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Aer Lingus is the flag carrier airline of Ireland. Founded by the Irish government, it was privatized between 2006 and 2015 and it is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of International Airlines Group (IAG). The airline's head office is on the grounds of Dublin Airport in Cloghran, County Dublin.

This is a letter written by MARK CARLETON a passenger who denounced in The Irish Times the incompetence of Aer Lingus procedures and policies:

¨Sir, I was part of a large party which recently traveled to Italy for my sister's wedding. What should have been a joyous event was ruined when we found we were stranded because of the Aer Lingus strike. My sister has been terribly upset by the affair and has been unable to enjoy her honeymoon. The memory of her wedding has been blighted by the turmoil brought about by Aer Lingus's selfish action. My partner and I were forced to spend over €700 euro and 17 hours in our efforts to get home. My uncle, who was taken sick while in Italy, spent over 22 hours traveling with his wife and young family. My 89-year-old grand-aunt wasted a similar amount of time trying to get home, and she still has not recovered from the ordeal. This is not to mention the financial and emotional hardship experienced by the many other friends and family who came to celebrate with us but found themselves stuck in a small town in a foreign country. None of us are wealthy and none of us budgeted for this expense, but all of us will be feeling an added financial pinch over the next several months. I am outraged by the heartless nature with which Aer Lingus has treated its customers. I will be advising everyone I meet to "make alternative arrangements" - as was so callously advised in Aer Lingus's communications with the wedding party. - Yours, etc.,¨


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Former Employee - Customer Service Representative says

"I worked at Aer Lingus full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Bullying is rife within Management"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Aer Lingus part-time for more than 10 years Cons: Complacency among junior and senior management. Management is dishonest. Punished when certified sick for short periods. Rosters change as much as the Irish weather. Very poor life-work balance and work many unsocial hours"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Aer Lingus full-time for more than 3 years Cons: The company can sometimes come across really mean, there is no budget for social events. Even the Christmas party is just a night out with 1/2 drink tokens. You have to pay for food/coffee/tea even milk which is just madness in this day and age! HR are terrible, it’s so impersonal and as an employee you really don’t feel cared for, you’re just a number and that’s it! Their arrogance is beyond belief at times and they could really do with a total attitude change otherwise they will loose their hard working staff."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at Aer Lingus full-time for more than 10 years Cons: Low pay Staff are under too much pressure No feedback given to staff Staff are treated as a liability Long hours no recognition There is a blame culture thriving We were always customer focused and our staff are really good at this but now the only focus is on OTP which has put people under so much pressure we have lost our customer focus which is really sad. Flights only been catered once a day leaving Cabin Crew with nothing to serve passengers Flights not been cleaned so passengers who have paid good money are left sitting in filthy seats Flights being cancelled all the time now because our schedule is too tight"

Operations says

"I have been working at Aer Lingus Cons: Management is oppressive and reluctant to change. The lack of professionalism of senior management is shocking - they thrive on gossip. Unable to recognize and appreciate real talent. Insane amounts of unproductive meetings. Double standards across the board for new and legacy employees - they can do nothing all day while you work your butt off!"


"I worked at Aer Lingus for more than 5 years Cons: Salary, Career Opportunities, Management , Location"

Supervisor says

"I have been working at Aer Lingus Cons: Excessive unreasonable demands of senior management hell bent on destroying famous Aer Lingus ethos. No consideration of work/life balance as promised. No pay rise in 10 years aprox despite several years of profits.Not tackling/removing the dead wood and disruptive staff"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at Aer Lingus part-time for more than 3 years Cons: working in an opressive badly managed enviroment, people are in middle management positions, who not only cant make decisions, but dont really know how to. its not their fault, but they are now responsible, and they dont know how to be responsible."

Cabincrew says

"I have been working at Aer Lingus Cons: The variations in the shift patterns on the roster can be anti social,especially the late shifts at the week ends.Adverse weather conditions and congestion during the summer periods can be a nightmare."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Aer Lingus part-time Cons: No flight benefits Unorganized management Expect to work more than 8-13 days at a time, 2 times in the year $13/hr Flights to Shannon and Dublin get cut in the winter so there’s only one more flight left . Expect shorts hours and your days to get cut in the winter time The computer system is annoying to learn at first but you’ll get use to it"

Passenger Service Agent (Current Employee) says

"As a company and as a staff member the company is sustainable and appreciative of their staff and works well alongside and for all their customers and members."

Senior cabin crewmember (Current Employee) says

"very disappointing. you were unable to get resolutions from management when faced with a host of obstacles"

Guest Service Agent (Current Employee) says

"Temporary contracts, minimal chance of progression, fluctuation of hours, rolling 1 week to 12 month extensions. Absolute nightmare. Flights and colleagues are the the only positives."

Cabin Crew Member (Current Employee) says

"Not enough room to write a review that would a accurately portray how bad a company they have become when I started it was a great place to work very family orientated people were happy now since iag took over it has changed in very toxic ways Cons: Effects it has on your mental health is more than any job should cause"

CABIN APPEARANCE (Former Employee) says

"bad management ie line manager to corrupt supervisors in office who give the best overtime ir double time on sundays to their favourite employees ex union reps who report back to certain supervisors what was said at meetings ..20 hour a week temporary contracts where they send you home at 9am after a 5am start which works out at around 56 euro a shift over 5 days when certain permanent staff"

Remote Guest Services Reservation Associate (Former Employee) says

"You are thrown in to the floor without having nearly enough training. Classroom training is confusing and not long or thorough enough to perform the job that is expected. You are to learn a computer program system that is outdated and extremely complex. When trying to obtain help from management while you have an unhappy customer holding it is very difficult bc the management does not want to be bothered helping you so you are stuck to fend for yourself trying to help these poor people who have been waiting for hours to get through. The pay is awful and the health and dental are expensive and not worth it. This is the worst job I have ever had, so happy I am no longer employed by them. Cons: Everything! Worst job ever"

Senior Cabin Crew (Current Employee) says

"Really started to see our worth from the top level during the pandemic. We were forced onto 30% of our wages while still at the same time ASKHR were refusing to sign social welfare forms and management appeared to not care a single bit because no doubt they didn't have such a drastic drop in their wages. Can really see our worth now. Everyone is out for themselves. Last year the cabin crew rosters were borderline exploitation with no thanks at all but then when times get tough we are thrown in the corner. Hoping to leave the company as soon as another opportunity arises. Never again. Cons: Management"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"I worked all year for my vacation time. Although o was given vacation time it was given in increments of 2-3 days each month. So even though I worked for an airline and had airline benefits I couldn’t use them. The supervisors were arrogant. If had to call the help desk I would get a sermon instead of help. The job was very stressful"

Operator (Former Employee) says

"Some people do as little as possible. Culture to go sick any time and not managed. Poor performance is not managed. Cons: Lack of trust and procedures followed"

Guest Services Representative (Current Employee) says

"Pay is very low and only 20 hours per week. Shift bids once a year and most likely you will have to work weekends. There is trading and swapping but weekends are harder to swap. Cons: Pay and management"

Cabin Crew (Former Employee) says

"Great opportunity to learn important people, timekeeping and safety skills. Very enjoyable if you enjoy meeting new people and making them feel special. Cons: Rosters can be tough and change frequently."

Gate Lead (Former Employee) says

"it was fine working there. Management cares about clicks rather than individuals performance. Very low pay, sometimes you get full 40 hours and somethings you get less than 20"

Cabin Crew Member (Former Employee) says

"The benefits at Aer Lingus are excellent and the salary was fair at the time for the role of Cabin Crew. You also receive commission from in flight sales and additional spending money for over night trips."

Reservations Agent (Former Employee) says

"This is a fast-paced work environment with a heavy call volume assisting passengers with flight and travel arrangements, Fun but lots of phone communication, customer service and computer work"

Employee (Current Employee) says

"This employer provides opportunities for employees to progress within the same company, once you have the necessary skills to carry out the role, and employees are supported while undertaking part-time study opportunities to up skill themselves. Cons: not all departments have same entitlements -flex time etc."

Uniformed Ground Staff (Former Employee) says

"The job is fast paced and time keeping is extremely important. Cons: awkward shifts"

Inside Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"It was an alright place to work. Once you knew the system it was a piece of cake however you had to deal with some unbelievably angry customers - flights cancelled bags lost etc. Money isn't brilliant but its above minimum wage and you only worked one weekend every 6 weeks. Cons: Level of calls - 70/80 per day."

Line Maintenance Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Nice Passionate working environment in aviation. Cons: Can be long hrs"

Christina Harmon says

"Voucher application submitted 23/3/20. Spoke to customer service 2/11/20,30/12/20 & 12/1/21. Still no sign of a voucher worth over €500."

Mr K Halligan says

"When attempting to speak with "Customer Services" the Dublin phone number puts you through to a call center in Turkey or Bulgaria. Large US companies have set up call centers in rural Ireland but the National Airline of Ireland obliges one to speak to Bulgaria, with predictable communication difficulties. It's an effective firewall. What better to frustrate customers than someone who doesn't understand what they are talking about."

Leeanne McArdle says

"I originally applied for my refund voucher on the 5th of May for my flight to New York as at the time it said you would receive an additional 10% on top of your voucher rather then looking for a cash refund. I received the email that stated i would receive my voucher shortly. All my friends who were on the same flight received there refund voucher plus the 10% add on within a month and a half. Fast forward to August, I hadn’t heard anything from Aer Lingus and noticed from their website their refund request form had changed so I reapplied. I received another email but decided to contact Aer Lingus customer service and they stated they only received my August refund request. I sent on my email refund confirmation from May stating the 10% add on that was promised in May, but said as according to their records, I only applied in August I wasn’t entitled to the 10% add on. It’s now January 2021 and I still haven’t received my voucher. I’ve been on the phone countless times to Aer Lingus asking for an update but had been told it was being processed. My last phone call with them last week said they were sorry for the delay but my voucher was processed and it’s just a case they’re waiting to send out the email with the voucher? How does that make any sense? Absolutely sick of it now, 9 months waiting and counting!"

Colin says

"Contempt for Customer After reading, Aer Lingus have processed 95% of voucher requests and that the remaining requests are more complex in nature ( Nov 15th ) all I can say is what a load of BULL. We booked directly with Aer Lingus in January 2020, the flight was cancelled by Aer Lingus in July and our voucher request was confirmed by Aer Lingus in June. Since then we have been totally ignored despite contacting them on numerous occasions. Aer Lingus customer service department should really be renamed customer Contempt department. We like so many others opted for a voucher rather than refund thinking we were doing the right thing by the company in a time of crisis and then to be treated with such contempt is a disgrace. What a fall in standards for this company"

Customer says

"Twice now Aerlingus have cancelled my flights. The first time I requested a refund and had to wait over 4 months to get the money back and most recently I requested a voucher for which I am still waiting on. Their customer service is appalling, rude and unprofessional agents who just fob you off or worse disconnect calls because they don't want to have to deal with you. I have recently had to deal with other airlines for cancelled flights and to my surprise went absolutely fine. Ryanair sent me a voucher within a few days as did easy jet and a refund from Virgin within days of requesting it. Aerlingus are a complete joke and as an Irish citazen I am actually embarrassed by them. I will never ever fly with them again and I will encourage all ofy friends and family to stay well clear aswel."

Alan says

"Just like everyone else who has contacted Aer Lingus,I am disgusted that I am being taken for a mug. I contacted Customer Services a couple of months after applying for a voucher due to cancellation of my flights, they gave me a Ref No for a voucher and since then all my calls have been the same bull ,its an awkward refund ,its been passed on to another team , its with a supervisor. To make matters worse my son-in law is a pilot with them we don't mention it to him anymore as he gets embarrassed, its a pity the people who run the airline weren't as embarrassed as he is . I have always had good things to say about them not anymore. From now on I will travel to Belfast and travel from there, maybe we all should ."

Chamin Nalinda says

"It's been more than 5 months and I'm still waiting to receive my refund voucher. While other airlines have already issued vouchers to my knowledge this is the only airline that misleads its customers. These are hard times for everyone, not only for Aer Lingus, These guys should at least send an email acknowledging that they are working on something. Extremely poor. Worst service."

Alejandro Flores says

"It will be almost a year that I am waiting for my money back. The worst customer service EVER !!!!!!"

Philip Doddy says

"Majella in Aer Lingus Guest Services contacted me again today, repeating the same old excuses yet again. I have once again explained to Majella that the law applies to Aer Lingus as it applies to any other company, and that they will eventually refund my money. It is disappointing that Majella appears to have little regard for a customer who contacts her with an issue such as this."

AngusT says

"I was supposed to be flying in April 2020. After much pressure was applied, I got given two vouchers for a total of $2,600 CDN for trips that had to be completed by Mar 2021. As well as breaking EU law re refunds, the fact that these vouchers expire breaks British Columbia, Canada laws by having an expiry date. I will be suing them independently if I can't find a class action suit to join."

Graham Kiely says

"6 months waiting for vouchers. Rang them multiple times but they keep telling me it's not their department. What a load of rubbish. They won't put me through to the correct dept. or give me contact details for them. Just keep putting me off. I PROMISE you this Aer Lingus. I will NEVER set foot on an Aer Lingus plane again if this isn't sorted. FLIGHTRIGHTS.IE folks. Make your complaints there. They appear to be able to pay staff to advertise all their cheap flights and new routes though. More in your line to give loyal customers their vouchers or money back!!!"

Ruby Kerry says

"Cancelled my flight from Dublin to Boston at the end of September and requested a refund voucher, two months later I received the voucher for €38 for a flight I paid €555 for!!!! Have contacted them via online chat and phone call gave me a reference number and told me that they will escalate it to the voucher team but one month on still nothing, very bad service will not use them again. I had to cancel other flights with different airlines over the pandemic and did not have to wait this long to receive voucher."

Elizabeth Lahart says

"I flew from Hethrow England to Dublin Ireland. I had the correct hand luggage but the staff were rude and made me check it in. They subsequently broke my case and only half of the case showed up on the baggage reclaim. The staff promised I would have it the next day. I had to leave the airport at midnight with just the clothes on my back. Since then they have been completely incompetent, rude and are refusing to reimburse me for even a pair of knickers let alone the bag which cost a fortune. I submitted receipts and everything but they just insist on being rude. I have a disability as well and when I called the number for special assistance to ask for special assistance with filling in the forms etc I was told to ask someone else, they dont have time to help any customers with learning disabilities. I done everything they have asked. I'd bent over backwards for them but I'm just left out of pocket for over £200. Never ever fly with them. It's not worth any of the treatment you will receive."

Annemarie says

"Having to wait for a voucher for more than 6 month is just not acceptable. I requested a voucher at the beginning of May, rang in August just to enquire about the voucher, after other people I know received their voucher already. They logged a case back in August, since then it has been forwarded to the voucher team and escalated to a supervisor. After numerous phone calls, I always get the same answer. I will get my voucher I just have to wait a bit longer. After 7 month of waiting I think I have waited long enough."

matt says

"Still waiting for my voucher from cancelling due to covid. Staff can't help. I want to book next year. I was told to pay for the flights as I could use the voucher for up to 5 years. I do understand they need to regain funds. But we were relying on using that voucher towards the holiday we had to cancel due to covid. I had confirmation in 18th June that I would get a voucher."

Rory F says

"I applied for my voucher on May 20th 2020. Today is December 3rd and I just had my fourth online chat of the last 2 months with Aer Lingus support (October 3rd, November 6th and twice today). I left them alone until October as I read on their website that the voucher issue would be resolved by September 30th. Very nice people to deal with at the other end of the conversation but they were unable to do anything as I imagine their hands are tied by the policy of "do not give back the money at all costs". I'm told that my voucher is approved but still not processed. Each time I contact them they seem to bring me one step closer to my goal but never reaching it. First they told me it was approved, then they gave me a case number, then it was forwarded to the voucher team and the last is that is has been escalated to the supervisor. I imagine they just create new steps every day between us and our vouchers. National carrier? They're a joke. We've bailed them out time and time again and for what? Say what you like about Ryan Air, they at least put money into the government coffers rather than take it out."

sam too says

"Like many other complaints here - Aer Lingus is basically getting away with theft - for myself - I requested a voucher almost 9 months ago in Mar 2020 and nothing. Pretty sad and sickening to see them using COVID-19 as an excuse to keep people's hard earned cash. There are quite a few complaints where we are talking thousands of dollars/pounds/euros. I have also been reading from other complaints - that even when people get the voucher after waiting many months ... the voucher is being denied .. LOL!!!."

Vladimir Lugervoy says

"Lying customer service and a terrible airline to deal with. Recently booked flights to America, these were connecting flights so had a stop off in Dublin before onward travel and the same on the return leg all with Aer lingus. After booking the flights I selected seats and everything was completed no problem. A couple of weeks after booking I needed to make an amendment, trying to access my booking I was unable to. I then checked and noticed that while all of my flights were showing booked one of the connecting flights had been removed from their schedule and was in fact no longer in operation. Essentially my return flight home from Dublin to the Uk had been removed. I called Aer lingus and was assured the flight was still operating, I then asked why it was no longer able to be booked if this was the case? They suggested maybe it was full.. keep in mind this is a flight on a Sunday from Dublin to Birmingham that is 9 months away and when booking there was only us on the flight but I was expected to believe it filled up in two weeks? Also the same flight on every other Sunday had also been removed from sale. After multiple calls, multiple different explanations, someone finally admitted it was cancelled. When I then asked for a refund as the only other suitable connecting flight would mean an 8 hr stop in Dublin I was told that the flight was still going to go ahead and i'd have to wait for an email 2 weeks prior to confirm it was cancelled... having just been told it was cancelled. A complete sham of a company who have lost a business passenger."

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