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Adam began his work in education at Pennsylvania State University where he graduated with a B.S. in Education and Public Policy. As one of the first students in this program, he was able to have ownership over his studies and gain a solid understanding of many different educational issues. During this time, Adam interned with the Pittsburgh Association of Education and A+ Schools. He went on to receive a Masters of Education at the University of Pittsburgh and focused on the benefits on informal learning experiences for students.

A student mentioned, "Adam Nye is a decent guy but not a great professor. Very unclear grading, he'll say one thing and then completely go against that. Picks favorites. He also posts assignments super late and then changes due dates, or posts example assignments after the original was due. Super slow grader & will take off whole points for things like not capitalizing a word."


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😉 says

"Order went missing. No updates from Lumin, it is now 120 hours since I tried to get in touch. No response via social media either. Engage with this company at your risk."

Tiet Anei says

"over 22 days and I haven't received my order, emailed them and it's been way over 48 hours yet they haven't got back to me, don't purchase if you live in Australia, very bad customer service, it's pretty much free money for them."

Imad Fagrouch says

"If I could give 0 stars on this i would to be completely honest, their customer service is literally terrible. You can’t contact them at all so you actually can’t get refunds or anything like, they tell you that you can contact them and they will reply in 48 hours but it’s been like 5 days and now they just took my money so DONT TRUST THEM AT ALL."

Nehemiah John says

"Ordered my products on 19th of August. Its been 25 days I still haven't received any updates on where my package is. Mind you I live in Hawaii and according to their site its 4-9 business days for the product to arrive in States of USA. I've literally been so patient with them but their customer support is absolute ass. The worst I have ever encountered. I won't recommend this company to no one. I have also made countess attempts to get in touch via their support email but they still haven't got back to me! DONT ORDER ANY PRODUCT FROM THIS BOGUS COMPANY ITS A WASTE OF MONEY AND TIME!"

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