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Amazon Alexa, also known simply as Alexa, is a virtual assistant AI technology developed by Amazon, first used in the Amazon Echo smart speakers developed by Amazon Lab126. It is capable of voice interaction, music playback, making to-do lists, setting alarms, streaming podcasts, playing audiobooks, and providing weather, traffic, sports, and other real-time information, such as news.Alexa can also control several smart devices using itself as a home automation system. Users are able to extend the Alexa capabilities by installing "skills" (additional functionality developed by third-party vendors, in other settings more commonly called apps such as weather programs and audio features).

On April 2020 a costumer named Marco Garcia wrote a review for Amazon about why Alexa is not worth it:

Why is the Echo dot not compatible with my new Echo Dot Samsung Galaxy Note 4?

I have wasted hours of time trying to figure this out....not worth the me!


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Diana Montgomery says

"I was searching for a listing of search engines. I found that Alexa had "The top 500 sites on the web" and thought that it would be good because Alexa use to list search engines rankings before Amazon bought it. As I went through the listings on Alexa and checked each search engine, I found that at least half of the listed search engines were defunct, no longer search engines, or were companies selling products. Others were now malicious sites that have taken over many of the domain names. I had to be really careful to not infect my computer while checking the urls.The top sites are still in existence but what are their true ranks? There is no way to contact Alexa support unless you sign up for a trial membership. So, you can't even question their data. A membership starts at $149 a month. Certified Alexa Rank starts at $19.99 for 10 million pageviews per month. What are they certifying? What are people really getting for that amount? The information is old. How can site owners be given rankings if Alexa doesn't even know what it is ranking? To me, Alexa is a scam. I would advise website owners to think twice before signing up Alexa. I have images that I can't upload here. See Sitejabber."

Ionut says

"The analitics working only if you are pay them . I was in 6.000.000 position world wide , next day after subscription cancelation i was on 17.000.000 . So none of the analitisc are aquirate like you can't force me to pay a montly fee to say the truth abouth my website . If i give you no money you are distroing my rank :)) this is blackmail :))"

Neena AC says

"Had a horrible experience with these guys! We tried the tool for 7 days. Just that. And they took 30 days cost! The invoice was raised after 6 days and when we asked them, they told they cant refund it as we mailed them late. See, they were waiting for us to push them for refund, otherwise they will loot your money for no reason."

Jon King says

"Really poor analytics. Our alleged traffic ranking (alleged according to Alexa) leapt from really high to mega low in a matter of weeks, then shot up again and then down again for no apparent reason. All the while the actual traffic to our website hardly changed at all and in fact during the periods Alexa said we were down in the mire our business actually grew and has continued to grow even though Alexa still ranks us somewhere below the South Pole. This week alone we have dropped by half a million on the Alexa Traffic Rank, yet our website continues to expand and our business and sales continue to grow. In other words, the rankings are completely random and inaccurate. As I said at the start, really poor. A complete joke."

donegan mccuaig says

"I was told I'd get a two week trial after I paid $2000. I called to cancel and they said that was not true. I was totally baited and switched. Also I never knew there was a monthly charge of $50. Totally was a surprise. Worst of all, what I'm paying for only grants a small fraction of their tools. LAME. Last but not least, there Contact Us page is broken and I can't even complain about it to anyone!!"

H B says

" isn't the microphone in your house that tells the government what you say. it's a website analytics utility website. I've opened the website for about 5 years. it's now, from my point of view, on version 3. version 3 has less information than the version 2 it was on 2 months ago. (version 2 had less then version 1, 5 years ago) they MONEY seem MONEY to MONEY revamp MONEY their MONEY website MONEY every MONEY so MONEY often I'm a casual user, just interested in a website general rankings. 2 months ago, alexa (version 2) provided me with a 12 month history. no problems. now (version 3), they don't. they've confirmed that the previous 12 month history they offered for free viewing, is now for paid accounts. free viewing is now 90 day history. version 2 also gave you a nice little latency ping number, so if you thought a site was slow, alexa would confirm that, yes, it did take 3 seconds to load and was slower than 80% of other sites. version 3 doesn't. It would be vaguely interesting to view's 90 day ranking history on their website, to see how manypeople use it. It would be even more useful to view's 12 months ranking history, but you can't do that anymore. (not only that but the version 2 12 month history, gave you a useful Y-axis scale on the traffic stat history. version 3's 90 day history gives you the data's minimum/maximum end points) there are some sites that give you more than the 90 day history that alexa gives. Version 2 if I recall gave website ranking up to 1 million, version 3 only goes to 100,000 So, um, pay, don't pay, do whatever with this site. knock yourself out. here's a review I wrote a couple of years ago (I didn't publish), after they revamped it from version 1, to version 2. (Version 1 gave the information about which sites linked into the website you were enquiring about. version 2 removed that feature. Do you expect me to view? No Mr Bond! I expect you to pay) or, to use focus group language, "people appear to be getting value out of our site, without providing us with anything". apart from word of mouth free publicity. which I won't do anymore. alexa's email support also has an interesting format. you ask a question, the subject of their reply says "your ticket has been resolved". unless it hasn' which reply to your resolved ticket. I can't imagine why older people (and sometimes other people) sometimes find the Internet confusing version 2 It's funny how austerity never seems to apply to imaginary software companies. or "the internet of things". alexa firmly falls into the category of sites that 99.9% of the world have never heard of, but the company only sees the traffic stats from that 0.1%, and suddenly thinks there's massive revenue to be made. The result, is that they turn a good, sensible, useable site, into a mess that has "premium membership only" written all over it. when lots of people need a screwdriver, they use a knife. alexa's tools are website information equivalent of a multimeter, and my budget for a multimeter is less than the subscription price many websites ask for. When I own a multimeter, I own a multimeter. Alexas site content changes from week to week as the programmers think of different ways they want to try and extract money. Who knows what the website is going to look like in the next weeks/months, as they try to scrabble as much perceived money from pockets as possible. At a rough glance recently alexa seems to have gone for the microsoft pencil case and rucksack, because it's changed to the cgi 2-colour green blue interface. One of the signs that alexa is not a 'normal' billing site, is that when you cancel your subscription, you loose access immediately. Most billing systems give you access until the re billing date. When you try your subscription service, you learn that it is much less cobbled together than you were hoping for. It isn't a comprehensive utility which is worth a subscription. It's a roughly collected bunch of numbers that they are trying their luck at asking money for. This review absolutely isn't stating that alexa is useless. It isn't. If the alexa site had no purpose, this review wouldn't exist. The only reason for writing this review is because the site has useful info on it, but the programmers seem to want to clutter the site up un necessarily and jump on a subscription model. really is..."the internet of things" (wouldn't survive if it was a high-street business)."

Sam says

"seems like most of the data is not that accurate to say the least..."

Arablo naem says

"Not bad but need more experance"

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