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Siemens AG (German pronunciation:  ziːməns or -mɛns is a German multinational conglomerate company headquartered in Munich and the largest industrial manufacturing company in Europe with branch offices abroad. anta Clara.

A former Head of Documentation shared his bad experience working at Siemens AG in a review posted by the SIMPLY HIRED website: “Stay away from SGT! Underpaid, undervalued, and disorganized I've worked in government contracting for years, and my time at SGT was the worst experience of my career. There was little to no communication, and the company is constantly going under reorganization, which leads to everything being in a constant state of disorganization and confusion. There was little to no guidance given for tasks. Emails often went unanswered. Middle managers were quick to throw their employees under the bus to save their skin. There was almost no work-life balance, and if you're not willing to work 60 hours a week or answer the phone at 10 PM then prepare for lectures. The company is not equipped to support remote employees, but they continue to hire them. The equipment was faulty, but they would not replace it. Siemens is a great company, and it's a shame that SGT is bringing it down”


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