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Air France is the flag carrier of France headquartered in Tremblay-en-France. It is a subsidiary of the Air France–KLM Group and a founding member of the SkyTeam global airline alliance. As of 2013 Air France serves 36 destinations in France and operates worldwide scheduled passenger and cargo services to 175 destinations in 78 countries (93 including overseas departments and territories of France) and also carried 46,803,000 passengers in 2019. The airline's global hub is at Charles de Gaulle Airport with Orly Airport as the primary domestic hub. Air France's corporate headquarters, previously in Montparnasse, Paris,are located on the grounds of Charles de Gaulle Airport, north of Paris.

Back on August 2016 an angry passenger named Ghadeer N. wrote a review for Tripadvisor about how was flying with Air France:

i had very bad experience trying the Air France using it to attend business meetings, conferences and workshops all over the world. i lost my luggage or had it delivered late to the airport not even my hotel many times. service over the plane and at the airports was bad and not responsible. team is not hospitable and not tending to help anybody with anything. i avoid travelling with air France after the many bad experiences.


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Former Employee - Passenger Service Agent says

"Management is poorly trained. They’ll email each other instead of confronting employees on issues. Obvious favoritism. They told us we weren’t worth more than minimum wage pay and if we don’t like it we can leave. When things got hectic at the airport managers were nowhere to be found leaving employees to figure everything out themselves."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Very little time off and very little pay"

Former Employee - Customer Service Agent says

"Horrible management in Boston station only! Miserable people you have to work with you. No one cares about the Job, it's almost like a free for all. The management picks on you like they are bullies back in grade school. Unbelievable work environment and no one cares. Not even human resources cares. Corruption, and horrible staffing and management lead to ultimately a bad place to work. If you work hard, you are completely unrecognized. The opportunity to move up almost never comes, and when it does, they choose the candidate who ultimately never challenges the upper management, someone who always says yes to upper management, without ever asking why. Meaning someone who kisses the most behind. It's amazing how they have had complaints to HR over the course of 4 years, by multiple people, and nothing ever gets done.. Instead they promoted the people who had received the complaints. The other stations are fine, but if you are choosing to work in the Boston station, I highly suggest you don't. You need to be a very strong person to work there."

Former Employee - Business Analyst says

"Management not helpful and unprofessional"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Paying for standby tickets and difficulty to use it as planes are often full. Working for many airlines at the same time with different procedures and incompatible systems. Ineffective training and lack of competent support. Supervisors often don’t know how to help Customer suport agents. Information searching tools often gives conflicting information. Phone line issues with “static shock” causing long term hearing problems. Toilet time is measured and part of you performance, not healthy. Issues with payslip and extra time worked; you end up giving up as you need to check it constantly. Criticism and gossip behind your back and Management backing up bullies. Complaints are not followed properly and it may turn against you. Lack of trust in all levels. Mishandling of personal data. Unsafe place to work ."

Costumer Service Assistant says

"I don't know where to start. People are treated as numbers, not in a neutral way but in a disrespectful one. The more you give and make a good job, the more they will push and play around with your time there. No credibility from anyone in HR and management in general. Most of the time the systems do not work and there is a huge gap in communication. Altogether, it makes it impossible to work without getting depression after a while. It is very easy to pass the lack of organisation to customers given the fact that most of the procedures are changing every second and people don't have time to practice or understand it. Disgusting treatment between KLM and Air France employees."

Former Employee - PSA says

"PAY! (non-competitive and always wants more for less// as of now they pay minimum wage) Bad Management (they will do anything before they blame themselves) They Pick Favorites (if your not one good luck!) No Work/Life balance you HAVE TOO work 160 hours per month you can't give away shifts, you can only trade Always short staffed (VERY HIGH TURNOVER) If you don't work in France the company doesn't care about you There are to many egos and they don't work as a team The flight crews are always rude and difficult if you are not french or french speaking There are no growth opportunities beyond gate lead, arrival lead, and/or Agent 1"

Manager says

"Not paid well, all decisions are made by Headquarters in Paris."


"Frequent change of management. Management does not care about turnover. Over the years employees are more and more unhappy - no consistency. What one does for Y it is not the same for X. Lots of favouritisim."


"They don't disclose in the interview that you have to work every weekend , low pay , management very unaware of their employees , bit harsh , I was surprised with speaking fluent Dutch, French and Spanish they didn't try to keep me when I wanted to quit"

Ejecutivo Senior BTT (Former Employee) says

"Mediocre, todo funciona al revés. Nepotismo y favoritismo"

Test Manager Qualité Logicielle (Former Employee) says

"Mon expérience de projet chez air France a été horrible et je déconseille fortement de travailler temporairement avec air France exploiteur"

AIrway Bill Validator (Former Employee) says

"A normal day would be to key in data based on whatever is given to you and just simply do as you are told and not question anything(as told to us). As it is not really a culture there to ask too many questions, no matter how it may seem to you.It will be a good chance for you to hone your interpersonal skills as you have to stay amiable no matter what is thrown at you. The hardest part would be when I was told to do a task only to be told to something else and when doing that other task, you will be told that you are not supposed to do it and go back to your original task. Which is really confusing and thinking if I should go and ask a question or consider if I will be rejected or told off because I was unsure and I was new at that time. The simplest part would be the job I was supposedly doing, as the data is there you just have to follow accordingly so there isn't much of a stress factor. I have learned that patience is a virtue and communication is important and if you do not know, just go and ask.The pay for this kind of job is considered slightly higher than averageNo advancement, treatment of staff depends if you are amiable by their definition, No fix structure on how the task is being completed, quite contradicting and irresolute"

Gate Officer and Service Agent (Former Employee) says

"nooit aan beginnen want is enkele maar hosten en geen doorgroeimogelijkehedendynamischzwaar"

Manager,coordinateur en regulation . (Former Employee) says

"Tout est devenu sous traité et les conditions de travail sont devenues dangereuses et pénibles.AucunPas de reconnaissance"

Customer care (Former Employee) says

"Turni snervanti dalle 7 di mattina alle 7 di sera, durante i quali si deve gestire contemporaneamente sia reclami scritti che telefonate inbound e outbound. Livelli di stress alti a causa della natura dei reclami e dell'impossibilità a trovare una soluzione data l'organizzazione gerarchica dell'azienda con scarsa possibilità di contattare dipartimenti competenti. Supervisori ostili e assenti che si rifiutavano di intervenire per escalations. Colleghi di lavoro per fortuna disponibili a sostenersi a vicenda, facendo a volte le veci di supervisori per le escalation dei reclami telefonici più accesi. La parte più piacevole del lavoro erano i benefici derivati dai biglietti scontati in stand-by sui voli della compagnia. Dipartimento risorse umane nemico degli impiegati e poco sensibile.biglietti scontati"

Sales agent and customer services representative (Former Employee) says

"as i wanted to work i went to work but arriving at air france i discovered it wasnot a place for me to respect nothing.i arrrived supervisor of the calll center .i was demote after a stroke"

Technicien des moyens généraux (Former Employee) says

"Beaucoup de cinéma autour du travail Il ni a aucune harmonie entre les équipesNéantLa direction Ne respecte pas les personnes"

Passenger Service Agent (Former Employee) says

"Management has lack of training and communication. Obvious favoritism. All other employees are mistreated, bullied, and underpaid. The only positive is your flight benefits. Highly recommend working for any other airline.Flight benefits, Health insuranceManagement!!!!! Pay"

Csa (Current Employee) says

"We were not treated fairly when Air France closed it’s doors at FLL although I and so many chose to stay to assist the company to it’s last breath this was not appreciated. The people that chose to leave earlier had better benefits, and the department that closed last had also better benefits so people were exceptionally given flight benefits for life."

Passenger Service Agent (Current Employee) says

"You deal with safety and security but the pay is among the lowest in the Airport. You don't get any benefits from your hard work. Management is terrible. They simply don't care for the agents !"

Customer Care (Former Employee) says

"Management was horrible, The atmosphere in there was horrible. (I felt controlled) Miserable policy. No thanks! I was glad to leave after only 3 weeks. I could not bear working there.Mo to Fri workEverything else"

Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"Several colleagues getting sick from being pushed over the limit. Unrealistic objectives. Highly political environment. Cases of bullying, discrimination and private personal data breach. Acoustic shock on the line cause workers to have long term ear impairment. Bad training with high demands. Working for several airlines with different rules and incompatible systems. Highly frustrating for customers and employees. Unsafe place to work.Multicultural environment, tickets for long distance on a standy basis.Have to be available from 7am to 8pm as shifts change, poor work/life balance, unlikely progression."

PNC (Former Employee) says

"Je déconseille vivement cette entreprise qui n'a aucune considération pour ses salariés."

Office manager + Key Account Manager (Current Employee) says

"Being in Sales , the most important part is communication and professionalism. Airfrance KLM teach you not only to sell but to form relationships which go a long way in life. Have always had a extremely great relationship with all my colleagues be it the management or the peons. Nothing really is very hard in my current job and I love my job. I love my job as a sales person where I get to meet a lot of people and make friends as well as good contacts."

Hostess (Former Employee) says

"The company was good to work with their very good lounge It was a good experience it was my first job I learned a lot from this job Everyone is very nice who works thereOk..ok"

impiegata (Former Employee) says

"apertura con visite giornaliere rapporto con medici e loro assistenza, attività di banconista addetta alle telefonate e gestione delle visite, preparazione del programma dei vari medici giorno per giorno spesso accompagnamento nelle aziende e assistenza alle visite poi stesura del report fine controlli redazioni lettere e comunicazioni rapporti con ingegneri addetti alla legge (626 poi decreto 81) sulla protezione dei lavoratori nell'ambito lavorativo stesura del manuale dei rischi e visite correlate lavoro spesso monotono quando in sede interessante e educativo in azienda non apprezzato molto lavoro giornaliero preferenza turnirapporti con medici ed aziendepoca autonomia"

Customer Relationship Officer (Former Employee) says

"Management and staff confuse work with tinder, candidates for internal jobs promotions are already selected pre intrerview stages, 1 min lateness is being punished like in kindergarten - micromanaging 10xNoneEverything"

Assistant Ressources Humaines (Former Employee) says

"Air France est le plus gros employeur de l’île de France, la gestion de la masse salariale est un levier de croissance. il faut être pilote , ou cadre supérieur à Air france. sinon pour les autres corporations (le personnel sol) d'autres entreprises vous offrirons de meilleurs salaires et peut être de meilleurs opportunités de carrières. Sur les dix dernières années j'ai eu mon salaire gelé (il faut contenir le coût de la masse salariale) et j'ai eu des augmentations planchers (ras du sol) +0.3% par an ou 0.5%. J'ai même été exceptionnel +1.4% par an. Sur les cinq dernières années avec mon augmentation globale je pouvais acheter un menu chez Mac Do tous les mois en plus. Le coût de la vie courante a fortement augmenté ( en province et en région parisienne) et les salaires de façon globale ne suivent plus la véritable inflation ou le réel coût de la vie. Aujourd'hui avant de s'engager dans un un nouvel emploi, il faut calculer les frais engagés.Il est important de trouver un emploi le plus proche de son domicile et ne pas avoir de frais de transport ou de logement."

Animatrice Centre de vacances (Former Employee) says

"pas de grande opportunité d’évolution pas toujours facile de travaillé avec des enfants"

Arthur says

"With Air France, you can buy fully refundable ticket. However once you cancel your booking and request refund, prepare to spend hours on the phone and expect to wait number of months for the refund to be issued. Once this company was a respectable airline, however going forward, it should be avoided at all costs!!!"

William Strange says

"« OUR AIR FRANCE PROTECT COMMITMENT: THE PROMISE OF A SMOOTH TRIP » “Your health and well-being are at the heart of our concerns. That's why we have implemented strict health measures at every step of your journey.” On 20 December 2020, for reasons of Covid19-safety, all restaurants and bars in Italy and France were closed by the respective governments. On 04 January 2020 these bars and restaurants were still closed, for the same reasons. However, on both our flights France vs Italy and back, both with all seats occupied, the company had thought well to distribute free meals and drinks (during a two-hours flight). Let me assure you that it felt really very “smooth” to be seated, with my required face-mask, amidst a lot of neighbors with their masks down, eating slowly and talking with each other without any other precautions for at least twenty minutes. On behalf of my family, I would like to thank Air France very much for this unforgettable experience."

Tatiana Yushina says

"Will never ever use the flights of Air France again! Still waiting to get my money back from the flight that was cancelled in March! I've wasted hours on telefone trying to contact them, wrote E-Mails. But nothing helps! They don't take care about their customers at all! Tatiana"

Ashley Payne says

"It’s not been a great experience for me. With my flights being cancelled due to Covid, I submitted a request for a refund - in July 2020. The refund was approved in August, where I was told to allow up to 6 weeks for the refund. That period passed, so I asked for more info. I was told that I needed to wait another 10 weeks. Understanding of the situation I waited. I’m now 19 weeks in and still no further forwards. Communication through email results in a ‘we’ve paid it’. Check the bank. Nothing. Contact via Twitter - we’ve paid it. Check the bank. Nothing. Try calling them - we’re too busy. Goodbye. I feel for anyone that’s fallen into the same situation."

טולי קנטרוביץ says

"BE AWARE! Incredibly bad! Lost my baggage and no service. Was not able to reach them, was explaining them the situation of the lost baggage several times in ONE conversation. They didn’t do anything."

Olly says

"Awful airline. No point in them having a schedule if they cannot keep it. Complaints procedure is poorly managed and customer service is non existent. Considering they are not a cheap airline either. We had two flights booked back to back.1st was delayed with no explanation meaning we missed our connection and had to be booked on to a flight 10 hours later. This was then also delayed arriving and leaving. They also had technical problems which meant they left us on the runway for 2 hours with no a/c, during covid-19 with no social distancing, when it was 37c outside. Inhumane treatment. We were kept awake over 30 hours and arrived at our destination 12 hours late. Staff seem friendly however they are poorly trained and not enough of them and don't know what they are doing. The claims procedure for compensation on the website is deliberately difficult with no guidance on ho to claim. They only respond to one email and then expect you to find the claim tracking portal on your own, too hard to send you a link."

JE08 says

"AF Nice Airport staff checked in me and my luggage to the wrong flight. I discovered the mistake. They took a lot of time to relocate the luggage, at which point I had missed the flight I was actually booked on. No compensation and arrogant behaviour claiming that I, who had been pointed to their check in disk upon informing about my departure time, had made the error and not them, who had given me another passenger's boarding card. So I ended up buying a new pricy ticket thanks to their behavior."

Izi J says

"Do not attempt to check-in additional luggage at Lungi airport without firstly prebooking it online if you are travelling from Africa. Recent return trip from FNA with Airfrance cost me 200 US dollars for a 23kg suitcase. Office in Freetown and Lungi Airport needs to be audited for scams. The Ftn office told me 160 US dollars when I enquired the day before my flight, only to be asked to pay 200 US dollars at the airport. Why 200 US dollars from Africa when you can pay much less for the same case on other routes. Their local staff treat you with contempt and the only thing they are interested in is extortio. I would clearly advice - during this covid pandemic when flights are limited, be very sure you really need to travel with Airfrance and make sure you check adjustment cost in advance before you buy a ticket."

Ana says

"Less than 1 stars? They didn’t even help lifting my carry-on. Other than horrible seating for anyone with slightest back problems or other problems which I might not be familiar with, the food is definitely not for most people’s taste. I’m not even going to elaborate on customer service. My luggage didn’t make it to the flight. Why? Answer: “you only had 1 hr and 15 mins before flights. “ HA HA this was my first time flying with AirFrance. I have another trip planned, which I hope to cancel. My delayed luggage was supposed to arrive 2 days later than my initial flight. (15th of August) it’s now 17th of August and no trace of baggage. I called and emailed several times. This morning I’ve been told there’s a car dropping off my suitcase at 1-2 pm. No action has been taken. They’ve stopped answering my calls and emails. It’s the time of a global pandemic and us, travelers, have to quarantine. I was left in a cold room. You guessed it, not a hotel; not any other place I’m familiar with. I have nothing. I don’t have my medicine, warm clothes, a blanket, the necessities... I can’t go out to buy stuff anymore. I filed a compensation form, too. They replied, asking for flight details and pictures, which I provided. It is now days later and I still don’t have answers. Phone lines not picking up. Horrible customer service. The worst experience ever and I’m not a stranger to flying different distances."

Graham Hardie says

"Air France cancelleled 2 return business class flights on the 23 rd March this year from Singapore back to Edinburgh . Just been told by e mail they will not be getting a refund . How disgusting are they to do that . Never fly KLM or Air France , they are horrible people and if I could give them a minus I would ."

Mike Connolly says

"My wife booked a flight from Manchester to St Petersburg (Russia) to attend a birthday party for her 80 years old aunt. Because of Covid-19 Air France canceled the flight. Annoying, but understandable. AF then issued a voucher, which considering the trip was for a birthday party, was of no use whatsoever. Now here we are 4.5 months later, numerous phone calls later, numerous emails later, no refund! AF are just robbers, no better. They are no better than scammers who rob innocent people. Where is the EU law which states AF should refund our money? It's another of the EU's toothless laws I'm affraid."

EML says

"I am waiting for more than 1 month receiving the refund for the flights cancelled by Air France. And indeed Air France is requesting 90 days to refund. It is just incredible when thinking of the state support Air France is benefitting of. This is not at all fair or a customer focused policy."

Tan Lee Min says

"I hope that management can be more understanding given the COVID-19 situation and issue refunds. Each time I call them they said that my issue has been escalated to management but no news .... AFTER 3 MONTHS. I understand that there can be delays during COVID but we are talking about a delay of 3 MONHTS!!! Please just issue refund to your flights."

Eleanor says

"Every review I wrote for air france and affiliated companies was oddly removed for being repetitive but unfortunately it's the truth that this is always the same service from them; terrible experience, terrible customer service"

Richard says

"I flew first time with Air France, it was nice flight, normal economy seats, everything about flight was good but the staff at the airport was not helpful as i requested them to change my booking and they refused totally. I'm surprised why did she refuse to change my booking at the airport and said DIY as i booked it through my credit card. ok, fine. I booked through credit card but WHY did they refuse at Airfrance desk? Unbelievable!!"

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