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Ajman Bank is a young, agile Islamic commercial bank built on the values of integrity, trust and transparency. The first Islamic bank incorporated in the Emirate of Ajman, the Bank was established in 2007. It is a source of pride for the Bank to nurture, support and develop the careers of the UAE Nationals

As per the reports of thenational newspaper, some suspicious investors are behind the purchase of Ajman Bank's share. The newspaper wrote, "An unknown investor has bought almost 4 per cent of Ajman Bank, an indicator of further activity for the Islamic lender already regarded as a potential takeover target. Shares were higher after a huge block of the company's stock traded hands on the market open, without any explanation from the company. The Islamic institution's shares were up as much as 2.6 per cent to Dh1.58 each before sliding to Dh1.56 per share, after a block of 38.8 million shares were traded yesterday morning. A bank spokeswoman did not respond to requests for comment on the share movement, which represents 3.8 per cent of Ajman Bank's share capital. Tariq Qaqish, the head of asset management at Al Mal Capital, said investors required more transparency and disclosure from the company. "The block trades indicate that there's something happening behind the scenes," he said. "But investors don't have enough disclosure to say what." Last year Ajman Bank was frequently at the centre of rumours that it was the takeover target of an unnamed institutional investor, one factor which resulted in its shares rising by 71.2 per cent last year."


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Nalebe Magret says

"Am not helped since 15th March when my money never reached yet I badly need it please i request you to follow my case"


"Another month still just promises. @Nael Pablo, join the group on Facebook called "UAE Exchange Consumer Complaints", helpful if you want to stay up to date. So far a couple of people from the group got their 50+K refunds but mine is above that range so i will probably have to wait for eternity... Just want to say, i hope that people from management read this and they get into the same situation as we are now, sick of this company and their business."

naël pablo says

"Has someone received refund upper than 50k yet? I've been waiting for more than 3 months for a refund, they always come up with new excuses..."

Yannick says

"where is my money ?? Still waiting after 3 months. Also unable to get an answer on the phone."

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