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Activision Blizzard, Inc. is an American video game holding company based in Santa Monica, California. The company was founded in July 2008 through the merger of Activision, Inc. (the publicly traded parent company of Activision Publishing) and Vivendi Games. The company is traded on the NASDAQ stock exchange under the ticker symbol ATVI, and since 2015 has been one of the stocks that make up up the S&P 500. Activision Blizzard currently includes five business units: Activision Publishing, Blizzard Entertainment, King, Major League Gaming, and Activision Blizzard Studios. The company owns and operates additional studios under an independent studios model under Activision Publishing, including Treyarch, Infinity Ward, High Moon Studios, and Toys for Bob.

According to top gamers, they said " No doubt, there many famous and interesting games offer by Activision Blizzard company. But it becomes more greedy after merging with Geforce ( Top quality gaming or graphic card Company). Most top game prices reach up to the sky". Besides this, they don't invest in their serves to upgrade them. Many sever down and high ping issues are facing by gamers. Activision Blizzard is total sucks because it doesn't provide customer services in many countries. Most of the time the server crashed and down in Asia region, even they have high internet speed ( up to 5Mb/Sec Downloading) with fiber optic.


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Senior Desktop Technician (Former Employee) says

"It's nice when you work with talented team members who carry their share of the workload. Unfortunately, this is not one of those places. That is all."

Quality Assurance Tester (Former Employee) says

"One of the worst companies I've worked for and Quality Assurance is the epitome of a thankless job. The pay is terrible. They posted 7.5 billion dollars in 2018 and just recently increased tester salaries to a whole $12 an hour. There are signs at retail positions in my area for $14 - $15. That is how little the company values QA. Metrics are the name of the game yet QA employees are not rewarded for meeting miles stones with number of bugs submitted. Oh our bosses get reamed out when a critical showstopper is missed, who then in turn ream us out as a group, but catch something egregious just before a major games expo...Pat on the head and a "good job" Developers talk down to us in comments, insult our intelligence, and treat us as a nessecary evil. Burn out is common, turn over is huge. Good workers are rewarded with more responsibility for no extra pay. This adds to resentment, burn out and quitting. Bad workers are common and not fired nearly fast enough because you still need a crew to sail your ship even if the majority of them are useless. Don't come here thinking this is your "foot-in-the-door" like some many naive kids I see. You will never get out of QA. The CEO or some executive will never come over and see you doodling during your break and be so impressed by your subpar weeb drawings that you are elevated to a character artist. QA is where dreams and dreamers go to die. You could make lead, or project lead maybe. But the company has routinely laid off large groups of QA positions when profits didn't meet their unrealistic expectations. So even"

Localization Quality Assurance (Former Employee) says

"Overworked, underpaid, temporary contract, zero benefits. Life balance is non-existent. Salary is lower than McDonalds for doing quality assurance, seriously."

Contractor (Former Employee) says

"None of the perks of working in a real game company office - passive aggressive management - NO job security or room for advancement. Poor treatment. Even as a satellite office it's really poor. The only perk? Decent coffee (when the machine works) If you have any history working in the games industry at all you know that part of the 'payment' for long hours and substandard payrates are the perks (snacks, game nights at the very least) Activision Dublin... nothing - seriously we couldn't even use the canteen after work to play board games once a week... Process and procedure documentation doesn't exist - and if you don't follow these non-existent processes you will get ranted at in an open office... it's just a really hideously unprofessional environment.NoneBad work environment, inept management"

QA Tester (Former Employee) says

"I realy hated this job. The managers don't tell the QA Testers things until after they have spent days trying to test a bug or they expect you to meet a bug quota for every day when you are placed on a team that has to test one bug on a map that has had all the bugs reported for days. They are not very open with employees being themselves at work. They require a more casual formal dress code, so sorry guys no punk rocker looks metal faces or heavy tats, least you be fired for being yourself.Old School arcade in lunch room, free sodas and energy drinksBad Management, poor employee standards, bad hours, low pay"

Game Attendant (Former Employee) says

"~Standing for 8 hours straight. ~Making sure you don't fall behind because you well hold up the line. ~Co-workers will hate you even if you dont know who they are.30 Minutes lunch10 Minutes breaks"

Customer Service Rep (Former Employee) says

"This was a seasonal job during the christmas times and here I would answer phone calls from clients that purchased games from Activition and help them with default products. I leard to just stay calm here and treat people with kindnessFree SodaA lot of over time which is no issue"

QA Tester (Former Employee) says

"They send in herds of kids and drugdealers multiples times a month because everyone quits. Half of the staff is also high out of their minds or drunk..Easy to get drugs if your into thatNo work/life balance. Kids wear furry tails..."

Localization QA Tester (Former Employee) says

"Very poor working conditions, exploitation at its finest. Shame on Activision for running the Localizations office as a sweat shop. People were amazed to hear that such high profile company would treat their employees this way.You get to learn curse words in other languagesWork in shifts, work on weekends compensated as regular days, parking provided to top management only, AC shut down on weekends to save costs"

Quality Assurance Tester (Former Employee) says

"if you like being treated like cattle, work here. you dont even feel like a human worker when employed here. treated like a dime a dozen. seen hard workers there for 10+ years and never got a promotion or raise."

QA Tester (Former Employee) says

"I do not recommend anyone to work there.The salary is really low for a city like Dublin, contracts are temporary, max 18months. Career growth is non existant, they pretend like everyone has a chance when it's really all about those already permanent.Expect to work weekends and banks holidays. Management is really really bad, they treat people poorly, especially temporary testers. So many more problems there, management made it a really toxic place to work, it's a factory, where you don't matter at all,I do not recommend."

Social Media Specialist (Current Employee) says

"You come in as a contracted employee and stay as one. Very rare chance that you will ever become an Activision get to go to e3... all 3 days if you're lucky.where do i start?"

Designer (Former Employee) says

"It's all about personal relationsips in this company. It doesn't matter how talented, skilled and intelligent you are in the specific expertise you are passionate for. There will always be a person who has much less skillset and talent but does his best job on politics and lobbying behind the doors to edge out others.Great partiesVery poor management, low quality coworkers, very poor assesment of employee talent and contribution."

Quality Assurance Tester (Former Employee) says

"You have to sign an NDA (Non-disclosure Agreement) that's so one-sided I'm surprised I didn't have to sign in blood. I'd go into detail but the NDA doesn't allow me to talk about my, seriously. As a game tester you get to see the game in it's worst possible state. There will be days the game is barely functional and you are expected to just "deal with it". It can be incredibly frustrating at times. Mandatory overtime is to be expected and they are VERY upfront about that. During crunch, 12 hour shifts 6-7 days a week are common. Yes, you will be working every weekend from now until Ragnarok. I can't tell you the number of people that have quit because they didn't want to work the weekend. The company relies too heavily on metrics and unrealistic target predictions to make sure it's getting its money's worth. This causes everyone to "game the system" by writing up 100s of low priority bugs simply because they are easier to find and write. Management tries to help as best they can but has very little power/authority to make any meaningful changes. Company culture is CYA (Cover Your *ss). Doing the absolute minimum is what I've learned working here. There is no incentive to go the extra mile, you won't be rewarded. You are contract and thus will NEVER get a raise. You will also be making the same as the worst/laziest tester. Good employees are rewarded with more work and responsibility for the same wage. During high turn-over periods almost anyone is accepted as long as they have a pulse. Many of the people that work here play too many games and don'tSoda machine, paid sick leaveUnrealistic demands, low wages, no advancement, noise, unprofessional environment"

QA Tester (Former Employee) says

"Being able to play video game from time to time was great. The free snack and drink was okay too. The best reward you get for working hard is the survival of time-based layoff. This job sucks.Everything"

Operations Manager (Former Employee) says

"Unless you are a gamer or desperate for any work, do not even think about working here! Very high turnover, back-stubbing and on-going threat of layoffs create a very toxic work environment.Periodic free snacksEverything else"

Accountant (Former Employee) says

"The work environment at Activision is extremely toxic. The entire rewards and recognition system is based on favoritism. Teamwork is almost non-existent and employees are enticed to compete against each other "The battle for the best idea". Excluding the few elites, the average tenure at Activision is about 1.5 years. Don't waste valuable years of your career at that place. 95% never get promoted.Competitive payJust about everything else"

Forklift Driver (Former Employee) says

"I worked in Distribution, which is literally the hardest work you could do at the company. Unloading trucks in 100+ degree weather, with someone higher up than you, watching you, always telling you to work harder and faster. Extremely disrespectful. Got almost no representation with my complaints, and I don't even think my complaints were reviewed. I will never come back to this place ever. Just not worth killing yourself, working, to make someone else rich. Management and office people seem to look down upon those who actually do the hard work, and are extremely ungrateful. A specific incident, is when I first started there, I was listening to my ipod in the breakroom, and the Production supervisor makes a big stink about not having electronics at work, which was totally understandable. Later that day, I see him on his phone, which since he's a supervisor, he's allowed to have, but here's the kick, he was on Facebook. Not anywhere related to work, yet he gets away with it. The only good thing that I got out of this job, was making friends with the people I directly worked with on a daily basis. I hope they find better jobs as well as myself. I also got forklift certified, but it conveniently only applies towards their company. The people in charge of this company obviously have never heard the term: Never tell somebody to do something you aren't willing to do yourself.Hardworking Friends.Disrespectful office help. Disorganized hiring and lay off timing. Double standards."

Quality Assurance Technician (Former Employee) says

"I took a job here as a tester to get my foot in the door after moving to California and previously working as an assistant producer at another game studio. Once hired you are only looked up as your position and previous work experience means nothing. The quality assurance testers are the lowest of the low and were referred to as the monsters in the basement. Overtime would be required without notice and the pay was so poor, nobody minded working the overtime. Moving up or getting hired on full time felt like complete luck and the vast majority of quality assurance testers were kept as temp employees for years non stop. My goal after working here was to move up in the industry till I was an executive, because I wanted to change the industry for the better and treat all my employees fairly and with respect. I would still approve of the CEO because he does make smart business decisions, I just think he doesn't know or care about how his lower employees are treated.We would get a free copy of the games we worked on, we would get discarded magazines, and occasionally ice cream (after the rest of the company got theres first).The treatment of the quality assurance employees."

annyonmous (Current Employee) says

"it can be a fun place to work esp. if you are into video games, but there's very little if any work/life balance and promotions/salary changes are not fair nor consistent. management does not exemplify great values and very little in way of career advancement/ video games, free lunches/snackswork life balance, politics, lack of career advancement"

Jack says

"Played Diablo 2 and Diablo 3 and I can say Diablo 2 was much much better has more dept character creation script now after seeing Diablo 2 resurrected I was so hyped until acticrapvision blizzard showed the ugly character designs for which was epic fail blizzard not only ruined the original design and came up with a shuttles character design I ever saw in a game ugliest faces ever seen on any game ... wtf ?? Also you can notice original characters voices are still used in resurrected and they are somewhat young voices now look the new faces they look old but have original young voices which isn’t so disturbing.. don’t support blizzard i think Diablo series is died after Diablo 3 disaster rip.. fuck blizzard "

RumpleSmoothSkin says

"The company that used to put out must buy games doesn't exist anymore. This clown show of a company just wants to take your money for inferior products. Will never buy a Blizzard game straight out of the gates ever again. EVER!"

lee chenheng says

"COD MW server delay and lag compesantion is killing the games , literally the worst server i ever played on"

Zachariah Lloyd says

"I have purchased most all of the major games that Blizzard Entertainment released, and although I do not play it often, I have Starcraft 2 as well.... Unfortunately, every time they patch the game it seems to stop functioning correctly. You cannot get the Custom Melee maps to load, no matter how long you wait. I have tried posting this in the Support Forums, but nobody ever answers there, and now I am going to be forced to put in yet ANOTHER Ticket to these people, so I can get an unhelpful FAQ page reply that is not ever remotely helpful"

Branden Benetti says

"No customer support whatsoever. They cannot fix their faulty issues. I never leave bad reviews but this place really has a thing or two to learn about customer support. You at 14:02, Jul 27: I also tried my wifes number with no luck. I then just tried to create a whole new account and when it came time to enter the phone number it would say an external error occurred Tarethla at 14:03, Jul 27: Well, trying the one you mentioned just now, it gave me an error as well, I suspect it was probably prepaid before you got it, and is still registered as such. The error's not one that I have a way to bypass, though, I'm afraid You at 14:04, Jul 27: Thats unfortunately not really a good enough resolution. Ive been back and forth for a week now and now I get on live chat which took over an hour Im being told sorry we cant help? You at 14:04, Jul 27: My phone number is a good valid number You at 14:04, Jul 27: So is my wifes Tarethla at 14:05, Jul 27: It's a technical limitation, in that it's not one our system is able to accept in order to be able to send the verification codes to. Sometimes depending on the cause of the error, where it's a website issue, we can add them, but it's not always possible You at 14:05, Jul 27: Is there a way to escalate this to someone who is going to be able to help out a bit more? I get it if your hands are tied but I need help with this one. Tarethla at 14:06, Jul 27: Unfortunately, no, this one's not a matter of policy or permissions or such, it's the system itself so even someone higher up wouldn't be able to add it You at 14:06, Jul 27: So I wont be able to use your services ever? You at 14:06, Jul 27: Because your system things my phone is something its not? Tarethla at 14:07, Jul 27: The only thing it would currently prevent you from using is Warzone, otherwise you can still use the other games, and I'll certainly submit your feedback about that. There'sno harm in checking with your phone provider to have them make sure it's set correctly in their system too You at 14:07, Jul 27: Which is the only game you guys have in your system thats to me worth playing You at 14:08, Jul 27: Ive had my phone for years and never had any verification issues from any company before Tarethla at 14:09, Jul 27: That's fair, and we are aware that things such as this, and someone that may not have access to a phone aren't able to play that - there's not word on if anything will be changed, but it has been brought up as a concern You at 14:10, Jul 27: Well Im not going to lie, this is disappointing and is for sure going to stop me from purchasing the full game since I cannot use any of your services. Im good with Steam, Rockstar games. Ubisoft, I guess I just cant mess with Blizzard Tarethla at 14:11, Jul 27: I don't blame you there, and you can always try adding it again every so often, it's possible something may update and allow it, but I can't make any promises either way You at 14:12, Jul 27: You guys really need to revisit that policy, I know Im not the only one with a working phone thats having this issue You at 14:12, Jul 27: Oh well, guess theres nothing else I can do here. Wasted enough time as it is with this for absolutely nothing. Really bummed out about this Tarethla at 14:13, Jul 27: I know, and I do apologize that I couldn't bring you better news there. Still, you have a good rest of your day."

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