a simple email service, not being spoon-fed political opinions, I will be changing my email provider."

Hil. says

"If I could give this negative stars I would. Trying to get into an account I have but the verification phone number I no longer have. Was not able to recover ANYTHING even after offering to pay for their stupid subscription service. I cannot express the level of ridiculousness that is going on here. I told them the exact old phone number, the exact recovery email and there was nothing they could do to help me. I'm honestly going to tell my husband to delete his yahoo account as I never want any of my family to use their services EVER again. If you want to offer additional paid email services, fine. I would have even considered had it been worth it but NO. This sucks. Thank goodness for GOOGLE."

Nabrin Noor says

"Ok why the hell are y’all charging money for customer service?!? What type is sh!t is that?"


"Terrible company kept my fantasy winnings on several teams because I didn’t make a live draft pick crazy bull hope nobody uses this ever"

Josias Küppers says

"trash of a company"

Rich Allt says

"Yahoo is a piece of trash entity that won't allow me to verify my account through my registered telephone. Due to Yahoo's ineptitude: I can no longer access my email."

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