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Truven Health Analytics is an IBM Watson Health Company that provides healthcare data and analytics services. It provides information, analytic tools, benchmarks, research, and services to the healthcare industry, including hospitals, government agencies, employers, health plans, clinicians, pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies. Its brands include 100 Top Hospitals, Action OI, Advantage Suite, CareDiscovery, MarketScan, Micromedex, and Simpler.

Very old-school management culture at Truven Health Analytics [Action OI]. Right from the start, I heard about people getting pulled into offices and yelled at for minor miscommunications and failure to meet unrealistic delivery expectations. Turned out this was true, and the same happened to me a few months later. After getting acquired by IBM, things went sideways. My team spent over a year building a product while having no connection to user needs, no understanding of the purpose of our work, and no customers from whom to solicit feedback. We were haphazardly paired up with teams in other countries whenever it felt like we were "behind", which of course only lead to difficult patterns of communication and much swirl. Orders were thrown at us by an astoundingly incompetent enterprise architect who in an email described my team as "kids to be kept inline" (this gives insight to the mindset of the organization). Eventually, my team and many others were simply laid off because, of course, no one was buying the useless products we were wasting time building. Naturally, none of the architects of the disaster (veteran employees and senior management) were dismissed in that wave. I would not recommend this company to anyone. Stay far away.


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