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Alexander McQueen brand was founded by designer Alexander McQueen in 1992. The house's early collections developed its reputation for controversy and shock tactics (earning the title "l'enfant terrible" and "the hooligan of English fashion"), with trousers aptly named "bumsters" and a collection entitled Highland Rape. Alexander McQueen staged lavish and unconventional runway shows, such as a recreation of a shipwreck for his Spring 2003 collection, Spring 2005's human chess game, and the Fall 2006 show, Widows of Culloden, which featured a life-sized hologram of supermodel Kate Moss dressed in yards of rippling fabric. In total, McQueen designed 36 collections for his London label, including his MA graduate collection.

Camille Heimbrod of IBT compiled some of the worst critics to Kate Middleton who recently wear a dress from Alexander McQueen:

Kate Middleton was recently criticized for wearing a blue Alexander McQueen dress at the state banquet at the Buckingham Palace on Tuesday night.

Several royal fans took their thoughts to Twitter regarding Middleton’s dress and said that it looked as though her attire came from the 1980s era. At least one fan said that the Duchess of Cambridge’s attire was the worst dress she has ever seen.

“Kate is so much prettier than that dress. That dress looks like a bad prom dress,” another fan tweeted (via Daily Star).

“I [expletive] love Kate and 90% of her wardrobe, but this is a firm no from me. I swear I had a party dress that looked like this in 1989,” another person commented.

“Tata dress is maybe the worst dress Kate ever wore, it’s shocking actually. She really needs a fashion makeover,” another person wrote.

Middleton’s designer dress featured ruffles from the sleeves down to the bottom. The mom of three accentuated her look with Princess Diana’s favorite Lover’s Knot tiara.

“Who even needs to iron these days?” he tweeted.

“So glad to see Kate wearing the Royal Family Order of the Queen for the first time but sorry really not likely the dress at all,” one person tweeted.

In related news, some royal fans compared Middleton’s recent fashion to Meghan Markle and Princess Diana. One fan claimed that Markle won’t ever wear what Middleton wore to the state banquet. “Everyone knows I know nothing about clothing or fashion but when I first saw Duchess Kate’s stunning gown this evening I actually thought it might be a dress that once belonged to Princess Diana – it has that look about it. No?” one fan commented (via Daily Star).

Another person tweeted, “It makes me wonder if Kate said to Sarah Burton, ‘make me something that looks like a dress my mother-in-law would have worn.”


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