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TD Ameritrade’s AdvisorClient Mobile allows you to stay connected and keep up-to-date on your investments when you’re on the move. Use it to gain access to account information, watch lists, and research wherever you are from your iPhone. Created with a focus on convenience, AdvisorClient Mobile offers quick and easy access to your account balances, positions, transaction history, and more.

A user under the name of Brentm shares his/her experience with Advisor Client app ina review for APP STORE PREVIEW: "Version 1.2.3 broken No longer getting real-time streaming quotes as of the update to 1.2.3 I called their tech support and talked to two different people neither of whom knew there was a problem. They told me to send screenshots. What a joke how do you send a screenshot showing that real-time streaming quotes don’t work! I told her why don’t you just try it out you must have a QA department? She said I am the QA department and I don’t want to load the newest version on my phone if it’s broken! Wow. If they are that incompetent I’m going to pull my money out."


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Current Employee - Client Supervisor says

"I have been working at eMoney Advisor full-time for more than a year Cons: Avoid at all costs please."

Current Employee - Client Support Specialist says

"I have been working at eMoney Advisor full-time for more than 3 years Cons: - influx of calls that come in - all the company issues end in customer services lap since other department don’t take care of their own issues -pto is bad enjoy taking a vacation once in a blue moon - upper management really doesn’t care about you - don’t expect a good raise or a bonus- - have to rely on sales to get a good bonus because if numbers are bad it affects your bonus"

Former Employee - Client Support Specialist says

"I worked at eMoney Advisor full-time for more than a year Cons: Extremely limited job growth Poor performance tracking mundane job"

Former Employee - Client Support says

"I worked at eMoney Advisor full-time for more than a year Cons: Company has been going through a reorganization of structure and culture over the past year and if nothing else, the result has been an even worse unorganized mess. Office politics can make this place feel toxic, best to stay away and keep a positive mindset while here. Pay is way below market. No cost of living adjustment for CA employees leaving you feeling impoverish at times. Good thing you can scape together a few meals in office to help lower costs. Little room for advancement internally. Part of the company reorganization is to hire outside employees for more Sr. roles leaving well qualified internal candidates to be looked over and stuck in a position for a minimum of 18 months, or until they decide to quit. Client service management has no real management experience. Some are quite immature and unprofessional. High turnover. Burnout is a big problem in the client service department and management treats employees as if they are disposable rather than trying to keep their employees motivated or seek coaching opportunities."

Current Employee - Client Support Specialist says

"I have been working at eMoney Advisor full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Upper level management seems to make decisions without consulting those on the floor / when suggestions are made by employees they are hardly implemented to a point where the meeting seems more for show than for actually listening to issues. High call volumes + the belief that we are "fully staffed" (no way) with only 2 scheduled breaks throughout your day, expect to be mentally exhausted at the end of each day. Pay ranges are meant for genuine call centers, not for those who require pretty extensive financial planning knowledge and months of training. Any rep above associate level should not be held to these types of pay range brackets. Do not seem to be that concerned with retaining more tenured employees who have worked hard for some type of acknowledgement. As long as they still have an inflow of fresh reps on the floor, who cares. Claimed in my interviews that they are pro-internal growth and that hard work will have you moving quickly / can move across departments. Yes, they have a 9 month minimum time-frame before you are eligible (which in theory, is very quick and if you expect less be more realistic), however, expect to fight long and hard for this even after 2-3 years of top level performance stats and provided a lot of run around excuses for why roles have not opened up in CS when other departments are still actively promoting. Several reorganizations have taken place since I was hired, have not yet seen any positive outcomes from this, it has created more disconnect between those making the decisions, and those who the decisions affect."

Current Employee - Client Service Associate says

"I have been working at eMoney Advisor full-time for less than a year Cons: Lack of communication between departments and from the top down. Upper management has little consideration of the effect of decisions on the front lines."

Client Support Specialist says

"I worked at eMoney Advisor Cons: Not enough training for the questions asked by clients you work with. There are flaws in the program that make it tough to handle customer service wise when someone is complaining."

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