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Air Canada is the flag carrier and the largest airline of Canada by fleet size and passengers carried. The airline, founded in 1937, provides scheduled and charter air transport for passengers and cargo to 207 destinations worldwide. It is a founding member of the Star Alliance. Air Canada's corporate headquarters are in Montreal, Quebec, while its largest hub is at Toronto Pearson International Airport. The airline's regional service is Air Canada Express.

According to Tyler Jadah who writes for ¨Venture¨ Air Canada ranked one of the worst major airlines for passenger satisfaction,

Canada’s largest airline has been ranked as one of the worst in the world when it comes to passenger satisfaction, according to a new report.

The report put together by consumer insights company JD Power, was split into two categories, measuring passenger satisfaction with airline carriers flying from North America to Europe and Asia.

The study is based on responses from 6,287 passengers, fielded from September to October 2019. It is based on passenger satisfaction in nine categories: in-flight services, cost and fees, aircraft, flight crew, check-in, boarding, immigration, baggage, and reservation.

Among carriers flying from North America to Europe, Turkish Airlines ranked the highest in passenger satisfaction with a score of 833. Virgin Atlantic ranks second with 829, and British Airways and Delta Air Lines rounded out the top three with a score of 815.

Air Canada’s score was 787, beating only Norwegian Airlines at 767. The European average is 809.


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Station Attendant (Former Employee) says

"Hard place to work, hard tasks, bad pay, even worse hours. Noone there respects you if you’re a new employee. You get made to do the gruelling work and you barely get a break. Cons: Bad Pay"

Station Attendant (Former Employee) says

"They don't care about us simple, if they did they'd invest into the company which is their workers and they would properly screen managers for people skills. Cons: Everything else the list is long"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Employees are micro-managed. Focus is all about talk time and hold time as opposed to customer service. The company has forgotten how integral the employees are to its daily operation. Cons: Young, inexperienced managers, dirty call centre"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Brutal instructor."

Flight Attendant (Former Employee) says

"They can take out their grudges anytime and dismiss employee from their job without proper reasoning. No union helps you or protect you, it's all drama."

Baggage and Cargo Handler (Former Employee) says

"When I applied for the position of cargo and ramp, the job opportunity said $50,000, but when I got an interview and talked to the person who was interviewing me told me it would be less than 50,000. She did not at all explain how much I would earn doing this job. After a month I get a phone call from an employee from Air Canada, that I have been chosen for this position and I have to be ready, because my flight is in one week. So, got ready, I took the flight straight down to Toronto for training and they scheduled everything wrong, they were suppose to have me already licensed to drive their vehicles and on top of that they had a spall time frame for me to be taught the index and out and my instructor was freaking out and being inappropriate at time and decided to not teach me anymore because it was too stressful so I was immediately sent back home to Thunder Bay, if you don’t know how far that is it is 500km from Toronto. Just like that I was fired and my expense claims weren’t given to me until six months later and I had to call them, email them so many times to get a small amount of money that I was promised. I should have gotten more after dealing with that teacher who screamed to get rid of me , because the boss and her coworkers wanted me to stay and keep on learning, but they all caved in right after she started screaming like a child. If f you apply to this job , beware that they might just send you back if it’s too stressful for the teacher to teach you, even though it was just me in the class (class of one) who was picked on by this lazy immature teacher."

Passenger Service Agent (Current Employee) says

"I do not like working with the system it is faulty. And it holds us back and Delays paper work needed to work the flight. Many times we are held back from Cons: System is faulty"

Customer service (Former Employee) says

"Unhealthy working environment. Flights are mostly delayed or cancelled which put stress on the employees. Supervisors are not helpful. Computer system is difficult to use. They oversell their flights. Horrible company to work for. I was based in Boston. The supervisor was a big bully. The agents are not welcoming. I hated this job."

Bilingual Customer Service Agent (Former Employee) says

"Dis-respectful and rude co-workers with the exception of a few; constantly watching you so that they can report you. If you work seasonal, you are not entitled to any benefits. The company lacks organization big time; not all employees are knowledgeable when it comes to the company's policies; not to mention the computer system ( hahaha) What a joke!!! The company itself breaks many labour laws and regulations; they think that they own you once you become employed. Many people are overworked because they work too many hours in the day. Considering the environment at the airport; people need to have rest in between their shifts. They DON'T care. I saw a co-worker pass out on the floor of the airport due to exhaustion. If you decline hours do get rest; they make you look like the careless one."

Food Prep (Former Employee) says

"not a good environment, disrespectful people and mangers they literally don't know how to speak to anyone, really a cold environment, very poor management skills"

Administrative Assistant (Current Employee) says

"The partiality is clear, if you're a favourite you can get away with anything. The job security is a joke, there is no job security. The probation is 6 months, and they can get rid of you at any time, like they did to a friend of mine just a couple days before her probation ended. The cliques are unreal, you better hope you meet someone nice enough to let you sit with them for lunch. I have met some nice people, but most are absolutely horrible! I would recommend this to anyone desperate for a job, but even being a cashier at Walmart is better. Atleast you have a chance at getting paid more than minimum wage. Cons: Basically everything"

Invision interiors - Texture installation helper (Former Employee) says

"I didnt work here for very long is was just a weekend thing so I dont have much to say about this job but it was a very relaxing job everytime I did it"

Baggage Handler (Former Employee) says

"As a women working in the baggage room it was horrible. Get yelled at called name and sworn at. Had too leave 2 and a half hours before my shift to get an escort. Called the escort line and wait over an hour. Leads are horrible union doesn't care seeing you're a woman. Cons: None"

Manager Operations (Former Employee) says

"If you are looking for a management position at this company, stay away. Benefits are good, Flight benefits are worthless and you can rarely get a family on a flight, pay is low and your yearly increases don't even match CPI (cost of living). Most upper management do not have a clue or can provide any guidance. Cons: nothing"

In-flight Entertainment and Connectivity Solutions (Former Employee) says

"Interviews are set up via email. No phone call. No pre-screening. Cons: Unprofessional, no structure, lack of process and tools established with certain divisions of the company."

Agent vente service clientele/agent principal (Current Employee) says

"No more REAL FRENCH CANADIANS Will be hire by air Canada Cons: Poor managers no customer service anymore"

Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"Working in the call centre for about a year has been the most discouraging employment I have ever undergone. They advertise flexible hours and flight benefits, but it quite difficult to take advantage of those perks while hardly having days off. The rotation shifts are endlessly exhausting, and there is very to little room for growth. Cons: Everything else"

NA (Former Employee) says

"Please stay away from it"

Call Center Agent (Former Employee) says

"The bosses basically don't care about their employees' health. I wouldn't recommend this place to anybody to work. No overtime unless they're really short. Job was really stressful."

Ramp Attendant (Former Employee) says

"horrible work enviroment, its like high school, alway being thretend to get fierd even when they mess up your schedual, they dont admit they made a mistake, dont work here! Cons: everything!"

John McLeod says

"Out 9000.00 due to Covid 19. We had maximum insurance coverage .. and Air Canada was nice enough to offer us a credit... Well last time I checked when some one buys a product if they don't receive it they should get there money back. The almighty Air Canada accountants with their wise business decision trying to save there airline profits just ripped us off. We have joined the class action."

HafaAdai$$21 says

"DO NOT FLY WITH THESE CROOKS. So, this is how dirty and crooked Air Canada is. Prior to COVID-19 I had a flight scheduled, Washington DC to Tokyo. Air Canada cancelled the flight and then refused to give me a full refund for a flight THEY CANCELLED. I was charged a cancellation fee for a flight that they cancelled. The disagreement was over just $200... they would not refund nor bother to retain a customer for a measly $200 !!! ... Hard to believe, but that is these rip off artists. These are one of those airlines that you pray to God, and hope, will go bankrupt (they are on the verge of bankruptcy) and out the door soon, and why people are non-supportive of airlines like Air Canada receiving any tax credits or government loans during crisis.... as a taxpayer (and now a cheated former Air Canada customer), I can assure you. I will never step on board another Air Canada aircraft ever again."

Cesar Napoles says

"We were scheduled to get a connecting flight from Los Angeles to Vancouver. March 13, 2020 was the day we have to depart. Due to the global health emergency we had to cancel our flight. I called my travel agent Skylux about our concern. We can't proceed to leave Los Angeles as borders in Germany and all other countries in EU has been on lockdown March 12, 2020. Up to this date June 2020, we have not receive any refund from Air Canada. They have our $13,855. money. All people who are suffering from this lack of refund from Air Canada should file Class Action to Air Canada. They do not deserve our business at all."

Petra says

"Shockingly little customer service A booking made 6 months ago for flights from US to Canada and back as part of a longer trip from the UK to the US and Canada got cancelled by Air Canada due to Covid and government blocking UK visitors to Canada. Spent hours trying to find a phone number they haven't switched off. When I finally got through to someone they said all I could get was vouchers valid for 24 months via Opodo (who referred me to Air Canada) who made the actual booking with them. Bad enough not to get a refund since Canada is not somewhere I go regularly every year but it then turned out I can't even put these vouchers towards any Air Canada flight, such as say one from the UK, but could only use the 4 individual vouchers for each connecting flight for individual flights between US and Canada. Since the reason we were in the US (daughter's university summer school attendance) won't apply in the future, it basically means I have no opportunity to cash in the vouchers at all unless I book flights to the US with a different airline to then use the vouchers to go to Canada and back and I can only do that until June 2022. Absolute rip off, basically just refusing to refund the money (almost 600£) with nothing in return for customers. Very disappointing and surely illegal? Does anybody have any advice how to escalate this via Canadian authorities so we can get a refund or at least a voucher that's usable for longer and from the UK?"

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