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Adam Fenton (born 8 February 1972) is an English record producer and DJ who has worked across various genres. He is also the co-founder of the drum and bass label Breakbeat Kaos along with DJ Fresh. He found initial success with the 1990s drum and bass singles "Circles", "Metropolis" / "Mother Earth", and "F-Jam", before releasing his debut studio album Colours in 1997. In 2001, he transitioned into hip hop music, producing the album Kaos: The Anti-Acoustic Warfare, featuring collaborations with LL Cool J, Redman and De La Soul. He later released a remix album, Drum and Bass Warfare, and collaborated with DJ Fresh.

A fan shares some thoughts about Adam F music in a review, "The problem with such artists is always the same: they don't have the gift of synthesis.

In fact, Adam F's "Colours" is too long: some tracks are stretched too much ("Metropolis") and some other are simply fillers ("Intro", "73", "Jaxx").

In general, the only flaw with this album is that it's less engaging and cathartic than other masterwork of the same genre ("Timeless", "Richard D. James Album", "Hard Normal Daddy" and so on). The form prevails on the substance on some of the cases (again for example "Metropolis") and the use of samples from some Jazz artists is too invasive and "from peas" (for example the first track, which is exclusively composed of a long excerpt from Miles Davis's "Bitches Brew" without any effect or building composition).

But there are those jungle-drum 'n' bass jems that rise up the whole work and make it an important purchase for every music collector: "Music in My Mind", "Circles", "F-Jam" and "Dirty Harry".

So, if "Colours" had lasted fourty minutes, probably now I would have reviewed a total masterpiece."


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