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Assistant (Former Employee) says

"the Sr. Mgr while giving a service award state in front of all the plant employees the average stay of an employee was 9 months. Continue to rehire and replace never gets enough trained at one time to be a good workplace. It was a good place for skills to be learned and then move to a larger and better company to use them because you be docked so much on your point system (if were late or called in to work) you are fired no matter how good of an employee. the 9 /80 work hours were good. people were not interactive the different cultural groups stayed together. In the office and salary employees lots of back stabbing lack of help it was everyone for themselves. Constant Management Changes in all the factory sites poor communications the important flow information did not flow at all. Safety was a big concern with each employee turning in written concerns each week so management could work on correcting hoursmanagement, benefits, point system turn over in all departments"

Everything (Current Employee) says

"This is the worst company that anyone could ever work for especially if you want to have a life outside of work. I worked for HDT for a few months and I was ready to walk on my first day. The place is very unorganized and poorly ran. Everyone runs around having panic attacks the whole work day. If you are looking for a company to advance in, this is not the one. If you don't have a life or family then this is the place for you. I WOULD NOT recommend HDT to my worst enemy.NoneEverything that you can possible think of"

Material Handler (Former Employee) says

"A tytpical work day consists of employees picking on each other, keeping up trouble, running to supervisors telling lies, supervisors hearing only hearing and taking sides of the one he favors more, at the end of the day ,demanding that we work overtime, this is the most racist company ever.overtimeshort life span with the company if you are not cauccasion."

Employee (Former Employee) says

"SAP rules here! Management spends too many hours worried about what the spreadsheet says, rather than rolling up their sleeves and worrying about what the employees think and what definitive improvements can be made! So many ideas, not enough time... ( or resources??) I wonder what could be done if there were not so many meetings! Sales employees located here are a joke. They don’t sell, they say they are visiting customers, but take off early. They always boast about the parties they have, and management likes this. They say they have too much to do, but are on the floor criticizing Quality, Production, and safety efforts every chance they get, just to make employees and current management look bad. This justifies their existence? Just too many Bosses!!401k is goodJust look at the other reviews."

Assembler (Former Employee) says

"Very poor management!!!! Company was very disorganized and most days employees didn't know what was going on because management never directed them. Very stressful job. I would not recommend itIt was a jobManagement"

Multiple Positions (Former Employee) says

"Poor leadership has resulted in a significant turn-over of mid-level personnel. RIFs continue year to year. Changes that did not increase productivity or motivation. Mostly government work that has a poor QA associated. Managers/Supervisors/Engineers do not accept recommendations or identified deficiencies. Little to no upward mobility. Senior management is concerned only with $$$ and neither the personnel (although they say it) or culture. Poor communications.Far and FewLeadership"

Employee (Current Employee) says

"I find this company to be very unorganized starting at order entry all the way to shipping. The majority of your day is spent fixing other's mistakes. The level of stress here is through the roof. Management needs an overhaul. Some offer very little help while others "Micro manage". Employees will throw you under the bus as soon as you walk out the door at night. So much for promoting "Team Work". No one seems to be happy here. I do not recommend.NoneEverything"

airbeam assembly (Former Employee) says

"no matter how long you have been there, or how good you are at what you do, everyone is replaceable. point system doesn't lose the bad employees but the good ones. supervisors can't supervise. laziness is rewarded while good work ethic goes unnoticed and sometimes punished. started out on airbeam assembly and it was a team dynamic. management changed it to every man for himself. if you don't mind being a worker bee with no sense of value, young and tolerant, great place to work. but if you are older, wiser, and know better stay the away.4 day work weeklazy coworkers, supervisors who can't supervise, supervisors think what they see is how it is, everyone is employee of the month when they around, point system is under misconduct, it looks like you intentionally lost job when you point out, you wont get unemployment even after working there for 10 months."

Frame Assembler (Former Employee) says

"I worked here for over a year, I loved my job because I was able to train and learn many things- I learned so much here and spent endless hours because I loved what I did. Everyone points out (sad when you don't hesitate to stay over 12 hours with not even a "thank you"). When I first joined the company, it truly felt like a family until the employee expansion. I would like to feel like I make a difference when I am with a company. I want to grow within the company and help it grow. I however, do not want to feel like another insignificant piece of the machine.The people, some benefitsShort breaks, management, healthcare, point system"

CAD Designer then Manager of military labels (Former Employee) says

"Engineering, Manufacturing and the shop are not linked together. Quality is very bad and that is way they are not receiving orders and that means lay offsGreat co-workersManagement does not listen"

Manufacturing Technician III (Current Employee) says

"This is an overall good place to work. As with many places upper management, operations, engineering and finance are all on different pages and have no idea what the other is doing. The employees as a whole are a great group of people and easy to work with.On the shop floor we work 4-10 hours days so we are off on fridayslunch is too early, and no communication between different departments"

Shipping Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"I learned alot about international shipping. I enjoyed the people that I worked with. Management while in VA was good. They should have never joined with Hunter."