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The ALDO Group is a Canadian retailer that owns and operates a worldwide chain of shoe and accessories stores. The company was founded by Aldo Bensadoun in Montreal, Quebec, in 1972, where its corporate headquarters remain today. It has grown to become a worldwide corporation, with nearly 3,000 stores across 100 countries, under three retail banners: ALDO, Call It Spring/Spring and GLOBO. Stores in Canada, the U.S., the U.K., and Ireland are owned by the Group, while international stores are franchised. The company once operated the now closed or rebranded banners Little Burgundy (which it sold to Genesco), Simard & Voyer, Christian Shoes, Access, Pegabo, Transit, Stoneridge, Locale, Feetfirst and FIRST (which was the American version of Feetfirst).

Sadaf H. from Clarksburg, MD shared the terrible experience of purchasing at ALDO in a review she wrote for Influester:

"I bought 7 pairs of shoes in December 2014. I received all but one pair. I never received any communication from Aldo to inform me of the status of that item. Here we are in May of 2015, I go to to order a pair of shoes and realize that I never received my shoes nor any communication regarding it. I called customer service and the agent I spoke with gave me a refund for the item and asked if I wanted a different size as my size wasn't available. I wear a size 6, why on earth would I take a size 7? I understand that Aldo didn't deliver my order that I placed 6 months ago but my shoe size didn't change in 6 months. I still wear a size 6. Then I was transferred to a manager, Stevenson employee ID 3887. I explained to him that the shoes I ordered are not available therefore I would like a similar pair for the same price. After 60 mins of back and forth, the most he could offer me is 20% off on a new pair. I told him that I don't want to spend any more money. I either want the same shoe in my size, of course, or a similar shoe. The customer should not have to pay more for a similar item when it wasn't their fault to began with. I cannot believe that Aldo cannot afford to offer its customer a similar shoe for the same price when it was ALDO's mistake! Why should I have to pay for their mistake. Here is what I believe, If Aldo kept my money for 6 months, made interest on it, and didn't communicate the status of my order, at the very least it can offer me a similar pair of shoes at the same price. I buy all my shoes from Aldo and I love them all. But I will assure you that after today's experience with customer service, I will not be buying anything from Aldo."


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Former Employee - Key Holder says

"The pay wasn't great. Employees that had been working there longer with higher positions weren't always paid more than new employees."

Former Employee - Sales Associate says

"Poor Communication from senior management."

Footwear Product Developer (Current Employee) says

"The Aldo Group head office is a very Toxic place to work. You will work crazy amounts of hours under a lot of stress. The will do evrything they can to not give you a raise. They rather make you quit and replace you than to make you grow in the company. A lot of people I know that were working there left for sick leave (Depression and burnout). The salary is cheap for the amount of work that you have to do. And if you think you will get a decent raise or promotion you better be sure to be there for at least 5 to 10 years before starting to be over 50k, Directors will pressure you, they will lead you on and tell you that you need to work harde for your raise. I would not recommend anyone to accept a job offer at Aldo. The shoes are cheap and they sell them for a huge amount. They don't care about comfort, durability. All they are focus on are the sells. That is why the Aldo shoes as lost a lot of their clients. Please, Do not Accept a job offer. And talk to people who worked there before. I am not the only one talking bad about the Aldo Group. Everyone in the industry in Montreal knows about how badly they will treath their employees."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Terrible work culture at this store. The job description doesn’t reflect the actual amount of work you are required to do. There is no guarantee you’ll get scheduled the 20 to 40 hours you may or may not need. You will definitely get laid off with out any kind of notice. There are no opportunities for advancement unless someone quits. The new management team is disrespectful to customers.NoneNo security cameras. Poor management."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Worst place to work for manager was rude coworkers never gave messages to manager got fired laid off unfairly and never got paid for it need to hire someone seriouse"

Sales Lead (Former Employee) says

"Everything is about numbers even if headquarters sent you a million things to do in that very same day. Unplanned recalls on the same day as a markdown and sequence update. The “higher ups” are all rude and they’re liars. A lot of favoritism within the management team. You live and breath Aldo and have no life outside of it. It’s completely overwhelming while being under paid"

Sales Lead (Former Employee) says

"Horrible place to work, sexually harassed on the job and upper management did nothing to help. Disrespected, not supportive of those with disabilities and accommodations. Will treat you as if you are not wanted, not a family environment. They also do not pay well and are highly unprofessional. For your mental and physical health Please do not work here."

Assistant Manager (Former Employee) says

"Si vous ne voulez pas grandir dans votre emploi, faire rire de vous et vous faire promettre des choses qui n’arriveront pas c’est l’emploi pour vous!!! J’ai 10 ans d’expériences et ça été de loin le pire emploi que j’ai eu! Très mauvaise direction!"

ASM Seles development Manager (Current Employee) says

"My experience at Aldo in Woodbury was amazingly horrible the store manager was nasty to most post people and staff no hired came back to work because of him I felt unsafe there and unbalanced I felt no support and I was a manager I received no training on what to do my 1st week I was working 7 Days straight because staff quite for me that location no 👎🏽"

Cashier (Former Employee) says

"I hated working there and hated the management. The store is disorganized and not in the best condition they are hiring cause everyone quit it’s not a job I would recommend....Everything"

Assistant Store Manager (Current Employee) says

"Horrible mgmt , employees tweak time cards no sick pay , whole company is a joke Horrible mgmt , employees tweak time cards no sick pay it’s crazy."

Assistant Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"You work at every store in the district because the turnover is so large. And even after you do that they hire from outside instead of within. And it’s clearly because it’s cheaper that way"

Sales Lead (Former Employee) says

"Store Manager Is Very Rude.Lazy.Doesn’t follow through On her words with actions. She gossips to employees about other employees .She has a very negative spirit and is very unprofessional. I do not recommend this stress on anyone.Discount/Great CompanyStore Management"

Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"My DM was rude, racist and egotistical. You work long hours never being able to clock out because you receive texts all day even on your days off. Very good product, but core values do not measure up.Good discountNo breaks"

Assistant Manager (Former Employee) says

"If you’re looking for work, look somewhere else. I never felt supported by upper management, the customers are rude and I deserved better pay. I quit because the DM is rude, cruel and disrespectful.Nothing.Everything."

Gérant de magasin (Former Employee) says

"Worse job ever have in my own life ! Nothing to say more then that.Discount, staffsPaie, direction, hours"

Stock Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"Unfortunately, due to corporate budget cuts, my time here was cut much shorter than expected. ! was promised a much longer time and let off with little to no explanation. they also took 2 months to pay me my last paycheck after letting me go."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Manager did not know how to run a store. Store manager comes in hours late while associates will get written up for being 5 minutes late. Managers will stand behind register while associates do shipment, clean and help customers. Worst job I’ve hadNoneEverything"

Gerante (Former Employee) says

"Il y avait une mauvaise organisation au niveau des gestionnaires haut placé. Beaucoup trop laisser a nous mêmes. Le salaire étais pas assez élever en conséquence de tout le travail effectué. Toujours des erreurs majeur au niveau du salaire. Souvent pas payer.Mal gérer et pas payer"

Retail (Former Employee) says

"The DM doesn't care about peoples growth or development.Lots of Favortism in the region. Get use to being over promised and under delivered too. I have worked for over 6 retailers and this by far was the worst one yet.No job security, They do not value their employees"

Sales and Stock Associate (Former Employee) says

"They weren’t the worst company I’ve ever worked for but after I got laid off I tried applying for unemployment and I couldn’t because also said I quit when I didn’t. I was let go with 3 others due to lack of hours, then when I tried texting the branch manager she tried telling me it’s head office that who I need to be bring this up to even though she is responsible to write in to head office detailing my exterminationIt was a jobhighly don’t recommend working for them"

ASSISTANT MANAGER (Former Employee) says

"Superiors couldnt care any less of their employees. There is NO training program or structure for the employees. They just put you on the floor to work, not ideal for someone who do not have experience in retail world.The fact that there is barely support when it comes to managing. There is always a change in staff and management; this is the location i worked at Marche Central Aldo Superiors couldn't care less about their employees. Firing people for inadequate reasons. Not giving hours to people whom they've just hired because they find them not as productive but not having proof or any kind of assessment to prove this fact; Favoritisme. Theres is nothing protecting the employees. This company do not want to invest in cameras for this store, so employees are subject to being blamed for losses of the store without the burden of any proof. Hours are badly managed. Either too little staff to handle the whole store so they would call people to come in on their days off’s or too much staff. Employees do not have commissions. Only the managers get a bonus. I was expecting a lot when I started working for this company and it is sad to say it did not at all live up to any of my expectations."

Helal Miah says

"There's should be an option to leave no stars. Horrific and ongoing situation where they refused to cancel an item I ordered (I cancelled within 10mins) and despite cancelling within their terms they found the next 8 days arguing the toss with me do they can dispatch the item. Its absolutely awful. TIP: DONT BUY ANYTHING FROM ALDO ONLINE."

Alexandra says

"I’ve ordered online a pair of shoes from Aldo. The shoes were alright but not what I wanted so I’ve decided to return them. Now after a month I haven’t received my £77 refund back. I had a tracking number but I lost it. So now it’s my fault I’m not getting my money back. The same day I returned a dress to Monsoon with the same Royal Mail service and got my money back in 2 weeks. So I’m quite sure they haven’t lost the shoes. But Aldo is just disappointing. I’m not using their online service again, so I won’t have to stress about losing my tracking number along with my money."

David Owen says

"The worst customer service I have ever dealt with in my life !! There shoes are over priced for the quality!!! 3 pairs had to be returned And trying to get your refund is a nightmare!!!! Never will I order from them again"

Vicky Hunt says

"I had Stopped by my favorite shoe store Aldo Cross Creek Mall,to purchase a black side purse, the young lady at the register was on her phone and she stayed on the phone the entire time and had me waiting in line at the register for 10 mins, while she went back in the back to finish her conversation. She had very poor customer service skills,she cost the store a sell, I did not purchase the bag at all. Very Disappointed in Aldo Please hire better help"

Dhwani Patel says

"I use to buy a lot more from Aldo, due this situation around the world I bought something online, the carrier company lost my package, I complained to Aldo and they told me that they ll refund, I asked then instead if they can reorder, the representative gave me the link to reorder, I mean its not my fault at all why should I be doing all those formalities of filling up the forms and all that again"

Janet Kerlin says

"Please Please Please do not purchase these shoes. Absolutely terrible quality. Bought winter boots for last year. Wore them 5 times and they had a massive tear in the front of the boot. Rang up Aldo and they were about as helpful as a pair of sunglasses on bloke with one ear. Awful quality, useless customer service. AVOID"

Ali Moore says

"The worst customer services I have dealt with. Returned one of my pairs that I ordered, never received a refund. Was told the refund was done after spending so much time trying to contact them. But it was lies, never got the refund.. will never buy from them again."

Enitan says

"Extremely disappointed by the service I have received from aldo. I purchased a pair of slippers on 30 December as a gift for a friend. Slippers were priced at 19.98 money was taken out my account. However I never received a confirmation email or email informing me to come and collect the item from my requested store. I send them an in email on the their direct website, even though it states a member staff will be in contact within 12 hours no one contacted me in two day."

Michael says

"The worst shop with worst customer service and worst shoe quality. Deserves 0 stars"

Mr a morton says

"Avoid joining their Aldo Crew email collection operation as the ability to use the 15 per cent welcome voucher is not extensive."

Nathan says

"I had never heard of when I began receiving spam emails purporting to be from that company to a personal iCloud email address that I literally never use or hand out. The emails were from a sender with a long and messy address that always ended in As I knew I'd not signed up I first assumed the emails were fraudulent/cloned (a scam), but after a couple of weeks of receiving at least one email a day (as they were bypassing the iCloud spam filter) I decided to contact Aldo Shoes via their website and ask them to help clarify if the emails were in fact from them. The website promised a quick reply but I waited over a week with no response. Finally I set up a new throw-away email account and joined the 'Aldo Shops Crew' club which signed me up for their email rubbish and, to my amazement, the new emails were from the same email address I had been bombarded by. How anyone managed to get hold of an iCloud email address (individual or Aldo Shoes themselves) that had never been used (Apple hack that Apple haven't admitted to, perhaps?) is anyone's guess. But what really bothers me is that Aldo Shoes completely ignored my request for help even though my message to them clearly explained that I had not signed up for their spam emails and, as such, I was being bugged by their daily advertising emails illegally. If this is the quality of their customer service and care regarding their legal and moral responsibilities I can only imagine how awful a purchasing experience could be."

Natalia says

"The WORST COMPANY TO ever buy anything from. I've ordered shoes on sale that have never been sent, after a.weel a rand customer service to check on them as they haven't arrived. I was informed that parcel is missing and then I was promised to send another pair. now the second parcel is lost and I still don't have ordered shoes. it seems very messy, they don't care about their customers!! as I said in my emails I would like the shoes that i have ordered, the fact that you don't.have them anymore in stock it's not my problem as I havnt been informed about it for a month..... As a company you should have informed me about the situation rather than claiming that shoes are missing and blaming parcel company for loosing the package. I will literally make sure to let everyone about your customer service and online shopping experience."

K Graham says

"Really poor. Placed my order and received a confirmed delivery date for some sandals I need for a holiday. Received an email from customer service which implied there was a delay of an unspecified length so contacted them. They can’t confirm when the sandals will arrive as there “may be low stock” so I should just hang on and see when/if they will arrive but if they do run out they will refund me which is very kind of them. Customer service literally don’t care about whether a customer is happy and the company are happy to take your money and ieave you hanging to see whether they’ll fulfill you’re order but you can’t cancel it. No wonder they’re closing stores from constantly-their shoes used to be decent but it’s iust not worth it for this hassle. By the way, don’t bother calling them from the UK-the phone number only works sporadically and their live chat is so slow that you’ll lose an hour of your life over a simple conversation."

Mark Donoghue says

"I bought a pair of men's boots online, they arrived and were uncomfortable. Therefore I began the return process via the Aldo website, they provided me with a returns label. I repackaged the item and used the printed return label to send the item at the Post Office. I was provided with a proof of postage certificate (without a tracking number). 10 days have passed since then. I have had no notification that the item has been received, no refund and no help from Aldo chat or email support agents, despite me having proof of postage. I am so annoyed and £65 out of pocket. I will not let this rest until I get my refund and I will NEVER buy from here again. I would also like to note the member of staff I initially spoke to on Aldo help chat have came across very poorly, unhelpful and unfriendly too. PLEASE BEWARE."

Robert Mucsi-Kurinyecz says

"Purchased a pair of shoes to my better half. When we opened the box we realize they sent a pair of used shoes. No worries, emailed them and they adviced to bring the shoes in to one of their shop. Did that, they haven't got the right size, so they ordered online. Arrived in two days, box opened: voila, another pair of used shoes. We used Aldo in the last 5 years (my wife has at least 30 pairs from them), but now we getting to the point to looking after someone else. This is disgusting. Seriously. Don't buy from them, not at all"

TextsFromVancouver says

"UPS shipping took AGES. :(... I ordered a handbag - the Black "HALIFAX" bag (identical to the "JASKA" handbag) at a hefty price. The looks are good, the quality - not so much. The handles are probably the weakest part of the bag, and have tiny cracks on the sides. Make note however, that I am extremely careful with my bags and I did not put heavy items in it. I used the HALIFAX very little, but the bag is losing its structure already. The inside lining is OK, but the outside PU is of very weak quality. I fell in love with the design, which was why I bought it online, but the quality is seriously questionable, given the price. I was pretty sad when I finally received it in the mail after waiting so long, but I couldn't return it since I had desperately needed a bag for an important trip. My second purchase from the website was a black GALIUMPI wallet. This was a purchase that deserves a 5/5 - the quality was great and I got it at a discounted price which made it worth it. Also, not pleased with the website. I had posted a negative review of the HALIFAX bag on the aldo site, but they didn't put it up. Lol... I guess they cherry pick their reviews, so perhaps the aldo website itself is not an accurate platform to get honest reviews for products. Also I want to say that often the pictures for products on the Aldo website are often heavily lacking. I purchased the GALIUMPI wallet on a whim, and was surprisingly pleased, however there were not enough pictures on the site at the time that showed both sides of the wallet. It turned out that one side of the wallet was white, and the other was black, when I had actually expected an entirely-black wallet. Overall, I would recommend avoiding purchasing from Aldo unless the item is heavily discounted, and make sure you can return the product easily. I would also avoid using PayPal to pay from Aldo, because returns are harder (since you can't go in-store to return, you have to ship it back). Pay with a credit card online or go in-store, because that way the refund will be processed back to your card and returns are easier."

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