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Alex and Ani is an American retailer and producer of jewelry located in Cranston, Rhode Island.

Part of the text Aaron Gell wrote for The Market about The Rise and Fall of Billion-Dollar Jewelry Empire Alex and Ani:

In 2018, the luster began to fade as chaos that had been building behind the scenes for years increasingly made itself felt. Top executives had come and gone, often in less than a year. The local grapevine buzzed with talk of interoffice romances and wild parties. “Think Wolf of Wall Street but jewelry,” one member of the tight-knit local jewelry industry told Marker. Former insiders questioned Rafaelian’s penchant for making major business decisions in accordance with “Biblical numerology,” astrology, and other New Age spiritual practices they don’t teach at Wharton. A succession of lawsuits alleging a hostile work environment, religious and gender discrimination, and anti-military bias, among other things, drew unwelcome headlines. Forbes magazine, which had included Rafaelian on its list of “richest self-made women” and dubbed her a billionaire in March of 2019, wound up slashing her estimated net worth to $450 million a mere four months later. According to an estimate by Earnest Research, which tracks consumer data, retail revenue (including sales in Alex and Ani stores and through its website) was down by nearly 40% in the fourth quarter of 2019 from the year before.

Then, in July of 2019, Alex and Ani filed a $1.1 billion federal lawsuit against Bank of America, asserting that the lender’s discriminatory treatment of the woman-led company was creating “a death spiral” and driving the whole enterprise toward bankruptcy. The bank’s actions, the complaint said, “threatened the company’s very existence, based on two time-tested BofA values: greed and sexism.”

The claim raised eyebrows throughout the industry and beyond, not only for its dramatic assertions, which seemed to tap into the #MeToo upheaval, but for its attorney of record: Harmeet Dhillon. A Republican National Committeewoman and vocal Trump supporter best known for her advocacy on behalf of right-wing culture warriors in high-profile cases, Dhillon seemed an odd fit for a company that billed itself as a font of female empowerment, positivity, and feel-good vibes.


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Allyson Lee says

"Alex & ani turn so quickly I bought the mom bracelet and it turned before I got to wear it"

JP says

"shockingly bad, not the right bracket and nearly sure it was fake even though i ordered from there website."

FSS says

"DO NOT BUY THIS CHEAP JUNK Product... Looking at the reviews - tell me all I need to know? STAY AWAY Called Customer Service today because a bracelet that I got as a gift (at a corporate event) has tarnished and broke. Yes - I did say it was a gift - this is the key. Why the heck would I have a receipt? I was told without a receipt - there is NOTHING they can do. I've had the bracelet for less than 6 months. The price point on their garbage product is cheap for a reason, it doesn't last and you can't get it replaced if it fails, so I guess they think you will repurchase. NO WAY will I ever repurchase from Alex and Ani. Great business model."

H Sheridan says

"My mother has so many Alex and ani bracelets I decided to get her one for Mother’s Day, hit place Order and it sent me back to change an address as it didn’t match my billing address. But it was a gift so anyway I refilled it out hot place order again and same thing. My husband told me to stop as they may have charged the card. SURE ENOUGH $60 WAS CHARGED FROM HIS DEBIT CARD. Without the order even going through?? I emailed them immediately they got back to me the next day after I sent them the screenshot from my bank account, they asked for the first and last on the debit card so I felt hopeful, HOWEVER!!! I replyed and that was over a week ago now!!! I sent them 4 emails since and nothing whoever tori b. Is she’s terrible will never make this mistake again. BE VERY CAREFUL DURING CHECKOUT!!! Don’t make the same mistake I did"

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