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The BMW Bank GmbH is a finance service and a company of the BMW Group. The company known under BMW Group Financial Services was founded in 1971 in Munich. In 1973, the BMW Leasing GmbH was added – also situated Munich. The fabricated products are BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce Motor Cars.

Dustin Alan Jackson mentioned, "BMW Financial has lost my $55,506.83 payoff certified funds check for a week now! The representatives and supervisors don’t seem to care or aren’t doing anything about it. I am getting the run around from representatives and supervisors. They are not willing to escalate this severe problem or make this any kind of priority. I have been on the phone with them for 15 hours over the last 3 business days. Mostly on hold. Not at all what I would expect out of BMW.

This is a really big deal for my life because that was all the money I had, and this is causing me extreme mental distress. I am a combat action disabled Marine Corps veteran. I cant have this kind of life consuming stress and anxiety. I need this title ASAP because I need to sell my X7 because of what COVID did to my business. I have a buyer ready and I can’t have them back out because I don’t have the clean title in my hands.

I have USPS proof my payoff cashiers check (with all the money I had in the bank) was delivered over a week ago on Saturday 10:15am to someone with the initials or name JP. I have copies of the certified funds check. My check needs to be physically located and processed. This should not be so hard!"


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Current Employee - Alphera Sales Manager says

"I have been working at BMW Financial Services full-time for more than a year Cons: Must be something in the air, many mangers claim amnesia when questioned on decisions they make within the company to avoid blame for poor management decisions."