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Ally Financial is a bank holding company organized in Delaware and headquartered in Detroit, Michigan. The company provides financial services including car finance, online banking via a direct bank, corporate lending, vehicle insurance, mortgage loans, and an electronic trading platform to trade financial assets.

On October 2020 a disappointed customer wrote a review for Best Company, about how Ally Auto sucks: I wish I could give a zero star, thats what this company deserves. The site is always down, every month I have to login multiple days until finally I can pay my car payment. This month I tried to pay my last bill over the phone and the customer service rep wouldn't even tell me how much I owed and tried to make me guess. The website also shows UNAVAILABLE on all my info. I just paid the car off and have no idea where the title is or what happens next, customer service on the phone gave me the run around transferring me back and forth, re-authenticating each time until one of them just disconnected me. I need to know my account status and someone should be able to tell me what's going on. This company seemed ok a few years ago now its shady and unhelpful.


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