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Air Wick is an American air freshener brand, the manufacturer owned by the Anglo-Dutch company Reckitt Benckiser. It was first launched in 1943 in the United States, and is now sold worldwide.

Money in life published in 2108 a piece of investigation courtesy of TruthInAdvertising about Air Wick Essential Oils and what goes into these fragrances:

It is very unlikely that there is any real lavender in this product, as they have supposed customers choose between its scent and “real lavender.” Even if it did contain real lavender, it is highly doubtful that they would be counting the number of flowers in every bottle. asked Air Wick how it arrived at over 80 lavender flowers per bottle. We have yet to get a response.

But what we found when we looked up a lavender-scented essential oil on Air Wick’s website is that the first ingredient in the product (and thus the most predominant) is not “over 80 lavender flowers” but fragrance. The Environmental Working Group, a non-profit that examines ingredients in consumer goods, has referred to the ingredient fragrance as “a black box for hundreds of chemicals in thousands of everyday products.” This is because fragrance is one of two ingredients on a product label that itself can be comprised of hundreds of natural and synthetic ingredients. The other is “flavor.” Under U.S. regulations, companies are allowed to simply list “fragrance” or “flavor” to protect trade secrets.

But we did some digging and, according to a “safety data sheet” for the lavender-scented essential oil, here’s some of what appears to go into Air Wick’s fragrance formula (in descending order of predominance):

Perhaps not what you would expect from a product advertised in the commercial as “infused with 100% natural essential oils.”

Essential oils are appealing to consumers because the source is natural. However, the FDA warns:

Sometimes people think that if an “essential oil” or other ingredient comes from a plant, it must be safe. But many plants contain materials that are toxic, irritating, or likely to cause allergic reactions when applied to the skin.

Find more of our coverage on essential oils, which are prevalent in the MLM industry, here.


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Parts Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"Don’t work here! This place doesn’t value you unless you’ve been there 10 + years total joke of a plant they fire good people but let the thief’s still work thereNothingEverything"

Medewerker (Former Employee) says

"Ga er niet werken. Dit is een chaotische organisatie."

Técnico Manutenção Mecânica (Current Employee) says

"Devido a frequência de mudança de gestão e desistência de assumir determinadas responsabilidade (menos de um ano), torna a empresa sem rumo, zero comunicação e com gerência desorientada. Muita cobrança e sem recursos fabril."

Maintenance Technician II (Former Employee) says

"Management is expecting big numbers, outdated equipment that constantly fails forcing you to work overtime to get the product out. Their rules don't apply to their favorites. Very harsh discipline on the rest. Very unfair in their all around policies. I wouldn't recommend this place to a friend. I was forewarned about this place and didn't listen, and saw first-hand how things are handled. People are stressed out from the constant pressure to perform. High turnover rate due to the stressfull work environment. No lock out tag out program enforced. The forklift drivers do not drive safely. This a dangerous High stress environment. I am not a disgruntled employee but thought others should know what. I have observed while I worked there.what they are getting into."

Manufacturing Technician (Current Employee) says

"As jobs go it is fine but you will quickly realise that it’s a who you know type of place. Back stabbing is encouraged by leaders and managers. You will scratch your head and wonder how some people are qualified for their role.....they aren’t. The site has failed audits recently which shows a lack of quality and competency from the management. The ‘team’ of managers try and make life miserable for the shop floor"

NHS Business Development Manager (Former Employee) says

"their knowledge of employment law was laughable and sadly their treatment of staff as a consequence was sub standard. during a particular turbulent time they set out to mislead their employees"

Quality Assurance (Former Employee) says

"No one wanted to listen to your opinion if it didn't align with theirs. Any time spent away from the desk, even if it was a trip to the bathroom, was disgraceful. Meeting upon meeting of non-value added information. Quality was a joke."

Maintenance Team Resource Manager (Former Employee) says

"Lack of structure and constant organizational shifts are a direct result of a company that struggles to produce. People are treated unfairly and forced overtime is a way of life. The teams fight and point fingers at each other to shift blame. The factory is driven by greed and dissention.None - avoid this placeEverything that can be wrong with a company is found here"

Qaulity Control (Former Employee) says

"RB were just poor management I did not like working there at all but I needed a job and I made the best of it while I was there RB help me improve my skill as far as QC person now I have 1 year experience"

Senior (Former Employee) says

"like they say , if you don't have anything good to say about it. Don't say anything, and that's all I have to say about that. The only thing good about this company the cafe areasomemore that pros"

HME Formulation Associate (Former Employee) says

"very stressful rushed work environment. they do not respect your work/life balance. you are a prisoner to the company and be at their back and call at all proslong hours for little money"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Horrible culture, with senior managers who turn a blind eye to obvious wrongdoing. Bonus is ok when it is paid out. HR is not a resource.Color hallways in Parsippany officeCulture, advancement for US citizens, Hr"

Floor Worker (Former Employee) says

"It was a job that paid. It was a typical factory job. It was a Physically taxing and mundance work enviornment. My day to day activites were not enjoyable, but it was a blessong to have a job.Job that paidPhysically taxing and mundane work enviornment"

Accounts Payable Clerk (Former Employee) says

"Great environment to work in and management is very family oriented. The workers are friendly and committed. I have learned a lot about how to be a good team player."

associate (Former Employee) says

"There is nothing typical in a typical day at Reckitt Benckiser. Very Toxic atmosphere An overflow of meaningless meetings and management holds you accountable for work that cannot be completed due to magnitude of meetings. Never praised for your endlessness of efforts to not only support your group but the entire facility. You have to watch your back at all times,everyone there is about climbing the ladder while stepping and doing or telling lies to make themselves look good off of your hard work and innovative ideas. Constant manipulation from the top of upper management to supervisors They don't know or care about the core hard minded individuals who have dedicated there invested time within the company. If you are hired, your lucky if you can last or sub stain past 3 years there. Good luckNoneI need a piece of paper and a day to"

marketing manager (Current Employee) says

"no respect to people overload always short of resource rework and no structure low people quality cost cutting all the time speed over perfection"

Senior Transportation Manager/Procurement (Former Employee) says

"no life ask you to deliver the impossible. set you up for failures on the objectives... bosses only care about themselves and how they can survive.nothingeverything"

Chemist (Former Employee) says

"If you want to be treated like a sack of dog feces, this is the job for you. Wish I could put zero stars; maybe negative stars?NoneEverything"

Systems Administrator (Former Employee) says

"The Parsippany building is full of over privileged, self-important, pretentious people with absolutely no concept of respect. People constantly walk all over each other and throw each other under the bus. The environment reminds me a lot of an elementary school where people are constantly telling on each other and going to their managers when they don't get what they want. This company likes to come up with ideas to restructure departments without having any idea why they are doing it and they want it done immediately. This was truly the most miserable job I have ever had in my life. I've seen many people come into RB who are the happiest people and after a few months they are completely emotionally defeated. This place needs a serious attitude adjustment. There is a severe lack of structure and competence, but most of all the overall malicious and negative attitude makes it an unpleasant environment. I would not suggest working here if you value your happiness. Company StoreEverything else"

Cell Associate/Logistics (Former Employee) says

"Lack of management in this place, manager bribing agency staff for favours and false promises or threaten with the sack if payment isn't received, transport management comes from admin background, no people skills, if you don't toe the line they make your life a misery, people treading on eggshells when at work, lots of back biting and 2 faced people work here, a lot of bullying and threats to people, no progression for new ideas, im glad I got out when I did after 12 years. Give this place a wide berth. On my doorstepReally poor management, backstabbing, bribery, bullying, non existant HR dept."

Trevor says

""Black Lines Matter" I recently purchased a double refill for my front loading Freshmatic. Put new batteries in the dispenser inserted one of the sprays. My Freshmatic gave one puff and then flashed red/ faulty, with no sign of giving out any more fragrance in the bin it went. I purchased a new Freshmatic £10 inserted the refill can and it worked. Then overnight I thought the nozzle looks different, I located an old nozzle retrieved the old Freshmatic from the bin. Installed the refill this time with an old nozzle and it worked. So clearly the problem was in some way the nozzle. I contacted Airwick and rather than admit to the problem assured me that the refills have been tested and work in new and older versions of the Freshmatic. So I then set about trying to determine what the problem was I noted the new nozzle was lacking the two black bands so using a black felt tip pen I copied the two lines onto the new nozzle using that nozzle in my old Freshmatic and it worked. I then contacted Airwick to tell them of my findings and they replied glad we could help??"

leesa Murphy says


Ivor Headache says

"Pity I couldn’t give it zero. Purchased 6 of a product called ‘Vipoo’. The first dispenser stopped working after only about half of the contents had been used. Second one, exactly the same. At £6 each, and only being able to use about half, this makes the tiny little product cost about £9 ! Contacted the company and had the usual ‘we take your complaint very seriously’ since when they have done nothing but put obstacles in your path. They replied to my email wanting bar code and batch number, then next email wanted something else, and so it goes on. Would not recommend this product"

Suzanne says

"Terrible customer service. Purchase of a Glade Airwick Christmas fragrance (with aerosol). After using this for about a week the can started to leak leaving a mess all over my bathroom cupboard. Wilko's would not help due to me not keeping the receipt, therefore I thought best option was to email Airwick direct. Because I hadn't kept the packaging, which I would have thought was normal they won't do a thing. I had to throw away the can immediately as it was leaking a sticky mess. I sent them photos of the dispenser as that is all I have kept. I find it outrageous that because I cannot produce a batch number they refuse to help."

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