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Allianz Worldwide Partners is the global leader in consumer specialty insurance, specializing in travel, tuition, and assistance services.

As Allianz Partners, they protect more than 200 million customers around the globe every year and we're a part of the Allianz family of companies. North American headquarters in Richmond, Virginia is home to nearly 650 employees providing 24/7 assistance around the globe.

A former Claims Handler in Dublin wrote a Review for indeed describing working at Allianz Partners as ¨Very stressful, management does not care about employees¨, among some other thoughts: "I worked with Allianz Partners for almost 1.5 years. I was very happy to land the job and excited to start. Slowly the stress in the company became more. I think maybe they were losing money because they were extremely focused on pushing the employees to do more and more work. In my time working there I saw a big shift from a focus on quality to a focus on quantity. Personally I find this quite concerning with an insurance company. There are a lot of mistakes being made in the background but as long as you are hitting your target they do not care. Also, tips and tricks for all Allianz clients if you call and complain you almost always get your money it doesn't matter if it is in your plan or not."


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