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Ally Financial is a bank holding company organized in Delaware and headquartered in Detroit, Michigan. The company provides financial services including car finance, online banking via a direct bank, corporate lending, vehicle insurance, mortgage loans, and an electronic trading platform to trade financial assets.

Recently a disappointed customer wrote for Consumer Affairs about how Ally Financial is the worst company ever: Absolutely the worst company to do business with. I signed up for a 5-year car note with Ally Financial. If I was ever late on a payment. I'm referring to less than a month. They called me nonstop. 2 to 3 days a week even after I would schedule a payment date. Each rep claimed to have no notes from the previous one. Their customer service is terrible. I called to pay off my whole balance at the end of my 5th year. I spoke to a rep who confirmed a certain amount and stated that if I paid that amount I would no longer owe anything on the account. 3 months after what I thought was the end of my contract, I get a call saying that there's 200 dollars left to pay. Mind you, I have the mobile app. Even the mobile says I'm paid off. No one can explain to me why I have no balance on the app but continue tell me that their record say I owe 200 more dollars. DO NOT do business with Ally Financial!! They are crooks.


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Wholesale administrator (Former Employee) says

"Worst company I’ve ever worked for, after one year I called it quits. They do not have their employees best interests at heart. HR is a complete and utter joke, as well as the managers. You may be the best at what you do but they will not appreciate it. Trust me, you can do better!Paid holidays, and most holidays off.Horrible company, don’t do it!"

Loss Mitigation Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Ally is all about the Company, when hired they express how well they will take care of the Employee and their families, but once put out on the floor that all changes."

Active Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Department leaders took care of those they liked, and did not care about those they did not like. The undesirables were driven out. Company used intrusive software to track productivity which lead to uncomfortable conversations. There are a lot of 'joke' policies."

Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"This companies upper management is terrible and intimidates supervisors and reps. They lie to to workforce and tries to cover up poor work practices."

Loan Officer (Former Employee) says

"After being layed off, I was not given a fair opportunity to secure employment within Ally, yet I was told in training that I was valued. Yet for 2 days after immediate lay off meeting, I was basically forced to interview with a company represented by ally bank not working directly fro ally, ridiculous."

Loan and Loss Mitigation Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Management is disrespectful and doesnt respect the reps that put in years and years of dedication and loyalty. Work life balance sucks and if management doesnt like you they will make your life horrible until they fire you or you quit."

Telephone Banking Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Treats employees like garbage. Management doesn't even take time to learn your name. High revolving door rate due to unrealistic expectations. Don't waste your time here"

Processor (Former Employee) says

"Do not waste your time working here the manager have their favorites and they only care about numbers nothing else. Pay is wack please avoid this place ."

Business Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Toxic environment with toxic management. You'll regret coming here. Management doesn't have the slightest clue what their employees are going through."

Consumer Solutions Team Rep/Paid In Full Rep (Current Employee) says

"I currently work for Ally Financial as a CCG agent. My job is not stressful but the amount of pressure from the manager is stressful. I process refund and also take inbound calls. The QC and QA is very hard to maintain each month. The company is not organized or professional. The company only cares about making money. It’s very sad to work for a company that don’t pay much and it’s hard to get promoted.The hours are flexible.The location is far and the pay is low."

Commercial Credit Analyst (Current Employee) says

"nice place, good people just few bad management . Lots of management from GMC who are discrimination and HR is Joke. but overall I have a good time and worked with amazing people."

Business Analyst II (Former Employee) says

"No communication, management is terrible. No work life balance and it’s a challenging environment. The company is growing quickly but cannot keep up with their growth."

Testing Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Contractors are treated horribly. Hostile work environment. Verbal abuse, absurd requirements, being told to do something, doing it, then being told you were told to do something completely different and being called stupid, etc. Being told to treat others unfairly if you want to keep your job. Horrible prosverbal abuse"

Customer Solutions Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"The leadership team lacks integrity, they do not treat all employees with fairness nor are they organized in their hiring processes. They lack professionalism."

Remarketing Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Horrible managers, allowed people to be overworked while others did nothing....and just horrible people. I suggest not to work here unless you want to be miserable every day of your life.NoneEverything"

Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Stay away from the Consumer Asset Management operations at all costs. This operation has had several discriminatory lawsuits from ex-employees. This branch is built on nepotism. The senior leadership team has the power to do anything they wish with absolutely no repercussions for their unethical actions."

GAP Claims Representative (Former Employee) says

"Moral is low. Pay is sub par. You’re simply just a pawn in their game. You get used up until you have nothing left. There is no career advancement. If there is you don’t know about it or get overlooked. The benefits are ok. The management style is questionable. Lots of favoritismNoneEverything"

Wholesale Acquisition Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Management is terrible, to the point of lawsuits. Workload is changed all of the time, promotions on connections not merit. Bad work environment in general. Get your experience and go some place better."

Administrative Assistant/ Collections (Former Employee) says

"Very stressful environment management HR department or very unprofessional have a tendency to be unfair to certain employees for no cause reason no chance of promotion low hourly payHad good health benefitsEnvironment unprofessional"

Customer Care Representative (Former Employee) says

"Management is very bad, company does not care for their employees, or does anything to make taking calls and being abused by customers better. Hours are very bad, and the pay is very low for the amount of stress you have to go through. Managers/supervisors are all very unprofessional. Highschool all over again.NonBad hours, Stressful work, Bad managment"

John Radenbaugh says

"Worst bank ever . Paid my car payment early for 3 years ask for help due to COVID said sure set up extension but didn’t tell me I had to pay a fee for this offer . They just don’t care about there customer As soon as this COVID is over going to move my loan . If you can use a different bank you will be better off for it . Thanks"

Patrick Eisenbeil says

"No humanity

My wife and I are both out of work due to illness and the pandemic and ally couldn't care less.

I am disgusted by the lack of humanity in this company. I was late on a few payments but ALWAYS made a payment. I was late on one payment and they removed the 0% interest"

vladClownCholeinefesh says


I'm writing this complaint because ally, does not know how to operate on the web

their security procedure are a total non sense

I suggest them a slogan: ally bank, the bank managed by 100% choleinefesh
garanteed, no questions asked"

Frank S. says

"This bank has terrible customer service. Choose a different bank that actually gives a hoot about their customers."

lerm corp says

"This bank is the worst I have seen. Customer service is very very unprofessional. They do not back up their clients when a problem arises. These people are crooks. Ally does not respond to issues in a timely nor professional manner. They have a bunch of inept people working there."

AMay says

"I've been a customer of Ally Bank for at least 10 years. I used to be in love with them. I was concerned when I switched from a brick and mortar bank to online that I might be hurting myself. That not having a bank to go to so I could withdraw money would soon become an issue. However, it never did. Ally Bank made it easy to complete online deposits. The interest they paid no their savings products was better than any brick and mortar and should have been considering that they didn't have to fund any buildings for operating and staff costs. Actually Ally probably made substantially more than a traditional bank. Their customer service was great. As I said...I was in love. And you could tell because I was screaming my love from every rooftop to people that would hear me.

But....over the years the bank has become subpar. Their customer service has gone in the toilet. The bank doesn't protect their customer's interests but everyone else's. I've had several issues of which would be normal to resolve but they do not. Normal issues that would have been resolved previously but now they act as though they have no idea what is going on. It can take up to a week before they respond to you at all.

Their interest rates are now LESS than brick and mortar banks - you have to ask yourself how that is while they customer service is less than it ever has been. How much of our money are they putting back into their pockets?

How they are getting awards...I have no idea at this point. Clearly, these awards aren't looking for information from long-term customers or they would not still be getting awards.

So now I am shouting from the rooftops...find another bank. Do your research. If banks are using your money to make money they should be giving you something for it. Not less over the years while they keep more.

Ally doesn't care about customers - I know, I have a lot of money with them and they ignore my displeasure with the terrible service received. So if they are willing to ignore me I can only imagine the service received by people with less funds deposited with them. I'm guessing they think they are too big to fail. I guess we may see...because there is plenty of competition that can and will do better."

D Maria Cruz says

"Had auto financed by these individuals, was experiencing financial plus health issues...bottom line, got a call from a representative/employee who was extremely rude. I tried to explain my circumstances; her response.. "you have 15 minutes to empty your personal belongings from the vehicle; it will be picked up then, or is your vehicle in Mexico..."
This individual had an accent notably Latin...will never do business with these people nor will ever recommend them..."

gliufocuscercopiteco says

"allahbank isn't good, i had to pay a vacation apartment rental to the owner and his bank account was at allahbank, unfortunatly

i had to cancel the reservation

since they are not even able to receive a bank transfer for a payment for a simple vacation apartment, because of their security server, a total non sense

they are not compatibles with the internet, zero"

xeridicolouscompany says

"they still process transactions from fintech companies with many online complaints

at least they have to block the transactions from fintech companies with so many online complaints

they are the same type of fintech companies that are looking for complaints

they have confused complaints with compliments

someone has to explaine them the difference, perhaps sigmund fraud can help them understand the difference: between a good review and the complaint, LIKE THIS ONE"

Annoyedcustomerlvnv says

"They pay execs big bonuses, sponsor NASCAR, and yet they have dropped our savings rate from 2% in Jan 2020 to 0.6% today. They clearly just don't care about customers. They just want more money to spend on other useless projects and bonuses."