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Allianz Worldwide Partners is the global leader in consumer specialty insurance, specializing in travel, tuition, and assistance services.

As Allianz Partners, they protect more than 200 million customers around the globe every year and we're a part of the Allianz family of companies. North American headquarters in Richmond, Virginia is home to nearly 650 employees providing 24/7 assistance around the globe.

A former Claims Handler in Dublin wrote a Review for indeed describing working at Allianz Partners as ¨Very stressful, management does not care about employees¨, among some other thoughts: "I worked with Allianz Partners for almost 1.5 years. I was very happy to land the job and excited to start. Slowly the stress in the company became more. I think maybe they were losing money because they were extremely focused on pushing the employees to do more and more work. In my time working there I saw a big shift from a focus on quality to a focus on quantity. Personally I find this quite concerning with an insurance company. There are a lot of mistakes being made in the background but as long as you are hitting your target they do not care. Also, tips and tricks for all Allianz clients if you call and complain you almost always get your money it doesn't matter if it is in your plan or not."


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Conseillère clientèle (Former Employee) says

"manager ultra nulles , elles gardent pas le secret , elle font que parler et créer des problèmes . secret professionnelle zéro."

Benefits Specialist (Former Employee) says

"This company have very shady management. They show favoritism management will only promote people who will Suck up to them. I’m warning anyone stay away from this company. They"

Asistencia en Carretera España (Turno nocturno México - Matutino España) says

"Todo el tiempo estar aguantando pesadez de nativos y tu eres el extranjero Cons: Todo por nada"

Call Center Agent (Former Employee) says

"Todo marcha mal, hasta las pólizas de seguros tienen faltas de redacción, los supervisores, gerentes y asesores de calidad prepotentes. Hasta para renunciar es un problema con ellos, dramas de 2 horas del gerente que primero te quiere rogar para que te quedes y luego que lo rechazas te insulta. No comentan el error de trabajar con ellos."

Policy Management Officer (Former Employee) says

"I do not recommend:"

Sales Executive (Former Employee) says

"Glad not working with this company - horrid management in finance and it’s who you know- very regimented and domineering financial controller as well as the CFO - they are buddies and look after one another Cons: Plenty"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"The management at the company is the worst the company itself is amazing helping me card holders is rate B experience I got from Mayor I will never forget but when it comes to the management's they lie to you they tell you they're gonna do this and they never get done they tell you they're going to change your ship and your shift never changes for months even years and then you have managers that just tell you everything is gonna be OK don't worry about it and then the next thing you know you don't have a job anymore because they walk they dropped the ball."

Claims Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"This company has a very high turn over rate they do not care about there employees they micro manage and they have certain people in management who like to bully there temps if you are a temp please do not get comfortable because they have no problem with letting you go. Also they like cross training you on all lines of business with false hopes of getting hired as a full time employee you are only a warm body in there company the training sucks and if you mess up because of lack of training they have no problem with letting you go. Cons: pay, micro management, management lack of concern for employees"

Bank card associate (Former Employee) says

"Pushed thru training in 2 weeks, required to learn a broad spectrum of benefits in a short time, Human Resources and upper management not forth coming about the expectations. Not considerate of work life balance and will terminate employees for anything Cons: Unrealistic expectations, management, trainer"

b2c sales (Current Employee) says

"Management should actually adhere to all the values that are stated for the company, such as work/life balance and reward for skill & hard work. The career opportunities are only for people who hire in at the manager level or higher. Anyone who works in ANY of the call centers; travel, bank card, or claims, will not get promoted within this company. You may move laterally from one department to another, but not upward to a higher position. Cons: 'requested' to do extra work w/out pay for promotion- promotion will never happen, quality assessment based on every word but no script provided so that you can succeed, no written standard for quality measurement- completely arbitrary, clueless management, policies that change monthly, no work life balance, low pay, so much pressure, joyless work environment, high turnover"

impiegata amministrativa (Former Employee) says

"Tante ore in più in ufficio, riconoscimenti da parte dell'azienda del tutto assenti. Merito inesistente."

Cadre (Current Employee) says

"Trop de politique, plan de développement de carrière inexistant, beaucoup de "pretend" et pas beaucoup d'actions / résultats, orientations stratégiques peu claires et management toxique Cons: trop de politique, évolution de carrière inexistante, copinages"

Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"There is a distinct absence of Team Leaders and People Managers within this organisation. Management clearly play favourites and if you're not liked, then your are better off not working here regardless of how well you are performing. The bigger your tantrum or hissy fit, the more management will through at you to placate you rather than manage your performance and behaviours. Team Leaders appear to be more interested in lining their own pockets via their monthly bonus by manipulating their team's performance rather then provide coaching and development. There is no such thing as work life balance here."

Leadership Team Member (Current Employee) says

"The management staff and the upper levels are HORRIBLE to the employees. They cannot keep Managers. They have a life of approximately 1 year. They do not care about quality staff which can be frustrating. The upper management team is very clique-ish. They will block you from moving to other areas of the company as well. The management staff are not educated in most cases. The HR staff is bullied by the upper management instead of functioning in the best interest of the company/people. They do not know how to run companies because they are pushed up through the company because they are friends and not qualifications. Do yourself a favor and apply to another company as that is what I am in the process of doing now. Cons: Terrible Management"

Atención a Clientes / Backoffice (Former Employee) says

"Empresa que promueve valores pero no los lleva a cabo, lo único bueno es el sueldo, la atención es pésima, y el ambiente laboral el peor, si denuncias acoso sexual te corren, no lo recomiendo. Cons: Acoso Sexual, Hostigamiento, Malas Prácticas."


"Avoid at all cost in Richmond location. This is a sub company they trick you to make think you are really working for the company. But you are outsourced and you are not dealing with Allianz they just issued a slave payment Cons: To many to list. 10 min breaks"

Back office / bilingüe (Former Employee) says

"De las peores experiencias laborales que he tenido , desde que ingresé existieron muchas inconsistencias y violaciones a la LFT Cons: Administración (supervisores, gerentes)"

Chargé d'assistance (Former Employee) says

"Beaucoup de tensions, d' hypocrisie, et de travail. Cons: Très Mauvais Management"

Instructional Designer/eLearning Developer (Former Employee) says

"The department I was in was complete chaos. No organization and everyone going in different directions. People in positions without the skill set required to do the job. No onboading for contractors, no plan in place on how to introduce contractors to the job they were hired to do. Manager flitting around constantly and not available to answer questions or provide direction. When did meet with the manager, and they agreed with your assessment, the manager would not back you in a meeting. I would never work there again. Huge turnover in full-time employees and contractors. Workstations are the worst I have ever seen. You are basically sitting out on the floor with no privacy and everyone is talking over you. Hard to concentrate in that situation. Cons: Too many to list"

Sales (Former Employee) says

"Pay is decent but you certainly work for every penny. The supervisors and managers treat you as if you're a number. Micromanaging at it's finest. Managers bring their family members straight through the door and promote them before an employee that has years of experience. Once you achieve and master a certain role and would like to advance to a different department, the manager of your department will try their hardest to keep you and prevent you from advancing and moving up within the company as they promote upon hiring. The only way for you to be eligible for another role in a different department is by the very person that won't refer you. HR is dysfunctional and does not address any issues. This place donates and gives back to outsiders but doesn't take care of their own employees first. The attendance and 10-minute breaks are a joke. You have to seriously have a family member or know someone really well to move up within this company."

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