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Allianz SE ( AL-ee-ənts; German pronunciation: [aliˈants] (listen)) is a German multinational financial services company headquartered in Munich, Germany. Its core businesses are insurance and asset management. As of 2014, it is the world's largest insurance company, the largest financial services group and the largest company according to a composite measure by Forbes magazine, as well as the lar


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I mean....if you care about your job more than just a paycheck you might not like it."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I was at AGCS for a little over 5 years, and it was largely a mess. Years of poor company performance with no pay raises and slashed bonuses, along with massive layoffs and offshoring of certain departments led to low morale and a general sense of apathy from employees. On our quarterly company-wide financial calls people would even be openly calling out executives in the Q&A about the state of the company. In addition to this, there is a huge CYA/political landscape to navigate at AGCS as well. I was encouraged to only communicate via email and not call people in order to have records of everything to cover myself and my department in the future since trust among groups is low. AGCS US has to report to the Germany headquarters, and very often what works for Germany doesn't work for the US and vise versa which just led to gridlock, meetings about meetings, failed multi-year projects with layoffs, and everybody's time being wasted in the end. AGCS is about as corporate and bloated as it gets. The IT and tech is way behind the times as well. This is a company that up until only 2 years ago was still using Lotus Notes as the primary email client."

Former Employee - Senior Project Manager says

"Poor executive leadership- lack of motivating vision for the future"

Former Employee - Analyst says

"The legal department at Allianz is good if you are in the mean girls club. Some mangers are good some way bad. Most people are looking for other jobs. A lot of people do not speak and keep their heads down. One manager can destroy your reputation. Also lied to about what the position was... it was way different. I spent 20 percent of my day on IT issues! Nothing works there. Hostile work enviornment, unless you are in the in "group". Also if you do not give managers top reviews they put you in focus groups. They sku the system."

Former Employee - Senior Accounting Associate says

"Everything. Males are not treated the same. Filed a complaint with the state and they are under investigation."

Former Employee - Former Employee says

"Favoritism, no direction. Lots of management turnover and change in culture. Hard to follow. Poor business results, no raises, and bonus's below target for multiple years."

Former Employee - External Wholesaler says

"They micromanage, expect 80 hours a week, very male centered."

Former Employee - Sales Associate says

"1. No matter what they tell you, it's an inbound call center. You are expected to be available on the phones from the literal second (that's recorded) you log on, to the literal second (also recorded) you log off. You are given two 10 minute breaks, and a choice between a 30 minute or 60 minute lunch. If you choose the latter, your day is extended to accommodate the lost time on the phone. 2. If you somehow end up in this situation with a degree, you will be reporting to an immediate supervisor whose highest tier of education is high school. This individual is responsible for pulling calls you took, supposedly at random, and critiquing them. If you fail an absurd metric, such as forgetting to provide a canned sequence of information at the end of a call, you will fail. Fail a call and you will forfeit any possibility of seeing a monthly bonus. 3. Monthly bonuses: During my time in this position, my team generated premiums in excess of one million dollars every month for six months straight. If you failed a call, you would not realize any bonus for your contributions. Fear not, for you WILL receive a rubber bracelet similar to the LIVE STRONG bracelets that instead reads "Million Dollar Club." In addition, you will receive a coupon for a cup of soup redeemable at the cafe downstairs in the lobby. 4. Employee Appreciation Days: Other departments are invited and welcome to join outdoor cookouts and half days with a cold beer. It looked very pleasant actually. I would have enjoyed them had we not been required to remain on the phones to continue servicing calls instead. 5. Staff Development: Career development is probably something that is valued in other departments. However if you are one of the unfortunate souls that make up the claims, customer service, or sales departments - you're doomed. During my two years there, I knew of only one person able to break out of these departments in a vertical transition to something like Finance, Underwriting, or Marketing. 6. Weekends & Holidays: If you are in this role, you will be working alternating weekends. I have heard that since I left, you actually are compensated better for the mandatory weekend rotations. That being said, you are also expected to work Holidays. Every time you work a holiday, you accrue points. If you have enough points by the time a major holiday rolls around, say Christmas, there is a lottery system in place that works like a draft. If you do not have enough holiday points, you're working Christmas. While I was there, I worked every major holiday including Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. 7. Hourly Pay: As stated above, I'm aware that there has since been adjustments to the hourly rate of CSR and Sales. When I was there, the base pay for normal business schedule was $13 / hour. If you wanted to see the most pay, you had to be willing to work from 4:00PM until midnight for $15 / hour. 8. PTO: You must accrue the PTO before you can actually use it. You may not take off the same day that someone else on your team has reserved. There must always be enough people on the phones to service calls. 9. The calls: Be prepared to deal with the absolute worst that this planet has to offer in terms of humanity or lack-thereof. You are the front lines for servicing phone calls for disgruntled customers that were foolish enough to fall for the product this company sells in the first place. The majority of your calls will be to either refund people that mistakenly purchased the policy at the time of purchasing tickets, or sell the policy itself, or notify a customer that their claim is not covered by the policy. I unfortunately had to tell numerous cancer patients that their condition was considered pre-existing and likely would not be covered by the policy at the time that they filed. By the end of the day, it was more common that I received some sort of death wish from a cancer patient than not. I can't say that I blame them. 10. Management: They are aware of all of this. They do not care. They will always have a pool of people to draw from that hold a high school diploma, or are under employed with a bachelor's degree."

Claims Examiner says

"Whatever you were hired to do..forget about it. Management will USE the hell out of you. I was a Claims Examiner..and they were basically trying to make me a part time Benefits rep because they were short you wont. Constantly refusing requested days off usual..we were short staffed in another department,(benefits) Management constantly refusing to do work and pushing it on others. Pay raises are a joke There's just so much to say about this prison."

24 anni (Former Employee) says

"personale e dirigenti poco professionali e non competenti, polizze coniate per coinvolgere l'assicurato nel sinistro,ovviamente a sua insaputa. Agenti poveri di dialettica,ignoranti totalmente del ramo assicurativo, specialmente sui prodotti Responsabilità Civile Terzi,solo molto forbiti ed addestrati su polizze auto in franchigia , ricatti e pressioni su liquidazioni di un certo importo,obbligando gli aventi dirittto ad accettare meno ed, i 3/4 dell'importo ti obbligano alla stipula di una polizza vita su premio unico.buoni pasto ottimicofy break anche troppi"

Senior insurance operations specialist (Former Employee) says

"Zero percent humanity 100 percent partiality 3rd class manager with dirty minds No specify hierarchy Manager don't have talking sence Giving opportunity to their favourite person Well planned IJP's, which doesn't make any sence Aks to do buttering for growth"

Collaboratrice (Current Employee) says

"Tout dépend de l'agent, le mien n'est pas recommandable !Une large gamme de contratsSystème informatique à ameliorer"

Conseillère clientèle stagiaire (Former Employee) says

"Environnement stressant, pas de formation avant l'excecussion du travail demander"

Agenturleiter (Former Employee) says

"Leute werden hier regelrecht in den Ruin getrieben. Versprochen wird einem alles und eingehalten wird so gut wie nichts."

National Insurance Recovery Specialist (Former Employee) says

"It took in excess of 3 months to finally receive my letter of offer which left me unemployed for a month. I then received a reduced offer of only 6 months despite the advertisement for a 12-month contract online. I arrived to find the software to be outdated and inefficient. The Office location is brilliant, right on Melbourne central. The actual computers, keyboards, and chairs were so worn and gross that it was unpleasant to use. I ended up bring in my own keyboard. I was barely paid the industry minimum, and the scale of expectation was impossible to accept. One person in the entire nation came close to reaching the department KPI. This meant the opportunity to increase your wage was solely through the change of roles. I found the staff to be of an excellent standard, smart, engaged and hardworking. I would recommend hiring a former Allianz staff as they were all eager to learn and strive for excellence. The organisational structure left all service level staff with little chance to advance internally.Office LocationPoor pay, Poor equipment, unrealistic wage advancement expectations"

Vice President (Current Employee) says

"Great company to work for. Lots of opportunity for advancement. Great benefits and community involvement. Could use more diversity in the management levels."

Sr. Test Engineer (Current Employee) says

"No work life balance, no professionalism, worst work culture, no career growth, they hire you for some technology and give you a project of different technology."

B2C (Former Employee) says

"That's my advice to anyone considering working for this company. Keep your perspective tight and know, regardless of what's said to you, that this is a J.O.B., and that's it. Don't be fooled into thinking it's anything else, than you, providing a service, for pay. That is the way you're regarded and you are considered disposable. The one thing I can say that was exciting, is that it was an "ever changing" place. Some might call it disorganized but I think they have so much they want to create from scratch that they lose sight of keeping people informed. I can see how some might find this disconcerting. There's a communication problem."

chargee d 'assistance santé (Current Employee) says

"La formation est intense il y a beaucoup d’informations à retenir et malgré la volonté d’allier théorie et pratique cette formation est bâclée pourtant quand vous arrivez sur le plateau des tuteurs/ tutrices désignés par une hiérarchie incompétente se permettent de vous critiquer, jugez et vous rabaisser . Les tuteurs / tutrices se sont eux qui décideront si votre période d’essai est validée ou pas …Ils se permettent de vous tourner autours comme des vautours quand vous êtes en communication avec les bénéficiaires . Pas de conseils ou d’accompagnement et la validation de votre période d’essai se fait a la tête du client parce que dans ma cession de recrutement certaines ne comprenaient rien mais elles sont restées . De plus ils recrutent tout et n’importe quoi certains a les regarder s’exprimer et se comporter on se demande comment ils ont pu passer l’étape de l’entretien . Je tiens simplement a féliciter une personne compétente qui faisait partie de ma cession de recrutement qui a mis un terme a sa période d’essai sur place ! Certaines personnes ont la capacité d’analyser et de comprendre de suite ou ils ont mis les pieds si je le savais j’aurai fais pareil qu’elle . Ne perdez pas votre temps ."

Financial Professional Associate (Former Employee) says

"Unprofessional Unorganized Would not recommended this company to any of my family or friends as reference No job security High turnaround rate Lack of communication"

Settore finanziario (Former Employee) says

"Non desidero descrivere oltre tale ambiente lavorativo"

Kundenberater (Former Employee) says

"Die kleinen agenturisten denken wunder wer sie sind mit ihrer "Selbständigkeit" der kleine angestellte wird mit einem sehr kleinen fixum abgespeist. Der größte Betrug überhaupt."

Claims Adjusterna (Former Employee) says

"they do not treat employees further comment. If a mananger do not like you they will find a way to fire you. I will never work there again. they lay off constantly as"

Claims Examiner (Former Employee) says

"Only work here if you have absolutely no other options...seriously. There is no Work/Life balance , your life is work Compensation is the lowest in the industry Job Security, is non existent Management, is often unreliable when it comes to important issues. Job Culture, Lazy and GHETTO, (except perhaps some of the Travel associates). There are too many reps that try to pass work off to other reps. The sad part is management does it all the time. Did I mention the turn over rate is terribly high?! Lastly, it sounds like most of the Benefits reps are middle be prepared to hold a lot of hands.Potlucks, Starbucks and the free food and drinks at each quarter celebrationThey will try and change your job description, or add things to it from other departments that you don't work in."

Customer Claims Handler (Former Employee) says

"The expectation of Claim Handlers to manage calls and your own portfolio of claims is stupidly unrealistic. When applying you're told over the phone by the recruitment team that you will be handling your own portfolio of claims but they fail to tell you that in reality you're priority will be answering incoming calls, until you're invited for an interview. Managing both is impossible due to the volume of calls, and management (senior managers and team leaders) are blind to this. The pay is a grave injustice when compared to the amount of work management expect from you. Unless you're desperate for a job, my advice would be to look elsewhere, this job will negatively impact you psychologically aswell as your social life. From day to day you'll start by logging into your phone (be aware, if you're a few minutes late, this will be noted even though you're highly likely to stay after your shift ends if you're stuck on a call. This can range anywhere from 15-45+ minutes. Management have an evasive attitude to this) from the get go you're expected to prioritise any calls waiting. At the same time you're expected to look at "New claims" that have been assigned to you from the day before and other work items in your portfolio. How you manage calls and workload at the same time? I don't know. If you're unable to do this you're made to feel incompetent in your role. Their expectations are physically impossible. Also, over the course of the day your breaks, lunches etc are monitored by codes on the phone you log into. There comes a point that you're afraid to leave your seat to goNothingEverything"

Assistance, front en backoffice medewerker (Former Employee) says

"kunnen niet met personeel omgaan, verkeerde namen in systhemen zetten, personeel 3 maanden niet uitbetalen, mensen een vast contract geven en vervolgens zeggen dat t een fout was. personeel wat met een burn-out thuis zit of wat paniekaanvallen krijgt op de werkvloer, afgevoerd word door ambulance en schijnbaar door de werk druk komt. management wat maar wat doet. mensen die geen vakantie mogenm opnemen en ORT wat niet juist word uitbetaald."

Consulente assicurativo aziendale e previdenziale (Former Employee) says

"non danno abbastanza portafoglio al consulente per poter vivere degnamente di commissioni"

Finance Division (Former Employee) says

"Toxic culture with extremely low levels of pay and extremely high levels of stress. The only thing going for it is its brand name i.e. large global conglomerate."

Alternance (Former Employee) says

"En alternance, aucun soutien de la part de l'agent général."

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