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HSBC Bank A.S. which serves the Turkish market and is a member of the HSBC group, selected OTI's contactless payments product suite for HSBC's MasterCard PayPass program named 'Advantage Hizz' ("Fast" in Turkish). Initial orders for contactless payment devices such as key fobs and smart stickers have already been received.

HSBC advertises Advantage Hizz as "the fastest way of advantageous shopping, relieves you from signature and password formalities on purchases of less than 35 Turkish Lira (around $20 US)". On top of the traditional credit card form factor, HSBC offers "credit card in the form of key fob and sticker. You can accelerate your shopping process by choosing the card that is convenient for you." Advantage Hizz form factors can be accepted in 4,000 quick-serve restaurants and cafes, convenient stores, book & music stores, accessory stores, groceries and supermarkets. HSBC is a target in technology-savvy young professionals and university students.

An unhappy customer was felt cheated by the bank shared her experience with me in an anonymous interview, she said " I was scammed for a jewelry purchase on their Advantage Hizz platform in October for 4100.00 and they refuse to help as it is fake jewelry and they ask me to put out more money and get appraisal on the pieces. HSBC needs to help their customers."


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