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Avianca Ecuador, formerly known as AeroGal, is an airline based in Quito, Ecuador. It operates passenger and cargo flights within Ecuador, between the mainland and the Galápagos Islands, and between Ecuador and Colombia (on behalf of Avianca). It is one of the seven nationally branded airlines (Avianca Costa Rica, Avianca Honduras, etc.) in the Avianca Holdings group of Latin American airlines.

Mr Cortez angrily mentioned, "Our family of three adults flew from Quito through El Salvador to Los Angeles on November 20th, 2019. I have a few concerns about Avianca Ecuador. The crew on Flight 522 from El Salvador to LAX was very lax in regards to cleanliness and safety. It was a five-hour flight. The other passengers must not have been able to read Spanish/English because they piled their used toilet paper around the toilets in the lavatory. If this is an ongoing problem the airline crew should make a verbal announcement to avoid this health hazard. 2. The crew failed to have passengers put their seats in an upright position for landing. 3. The crew failed to have passengers put their trays and belongings up for landing. If we would have encountered a problem during landing objects would have been flying all over the place. 4. At baggage claim in LAX, my piece of luggage came out wrapped in plastic. We had to rush through customs to make a Southwest Airlines connection. Upon getting to their check-in we attempted to unwrap the luggage. My bag was soaked through. We stopped and documented with pictures what we observed and I placed a call to Avianca, before boarding, to file a claim. I then followed that up by filing Avianca's form and attaching all pictures clearly documenting what had been done to the luggage and it's contents. Once we got home, my husband, unpacked the bag in the garage and all damaged items were photographed and put in the outdoor trash. Today 12/14/19 Avianca responded by email and basically takes no responsibility for your luggage while it is in their care. We hope to warn others that this airline unethical and has safety issues."


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