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Alex and Ani is an American retailer and producer of jewelry located in Cranston, Rhode Island.

Part of the text Aaron Gell wrote for The Market about The Rise and Fall of Billion-Dollar Jewelry Empire Alex and Ani:

In 2018, the luster began to fade as chaos that had been building behind the scenes for years increasingly made itself felt. Top executives had come and gone, often in less than a year. The local grapevine buzzed with talk of interoffice romances and wild parties. “Think Wolf of Wall Street but jewelry,” one member of the tight-knit local jewelry industry told Marker. Former insiders questioned Rafaelian’s penchant for making major business decisions in accordance with “Biblical numerology,” astrology, and other New Age spiritual practices they don’t teach at Wharton. A succession of lawsuits alleging a hostile work environment, religious and gender discrimination, and anti-military bias, among other things, drew unwelcome headlines. Forbes magazine, which had included Rafaelian on its list of “richest self-made women” and dubbed her a billionaire in March of 2019, wound up slashing her estimated net worth to $450 million a mere four months later. According to an estimate by Earnest Research, which tracks consumer data, retail revenue (including sales in Alex and Ani stores and through its website) was down by nearly 40% in the fourth quarter of 2019 from the year before.

Then, in July of 2019, Alex and Ani filed a $1.1 billion federal lawsuit against Bank of America, asserting that the lender’s discriminatory treatment of the woman-led company was creating “a death spiral” and driving the whole enterprise toward bankruptcy. The bank’s actions, the complaint said, “threatened the company’s very existence, based on two time-tested BofA values: greed and sexism.”

The claim raised eyebrows throughout the industry and beyond, not only for its dramatic assertions, which seemed to tap into the #MeToo upheaval, but for its attorney of record: Harmeet Dhillon. A Republican National Committeewoman and vocal Trump supporter best known for her advocacy on behalf of right-wing culture warriors in high-profile cases, Dhillon seemed an odd fit for a company that billed itself as a font of female empowerment, positivity, and feel-good vibes.


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Bartender (Former Employee) says

"It was ran unprofessional with its busy they want you to run around but when uts slow and the pay rolls is high for a few hours every one gets sent home nit consistent Cons: Unprofessional"

Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"The company reached its peak over 3 years ago, so now it’s just scrambling to stay afloat. Cons: Literally everything else"

Assembler (Former Employee) says

"Good work experience that I gained there, my coworkers were very good and my supervisor, clean area of ​​work and quiet, the most enjoyable part of the job was meet my friends ad learn Cons: nothing"

Shipper/Packer (Former Employee) says

"WAREHOUSE JOB DISCLAIMER: Cons: Management, Regular Employees, Pay Rate"

Full-time Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"This company has zero job security! I had gotten in trouble for something that I had no part in. They even told me that I had nothing to do with the situation and still got let go because of it. And I was the only one. My store manager or assistant store manager should've stepped up and took the blame! This is a family ran franchise and you have no backing to your name here!"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"this company sucks you dry then spits you out, all employees are over worked, they require you to work 50+ hours a week, too much drama. They only hire young people who are not qualified for their positions, then they promote the people who drink the company kool aid. Cons: everything, hours, salary, management's ability to manage"

Picker/Packer (Former Employee) says

"Management was horrible would talk about everyone and there personal problems.Did not know half of the time what to do.Started off at 12hr and went down to 8.50 Cons: management was horrible company sucks"

Assistant Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"An unstable company to work for where staff is not appreciated or motivated. Insecure job status and major lack of communication between upper management and retail. Cons: Benefits, pay, Hours, breaks"

Key Holder (Former Employee) says

"This company claims to “empower” and “build connections” with clients (not customers), but it is a lie. From pushing sales to belittling staff who don’t hit goals to management only in it for themselves rather than training the next set of leaders this company truly is going downhill. I’ve never worked for a company that puts so little disregard into the well-being of their employees and mocks those who want safety measures put in place. We are told to “get over it” and “don’t be so dramatic” when serous events happen. The product is always more important than human life but it’s okay they will pat you on the head and tell you that you matter."

Corporate employee (Former Employee) says

"They do not practice what they morale has really fallen hard last couple years..not the positive energy that they try to sell. Too many firings of good people and hiring of unqualified friends Cons: No clear direction, no loyalty"

Bartender (Former Employee) says

"Alex and Ani was a very demanding job that often left me drained from overexertion. However, I was able to learn many valuable skills from my experience there, including wonderful customer service skills."

Order Picker/Packer (Former Employee) says

"After to many years working there it turned in to a place for slave. Manager have no manners the 15 minutes break got reduce about 5 minutes for the long walk to get to break room and lockers. Supervisor ask to adjust your body to go on the bathroom in breaks. And there's no one in human resources who care about employees because a group of friends are leading! managers and team leaders have no manners, empathy, academic skills or human relations qualification. Otherwise team leaders and manager are rude, discriminative, judging not encouraging at all."

Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"I was highly disapointded by the lack of the Supposed " positive energey" It is a popularity contest with Alex and Ani . They higher based on what you look like and what you wear not your capabilites. I was hired as a Store Manager but any entry level position I tried to hire for had to be viewed first by the Area Manager. Any applicant that did not look the part was denied the position. They will not intveriew without seeing you first. Manager positions are salary so they will work you to death but do not ever be .05 under your 40 hours or all he@# breaks loose. Alex and Ani again cares more about looks so of course most management is highly under qaulified. But they look great. The HR department is a joke. It's like a sorority. The product is so poor it is returned 10+ a day. Of course you are to keep returns under 2% impossible. All Alex and Ani locations are on paid parking streets so that seriously eats 25 % of your income. They spout how much they want to give back but its a joke. They just want those extra sales. The worst mistake I ever made was leaving a stable job for this high school of a joke company. Its a fad... Wontlast long anyways. If your a manger and dont mind 18-21 year olds dancing around all day not caring about customers and getting away with it because there cute than this is the job for you. Cons: Short breaks, lack of experienced managers, have to pay for parking"

Sales Associate (Current Employee) says

"Let me just say I gave my all to a company that pooped me out and left me for nothing. After being let go from covid nobody heard a single word from this company. MONTHS went by and nobody said a single thing. I had to find out on that stores were shutting down on my own and “nobody knew anything” when you asked questions. This company is an absolute joke if you want to be degraded as an actual person and pushed for unreasonable goals in the store this is the place to be. ALEX AND ANI is focused on positive energy but I can promise you it’s not that. All of the store managers gossip and you can’t even keep what is said between you and your DM EVERYBODY WILL FIND OUT. You’ll love it at first then realize what a circus it is. Cons: Unrealistic goals, nobody from corporate has a realistic insight of what working in the store is like, push you until there’s no more, doesn’t care about its employees"

Sales Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"While I know others that have had extremely positive experiences with the company, I found the environment to be superficial, catty, and unwelcoming to new employees."

Order Picker/Packer (Former Employee) says

"Is stressful. Managers have no manners. And now even to go to the bathroom you got to ask. Many people is quitting because of the changes. They have a no stop packing machine that kills your back after 8 hours shift."

Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"District managers are completely unreasonable and demanding. I felt bullied and unmotivated. No work life balance. Product quality declining. Don’t work here ."

Anonymous (Current Employee) says

"When I first started, the environment was great. Now they treat you like a number. Sales are down and they will be out of business before you know it."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Company as a concept is wonderful. great products. unfortunately, very horrible management in Montreal, one of the worst district managers i have ever had the displeasure to work with."

Sales associate (Former Employee) says

"I worked at the dadeland location for approximately 5 months. a typical work weeks was about 1 day 4 hrs a week. This store had way too many managers and sales associates for the amount of hours/ customers. Managers at this location have to be the laziest people especially when the store gets busy and they don't want to help. If you're between two retail jobs you'd be better off else where. Cons: no hours, practically no breaks, lack of management or leader skills"

Former Employee - Project Manager says

"I worked at Alex and Ani full-time for more than 5 years Cons: Underpaid, upper management turned blind eye to everything going on financially with the company and employee morale."

Former Employee - Manager says

"I worked at Alex and Ani full-time for more than 3 years Cons: quality of product horrible, upper management horrible. no raises."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Alex and Ani full-time for more than 3 years Cons: - 6 bosses in 2 years ... I saw 3 full company layoffs. Management was chosen by who was friends with the CEO. Now that she's gone I hope it is better but I wouldn't hold my breath. Constantly hiring people who were unqualified but great bullshitters who could fool her and her friends. - Founder was delusional - in total denial of the company's desperate situation . - After each layoff positions were consolidated, so everyone still employed was forced to take on those rolls with now title changes or pay increases. - Abusive bosses - verbally abusive with no regard for you or your work life balance. Nothing would change even after discussion with HR. - Upper management drove the company into the ground, it was so obvious that the company was dying but management just focused on revenue and let it die."

Former Employee - Keyholder says

"I worked at Alex and Ani full-time for less than a year Cons: I was hit by a car going 80 mph while car was stopped. I was late from a chiropractor appointment and was written up. The management purposely blocked my number so I would not be notified of any updates. I have never experienced so much harassment in a work environment. The other people in management were about 8 years younger then me and continuously lied about things I said.l such as wanting to take over the store. Management stays changing because the rm April is immature. Instead of discussing issues with me she believed the lies and drama that was orchestrated by the other employees in college. I never worked in such a toxic environment in my 13 years working in retail."

Former Employee - Full Time Key Holder says

"I worked at Alex and Ani full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Customers would come in on a daily basis complaining about their tarnished jewelry and would get VERY UPSET with the employees. Corporate and customer service did LITTLE to NOTHING to back up their retail employees. Customer Service would ALWAYS contradict whatever a retail employee told a customer, making us look like the bad guy. The bonus structure is so unrealistic, it's a joke. Our store associates busted our butts time and time again. If we made our monthly sales goal, ONLY the Store Manager would get a bonus. Part time employees and key holders WOULD NOT BONUS, due to not hitting the unattainable ADS goal. Every month we made plan, it was a slap in the face. This company DOES NOT value their employees whatsoever. The company wonders why not a single store can comp? THE PRODUCT IS OUTDATED. They keep trying to re-invent what started this company, it's not working. Also whoever is creating the new designs, WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?? Tacky, tacky, tacky."

Former Employee - Keyholder says

"I worked at Alex and Ani part-time for more than a year Cons: No hours Inventory is unorganized"

Former Employee - Key Holder says

"I worked at Alex and Ani full-time for less than a year Cons: Ridiculous sales methods, the people"

Former Employee - Assistant Manager says

"I worked at Alex and Ani full-time Cons: Everything about this company was negative."

Key Holder says

"I have been working at Alex and Ani for more than a year Cons: Not taking care of their employees whatsoever through the coronavirus pandemic. This issue has truly shown how companies view their employees. I do not believe in this company anymore because of this, and I have seen many customers say how they will not be giving their business anymore either."

Former Employee - Key Holder says

"I worked at Alex and Ani part-time for more than 3 years Cons: corporate doesn’t care about the employees in stores"

Andrea Duncan says

"I ordered 2 bracelets for my daughter for Christmas because all their email spam to my inbox said that if you ordered by a certain date, it would arrive before Christmas. False! False! False! Calling them was pointless. Emailing was pointless. For such a well known brand, the customer service is awful."

Monica Kane says

"Not to echo all of the other reviews but I placed an order as a gift on December 14th. My credit card was charged on December 21st and a pre-shipping label was issued. Today is January 9th and it remains in pre-shipment status. How embarrassing that the person I bought the gift for thinks I never thought of them these holidays. Beyond that I have tried to email them only to receive a response that they are not accepting emails. Attempts to call haven’t yielded any success either. It is disappointing that I won’t be supporting this female established company anymore. Covid cannot be blamed for bad customer service. Have integrity and let your customers know if you cannot fulfill orders."

Tyasia Webb says

"This company has the worst customer service I have ever experienced. The rep give 10 thousand excuses and refuse to provide a refund for Never received merchandise asked to speak a supervisor and was hung up on by Heather never ordering from these Crooks again EVER"

Gavin Cawood says

"I wish I could rate this lower than one star. I ordered an item on the 14th of December. Absolutely zero updates and lies about shipping times. I see other people’s reviews how they got their product within a day or two after purchase. How ridiculous. Are they not fulfilling orders as they come? I guess it isn’t a first come first serve basis. Tried to follow up and email them about my complaints only to be told that it would be several days before they could email me back. Yeah COVID right. Finally received an email back that was automated saying they weren’t replying to emails right now due to a high volume of inquiries. This is absolutely ridiculous for a company with the claims they have of their responsiveness. Will NEVER buy from them again. Useless company. But they are all too quick to take your money."

rsahen says

"Zero stars! Horrible! Ordered 2 bracelets on Dec. 9th, and just got them today, the 31st. Package was sent 2-day priority mail. why couldn't they do that a week before Christmas? Shipped from RI to Mass! I'm literally 50 miles from their warehouse! Never shopping at Alex and Ani again."

KL says

"Highly disappointing customer service experience. Ordered (3) bracelets for nieces on December 13, 2020. USPS Priority Mail tracking number assigned on December 15, 2020. It is now December 30, 2020, and the items still have not arrived. My credit card was charged on December 15, 2020. I called customer service and waited on hold for 12 minutes. Service rep had no interest in assisting with my inquiry. Will never purchase from this company onlline, or in a retail store. Will be vocal regarding my bad experience. Word-of-mouth is the best marketing tool, whether those words are positive, or negative."

Natalie says

"If I could give less stars I would. We ordered on 12/6/2020 with the understanding the items would arrive before Chrismas, and here they are 12/30/2020. Tracking was ridiculous. Thing was sent all over the US and back to its destination. Then, these bracelets are cheap looking. I will NEVER order from this garbage company again."

Dave Munson says

"You learn a lot about on line places by the torture suffered trying to contact a human and restrictions returning when they fail badly. They had three stars {strong explicative} service, slow, missed christmas, lies on how long it takes to process the order, etc) and it dropped to ZERO when I called to send it back. {strong explicative}, this company. Never in my life have I had to suffer tortuous music like this for as long as I had to wait and restricted to only calling in. {strong explicative} you Ani. Whoever is in charge should be {explicative} slapped for setting this up or being too {explicative} to understand how {explicative} they are."

KC says

"I will NEVER order from here again, which is unfortunate as I’ve done so in the past without issues. I paid for expedited shipping & here we are no items and no clue where the ordered items are in transit. They refused to refund my shipping $ and said I have to wait 30 days before requesting a refund for a lost package. Well, I’m not playing their games and will be reporting fraud against them with my card company, which is very good with getting my money back when I’ve had issues. I paid for an item and service that they didn’t provide, therefore fraudulent. They blame it on COVID yet it’s funny how SOOO many other companies I’ve ordered from are getting items to customers as stated. WORST customer service ever! They will not get another penny from me!"

CH says

"I would absolutely give this company ZERO stars for its lack of customer service. They shipped out my purchases in ugly plastic bags without gift boxes. I spoke to a supervisor who stated she would send them ASAP. A month later and I never received them. This was after my initial purchase was never delivered and they had to resend. They stated that they would send the initial purchase out priority mail and it took OVER a month for it to arrive. I spent well over $100.00 and they offered a $10 gift card. Forget it...keep it because I will NEVER order from them again!"

Ayta F says

"Ordered 2 bracelets on December 16th and paid $11 for priority shipping. I received a shipment ready email and nothing else. I attempted to call given that the site states 3 business days for priority shipping and a message played and then hung up. Would recommend ordering through Amazon prime if you have it instead."

Lesley Gibson says

"I've had the exact same experience as the person who posted before me. I purchased gifts for my young nieces. Incredibly disappointed! Not only did I call and get hung up on "try back in a half hour" click- but I followed up with an email. The response said to call them for better service."

unhappy says

"I ordered some bracelets for Christmas presents Nov 26th, I received an email Dec 10th stating they were running behind and it could take 48 to 72 hours longer to ship, it's December 23rd, no shipping email, no tracking number, I will never order from this company again!!!"

Michele M says

"I will never order from this place again I placed and order in December 9th and still have not received my order! I needed it before Christmas. It was supposedly sent to the Post Office on the 15th and it’s still in the ore shipment stage. This is the worst company to order from and now I’m out $54. Please do not order from this place. I will never order from here again. I hope they get shut down."

Taurell Nicole Butts says

"I ordered a bracelet for Christmas and o still haven’t received it. The first time they forgot to ship it with the other items and the second time they shipped me the wrong item. I’ll never order from them again."

Irma W says

"I order on October 18, 2020 an Anchor pin which they had on Clearance. I was ordering this for my daughters birthday. Instead they sent me an Anchor Journal that they sell. So, when I called to inquired that they shipped the wrong thing. They have lousy Customer Service. The woman whom was Customer Service that WORKED THERE...didn't even know their OWN MERCHANDISE and what they Sold! So, she were telling me while I was holding in my hand describing to her. That they didn't have any Journal. She said give me the Order number beginning with the letter "S". I was telling her the Order number began with the number 8. The PO# begin with the letter "S". We finally, verified with the PO# that Yhe Do Sell a Journal! Wow! It took all of that!!! Where do they get these people,that don't even know Their job or the merchandise You Sells??? By then she is raising her voice, rude..then I started raising my voice as well. Because, your Company sent me the "Wrong merchandise!" Then she placed me on Hold. Comes back to tell me now, like am stupid that there is an Anchor ring by the Journal. You must have seen it instead and press the Journal. Like I am stupid, and don't know the Difference between a Ring and a Pin!!!! Still trying to make it my FAULT after, you have messed up my Order! Then she finally, Tells me well we Sold Out of the Pins!!!! WOW REALLY! Could that be Possibly, why I received this Journal INSTEAD! Because, your Company knew it was out of pins and substitute this Journal INSTEAD OF REFUNDING ME MY MONEY!!!! Then she going to say, Rudely and Nasty; If, you don't want it you can RETURN IT! You have the Return Label we sent along with the package!!! I must say that with this Coronavirus going Business/Companies are taking advantage of the customers! Try to order in order to help some of the Companies during, Hardship and Hardtimes but, as Entrepreneurs; They don't care about us the Customers, that makes Your Business!!! Sad!!! I have even had Companies that has kept my money and the merchandise! These are such strange and uncertain times, We all are suffering! But, that does not give another individual the right because, you may have more..To take advantage of someone else. For your own Profit! This was my FIRST TIME ORDERING FROM THEM AND MY LAST TIME! I would not recommend ordering from this Company. Unless, you want to Be Blame for their mistakes. When you Return the merchandise you are out of MORE MONEY! Because,You are the one, that got to pay the Shipping Cost; in order to Return."

Cheryl ChaissonCorbett says

"I Have ToBe 💯 Honest .... My Husband has purchased so many Alex & Ani Bracelets for different occasions...I cannot even begin to tell you how much money has been spent !!!! Only to be 1000 percent disappointed EVERY SINGLE ONE IS UN WEARABLE THEY ALL TURNED BLACK AND TARNISHED.... I ACTUALLY REACH OUT TO ALEX&ANI CUSTOMER SERVICE AND A SUPPOSEDLY MANAGER... BOTTOM LINE IS I WAS TOLD TOUGH LUCK WE DONT DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT !!!!!! This Made Me Absolutely Furious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot believe a company of their product will not do one thing to help you forget about being reimbursed They are the worse I have ever had dealt with and to be rude on top of it !!!!!!! I wish I could send pictures to let you see the horrible product!!!!! I feel so bad for my husband spending a lot of money on something I have to throw in the trash ..... Oh and yes I’ve tried several different things to clean them with no change ...oh and the manager absolutely had the Gaul to suggest I buy one of their cleaning cloths are you kidding me ..... Please do Your research before purchasing this piece of crap tin jewelry..."

Megan says

"save your $$$ and do not buy. I bought two bracelets and both begin to peel and tarnish in just 30 days. I called customer service for a replacement not even a refund and they denied my wonder so many stores are closing with this kind of customer service. I would rate zero stars if I could."

A P says

"I have an Alex and Ani bracelet that was given to me last year for Christmas that I loved. So I thought it would be great to gift it to my friends this year. I ordered early so that I can make sure it was nice enough to give as gifts, thank goodness I did. I had to order online because the stores are all closed. Unfortunately the 3 necklaces I purchased don't look anything like the picture.. very thin, flimsy and look tarnished already. Granted I got them on sale, but that shouldn't change the quality. The packaging looked like something from the dollar store, put in small plastic bags, I thought at least they'd be in a marked Alex and Ani box or pouch. I also purchased the $35 wonder woman bracelet, this one was beautiful.. but.. bent.. as if someone tried to squeeze it to size. I'm stuck with my purchases because it's too much of a hassle to return by mail and wait for a refund in order to re purchase..even if I wanted to. I'm disappointed to say the least."

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