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Adore Me is a women’s underwear company based in New York City. The company manufactures and sells lingerie, sleepwear, swimwear, activewear, and other products. The brand offers products in sizes ranging from petite to plus. The company was started by Morgan Hermand-Waiche in 2010 while he was an MBA student at Harvard Business School.

Amber mentioned, "I made one purchase with Adore Me VIP before understanding the terms. They refunded my money and were kind so I was happy. Since then I have been charged non stop each month after cancelling and calling multiple times this caused me to overdraft my bank account. They also won't let you speak to a supervisor. I would put order number or proof of purchase but there simply isn't one. I will never buy from this site again I suggest you don't as well unless you want to be charged 40$ for nothing."


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Former Employee - Auto Store/Putaway says

"Very biased workplace no managerial interference no yearly raise no air in summer Very little heat in winter. No social distancing air of entitlement and favoritism in workplace by superiors.leads and supervisors were led by biased management."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Retention in this company is an absolute nightmare. Any competent person leaves very abruptly...I mean within months. Leaving behind completely unqualified individuals who no one other reputable company would ever consider hiring."

Former Employee - Sales Associate says

"VERY bad management, district manager is very hard on employees, never listens to their employees, not a place to grow( rather take outside people than their own employees for higher positions) Doesn’t get fully paid sometimes with the hours/sunday/OT you worked, they don’t have a lot of people from higher up for complaints, LP etc."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"- Poor management - Cheap lingerie made with cheap materials - No work/life balance - Vague job descriptions, masking themselves as 'opportunities for growth' aka more work for the same wage, which is already below market salary - Too many claims of being a 'disruptor' which is a joke; they try way too hard to be like Victoria's Secret and Aerie - no originality"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Crazy long hours, management gets mad if you leave when your shift ends instead of staying late, pay is very low."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"- Upper management has little to no retail experience, therefore omitting Human Resources, Loss Prevention, Finance/Banking/Payroll departments like other retailers have in place to protect, retain and enhance employee safety - Training is not in-depth or standardized; all training documents give you a quick overview, and it is left to individual leaders to train you, or self learning. People learn in multiple ways and training is not just a fundamental when beginning your career with a company, its also something that should be so in-depth that it can be used as a reference tool as time passes. Also, training programs in general are a great equalizer - so all stores will have equal access and opportunity to create a standardized workforce that operates as one unit for the customer. - Turnover in district was monumental; district management operates in chaos, preserves their job title by creating prior non-existing issues and using gossip, favors and unprofessionalism to create friction between teams and within individual stores. Drama that they then continue to "solve" and play hero for the upper leadership team. - No HR support so stores do not have a safe place to air grievances without them being repeated and used against them, producing very defensive employees. - Minimal payroll support, store employees in multiple stores were paid incorrectly for an extended length of time - Stores have limited connection the online website and can not help current members, process their returns or assist them what so ever - damaging sales opportunities and upsetting members who are SO excited to see brick & mortar stores"

Former Employee - Senior Technical Designer says

"They want you to live, eat, and breathe Adore Me. The work life balance was awful and you felt shamed when you skipped company parties or events. The physical and emotional drain was grueling."

Former Employee - Customer Care says

"- Poor work/life balance - Long hours, low pay and no benefits - Upper management are all French Jews who only stick to themselves - No room for growth"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"-expected to hold very long hours and if you leave before 7 you were regaurded as lazy -very little work life balance for most workers -lots of favoritism and it shows, some people leave early while others slaved away -zero benefits and i mean no vacation time, health care, etc -management was very poor at communicating sometimes, not very clear -values of the company weren't really respected most times, they say they want input but they just wanted you to put your head down and do the job with little to no input"


"Lot of work and poor salary"

Video Editor (Former Employee) says

"Company is set of contradictions: voices female empowerment, but run by immature frat boys; they substitute parties for your personal life. harassment galore.Nice office, some truly great coworkers, parties and benefits.harassment and a frat boy mentality, higher ups and legal are miscommunicating."

Key Holder (Current Employee) says

"Management does not care about you at all. They will lie to your face and change things last minute. Disrespectful and inconsiderate to employees. As new (brick & mortar) company they have no idea what they are doing and are constantly comparing themselves to VS. Like sending people over to take pictures of their marketing !!NoneEverything"

Associate (Former Employee) says

"The store manager at the Chattanooga location is incompetent. She can't even figure out payroll and has her employees keep up with their own hours (even though they sign in electronically). Even though corporate kept cutting hours, she kept hiring people; therefore, there were no hours to go around. She hires her family and personal friends and gives them all the hours.Pay is fair for the workManagement is incompetent"

Customer Care Representative (Former Employee) says

"I started working with the company when they first started so there was a lot to be done with the company itself. I would hope by now they have established a great working environment."

Clothing Sorter (Former Employee) says

"I would say that they work was done very fast, never paid overtime, no other benefit, I did not stay longer because my mother got sick and we had to move to another city."

Customer Service Manager (Former Employee) says

"it was stressful working for a brand new company. what made it stressful was that management was very rude to us at timnes and didnt communicate well with us.wee had the chance to win bonuses every monthmanagerment was rude to us and didnt allw us to voice our concerns."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"I loved working here. The best part of my job was helping women find the confidence to wear what they really wanted to. I helped find many women bras and panties that they liked. My coworkers were amazing. They made me feel like I was apart of their group. We loved hanging around each other, and each day I always looked forward to talking to them again. However, the store owner and manager at Hamilton Place mall is awful. If you call out of work for a good reason, she will automatically think that you're lying and try to find holes in your story. Also, she's displeased with everything you do in the store. I worked at Adore Me for months, yet she very rarely offered any sort of praise. In fact, working with her in the store was beyond stressful. Another manager said so many nice things to me over the course of two days than the store owner ever did over months of time together. Because covid forced us to work in teams, I couldn't get away from her scrutiny. I absolutely loved my job, but the Chattanooga store owner made it an absolutely awful experience. Amazing coworkers, decent pay, thirty minute lunch breaksStore manager"

It\'s a SCAM says

"This place is a SCAM. Don\'t spend your money here. First of all the products are not sized correctly. I tried on my items and returned them with the tags on. Here is what they wrote back: \"The item we received is dirty/damaged as a result your coupon was canceled and you were charged a penalty fee of $20 and you were charged restocking fee of $5.95 and you were given a refund of $39.95\". I didn\'t wear them for more than 2 minutes to try them on. An no, I didn\'t receive a full refund. I only got $17.80 back. Trash company, I hope it closes. "

Sean Hamilton says

"I cancelled my subscription and adore me started it back and has been taken money from account since September, 20 till January, 20 will only for the last 30 days. Plus products are ok not great. Find better prices for same products other places."

Tricia Martin says

"Do you like to be fraudulently charged over and over again despite cancelling a subscription after being knowingly misled to subscribe by a con artist company, then this is the lingerie company for you! Just read their response (aka lack of adequate response) to these complaints now. They also refused to accept a return unless I printed a return label despite Covid barriers. They will give you some bs lines. I unsubscribed multiple times and they keep CHARGING me for the "VIP" service. I have requested refunds multiple times to be told to go to certain links that DO NOT EXIST. Their terms of service indicate you can request a refund via customer service as well and also by emailing claims (at) and those requests will be ignored and/or redirected again to LINKS THAT DO NOT EXIST. Do not buy into their response to a person here about "please email us so we can look into your situation"....they will NOT! PLEASE PLEASE do not waste your hard earned money here. THEY are scam artists. They have already lost a lawsuit in 2018. Just google AdoreMe lawsuits. They could not give two f's about it either. You SHOULD CONTACT a lawyer for a joint civil lawsuit. You SHOULD CONTACT the CEO, Morgan Hermand-Waiche and Samy Waiche on Facebook until they refund your money or resolve your issue. You should also file a complaint with the FTC. Just GOOGLE FTC Complaints. What they are doing is ILLEGAL but apparently they are already so wealthy they just DO NOT GIVE A F about the consumer as long as they can deceive you and take your money."

Makayla Robertson says

"Bought adore me, because nowhere sells my bra size. Bought my bra waited LONG after it should’ve arrived. Just to open it and find, they forgot to package my bra. Upset, I call them to return my money or send me another bra. Since THEY forgot it, well apparently if they ever forget your item, they make you go buy or print a label and then spend your precious time off from you 12 hour shifts to go mail it back to them. I honestly don’t know what I’m going to do. I have no printer and the days I’m off the post office is closed, I’m sure that’s part of their plan, just a way to steal money from people for items they never get. If I don’t get the bra I ordered without having to jump through these hoops I’m closing my account, and I’d suggest everyone else do the same. Who knows when they’ll do this to you"

Lindsey Schue says

"DO NOT EVER ORDER FROM HERE. They will not stop charging my account. After I have canceled 3 times!! I am having to get an attorney involved because of how uncooperative they are."

Tania Cavallaro Wodzenski says

"I am trying to make a return of product that does NOT fit and I am no longer interested in your product or services. I can not find a link anywhere on the site or phone number to call to get my product returned."

Catherine says

"This is the"SECOND COMPLAINT" that I am making as ADORE ME has taken money from my account again. Please be aware when you purchase an item that this will happen continously unless you block them after the initial transaction. I have spoken to the bank and they have blocked them. I also highly advice you to go to your account and cancel the VIP membership that you did not agree to in the first place."

Kate Rice says

"The actual product is nice for the price -- cute and comfortable. But for me, it wasn't worth the poor customer service experience. After working with customer service, I was under the impression they'd cancelled my membership but they'd only paused it. When I was charged for three months after the pause, they ignored my request for a refund (it's been two and a half months since I reached out). So I went ahead and used my credit so it wouldn't be wasted. As with my first order, they created the shipping label right away, in an attempt to mislead me into thinking it'd been shipped, and there are simply shipping delays. But it's been a week, and USPS tracking still says the label's created but the order hasn't actually been packed or shipped. They're super misleading, scammy, hard to work with, and obviously stretching their staff too thin -- I'd recommend to avoid supporting Adore Me and their dodgy practices altogether."

Catherine says

"Took money out of my bank account without my permission only because I had previously bought a gift for someone. They eventually refunded it after a few times asking someone to assist me. As the money taken from me was in british pounds when they refunded me it was not the full amount apparently due to the "currency exchange". I asked them on numerous occasions to resolve the matter by making up the difference since they are ones who took the money from my bank account without my permission in the first place but they instead brushed me off. So disappointed!!! It takes a lot for me to leave a negative review infact this is the first one I have ever left."

Lauren C. says

"Horribly expensive. Hidden expenses everywhere. Absolutely infuriating."

CD says

"I measured myself to find my bra size and the size it said and ordered was way too small for the cup size."

Mary H. says

"My order was incomplete, I only received three of the four items I ordered. This was not the first time I have received an incomplete or incorrect order from this company. The quality of the items I did receive was great."

Nan Curnin says

"The shape of the bra is unflattering"

Anonymous says

"Can hit the jackpot with a bra every now and then but after 18 months of using this service, I have maybe 3 of 11 bras I actually love."

Emily says

"Great actual product. The shame is that the site automatically enrolls you in a program where they take $39.95/month to send you some elite box. Poor customer service to stop these payments. Honestly, you can get great quality lingerie elsewhere without the scam. Would not recommend this site."

M. W. says

"“Free exchanges”, but they always charge a $20 fee claiming the product was damaged or dirty, and it wasn’t. Both times I had to complain for a refund, and the second time I had to follow up again because the refund had not been issued. Also, everything comes in sets, which is great, but not so much if none of the ones you like have bottoms in your size.

Edit: my items were returned in new, unused, unworn condition. Obviously I’m not returning items I’ve worn, gross. Unless they consider trying the items on briefly with the tags on to be worn. I have a credit with them from forgetting to opt out of a monthly showroom, and I’m not looking forward to going through the experience again. I tried Thirdlove, and while it didn’t work out for me, their return / exchange process was super easy and hassle free."

Jen says

"The bra fit was terrible"

Della Rukenbrod says

"Everything fit well and quality was mostly good. The 2 corsets have a metal bar closure that can be very tricky."

Karen Nelson says

"Honestly the material isn't the best. I wore it for a day and when I took it off it tore right across the front of the bra. The underwear was to big, which is totally my fault. Lesson learned"

Lb says

"Keep running out of my size"

Ashley Herzberg says

"Rather than simply acknowledging that I've had issues with the material of my orders, it would encourage me to purchase more if I was offered a replacement or discount for said orders. It seems that when there are issues with the fabric or fit, there is not much done to make things right."

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