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Allopass is the european leader in online payment solutions, that specializes in pay-per-phone and pay-per-SMS (text message).

NirBlog mentioned, " and scams moved to a new hosting and Allopass returned a ridiculous response. and are a pair of scam Web sites in french that are extermly active in the last few weeks. The first one, - asks innocent users to type their MSN user/password, and then floods all their contacts with fake instant messages that invite them to join msn-blocked Web site, and enter their user/password too. The second one, - offer the users of to purchase the MessenPass utility of NirSoft through the SMS payment system of, misleading french users that don't know that this utility is available for free at

As I already reported in my previous posts, these Web site were hosted in hosting company, but in the last few days the owner of these scams moved most of the servers into another hosting company - EURO-WEB Servers renting, which is also an hosting company in France. Although most of the activity moved to the new hosting company, some of the servers are still active in the previous hosting company -

The host names in the new hosting company are: Ridiculous Answer From

I the previous post, I reported that there was no answer from Allopass payment company that is used as a part of scam. So after a while, they sent me their ridiculous answer to my complaint about these scams, and here's the quote from their response: Please apologize for this late answer. As a payment system provide, Allopass is not entitled to take side in this kind of dispute. However, we just notified the publisher of of your complaint, and now look forward to his reply.

So Allopass don't want to "take side" in this issue, but they actually enjoy to take their side in sharing the revenue with owner. Each time that a new innocent victim pays for my MessenPass software in Web site, Allopass company also get their side in the SMS revenue, together with scam owner. But the main problem with is not the action of illegally selling NirSoft software, but the fact that this Web site get all the traffic by spamming the MSN Messenger accounts of innocent people with fake messages generated by Web site."


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