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Alpharma belongs to a group that is oriented to the construction of an efficient set of business units that seek to innovate, develop, produce, commercialize and distribute medicines and services, based on human capital, the support of advanced technology, and a network of highly competitive external supports.

A Sales representative from Mexico City shares his/her experience working at Alpharma in a review published by INDEED: "I worked for a couple of years in the sales area and the laboratory offers you a good working environment. But the bad thing was that I had to work with another salesman and it was the worst, the guy is a stalker and if you don't go out to drink with him or another place he will invent things for you, and of course he had more time than me and was a good friend of the manager sales, obviously they believed him more"


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Training Specialist (Former Employee) says

"They did numerous layoffs while I was working there. I got out before they laid off my team. Management changed frequently. My last manager had no idea what we did and had no experience in our field. The company has since gone out of businessInteresting workpoor management, no job security"

Paralegal / Project Manager - Legal & Compliance (Former Employee) says

"Company no longer exists... Was taken over by King Pharma, which was then acquired by Pfizer. I have no idea what its like to work at Pfizer. Do you?"

Analytical Chemist (Former Employee) says

"Typical day is logging on and finding out which drug I will be analyzing. I have all day to run the tests and reports. Log on and type in results. Co-workers were willing to help and pleasant. Hardest part of job is not really seeing anyone all day except a machine.learned a lot of equipmentnot a people person job"

Specialty Territory Manager - Senior Field Trainer (Former Employee) says

"Company is no loner in business they were taken over by King pharmaceuticals. It was a fun place to work with a great product. My manager was great to work with. Sad to see it is no longer in businesscompany is no longer in business"

Account Manager (Former Employee) says

"Huge territory, only contract position. Not much assistance from lunchesmanaged care"