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Alexander Forbes Group Holdings, commonly referred to as Alexander Forbes is headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa, with a presence in six other countries on the African continent: Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Uganda, Nigeria and Zimbabwe and in the Channel Islands through an offshore Jersey operation.

Duncan mentioned, "I requested the funds in my Alexander Forbes Provident fund to be withdrawn and transferred to another financial institution on 22 July 2020. As of today this has still not been done despite being told it would take 4 weeks. I called AF call center yesterday to follow up with them, they promised they will call me back and never did. Today I called again only to be told that information was outstanding on the Withdrawal form. I was told they needed information in section 5 of the form despite the form indicating I only needed to complete sections 1, 2, 4. So I then asked them why they hadn't contacted me during the 2 months they had my form. I was told they contacted the investment house, how would the investment house know when I left my previous employer or the reason for leaving??? So in 2 month AF basically did nothing to progress my request, despite Sygnia and I requesting feedback. This is exactly why I am leaving and I will advise people not to trust AF with their investments."


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